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Trash and Recycle bins can be found in the laundry rooms in each building.  Be sure to follow these important rules: 

Note: Owners will be charged for improper disposal. 


  • Household trash may be placed in the trash receptacles in the laundry room of each building. 
  • No hazardous materials: paint, large batteries, fuel or electronic devices may be disposed of on Severn House property. These items must be disposed of at an appropriate Anne Arundel County Facility. 
  • No Glass, crab shells, Paint Cans, Blinds, Dead Plants, etc. 
  • Any trash too large for the laundry room trash receptacles must be disposed of in the dumpsters at the rear of the property. 
  • No bulk trash may be left behind or inside the dumpsters.  
  • Bulk trash or large items such as furniture are your responsibility to have removed.  


If you place anything non-recyclable in the bins, you will contaminant the entire dumpster which will result in all of the recyclables ending up in the trash!  Please follow these simple rules: 

  • No soiled items – everything must be completely free of food particles 
  • NO Glass 
  • NO Plastic bags 
  • Flatten all cardboard boxes – do not put any packing materials in the recycle bin 
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