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Your condominium fees include: 

  • Professionally managed community with 24 hour access, including repair and maintenance of many items 
  • Full time cleaning service to maintain a clean and healthy environment 
  • Trash and recycle pick up three times a week from designated areas in each building 
  • Landscape and grounds maintenance 
  • Snow removal as applicable 
  • Water and natural gas provided to the residences 

Note:  Residents are responsible for electricity, cable and wifi services to their units. Contact Comcast or Verizon directly to obtain accounts as well as any related available – contact them directly for service issues. 


The guidance listed below is companion information to the Severn House Rules and Regulation

Suggested Maintenance of Mechanical Equipment

To avoid damage that may result in costly repairs and insurance claims, owners and tenants are urged to keep their units’ mechanical equipment in good working order:

  • Heating and air conditioning unit filters should be cleaned or changed regularly.
  • HVAC condensate lines and refrigerator drip pans should be cleaned regularly.
  • Hoses for washing machines within units should be replaced before they fail and flood your neighbors’ units.
  • The vents and filters of dryers within units should be kept clean to avoid fires.

Community Bulletin Board 

All residents are permitted to post messages, for sale/lease notices, etc. on the bulletin board at the pool.  The notices will be cleaned out every month or so. 

Master Insurance Policy 

Your Condominium Association and Management Company have the annual task of keeping you informed about your responsibility in regard to the Master Insurance Policy that covers your unit. The Master Policy, held by the Condominium Association, restores your unit in the event of sudden or accidental damage to the original state as it was first conveyed and protects the common areas of the Condominium. 

All Master Insurance Policies carry a deductible amount.  Effective, October 1, 2020, Maryland Law changed to provide that condominium associations, at the Association’s discretion, may collect the deductible portion of its policy from the owner of the unit where the cause of the damage originated, up to a limit of $10,000. Prior to October 1, 2020 the maximum chargeback amount was $5,000. The deductible on your Master Policy is $5,000.00. In the past, this only applied to associations that amended their by-laws to allow this collection. Under the law enacted June 1, 2009, this amendment is no longer required. 

We recommend to all of our Homeowners that they contact the carrier of their HO-6 Policy (Condominium Unit Owner’s Policy) to confirm that their policy covers their share of the Association’s Master Insurance Policy deductible. Should a leak occur in your unit, a fire begin and spread to another area, or any other unforeseen insurable event occur, your loss would be limited to the deductible you maintain on your HO-6. Anyone who does not carry an H0-6 Policy should be reminded of the need to do so. The annual premium on such a policy is very little compared to the loss of personal belongings, and the cost of temporary living quarters, should your unit be uninhabitable during restoration work. Your HO-6 also covers the value of any improvements or upgrades performed in your unit, an expense not covered by the Association’s Master Policy. 

If you are in need of a copy of the Association’s Certificate of Insurance, please contact the Insurance Agency: 

Insurance Agency: Maury, Donnelly & Parr
Phone Number: 410-685-4625
Fax Number (if available): 410-685-3071 

Homeowners who wish to know more about the law (House Bill 287- Senate Bill 201) can find the entire bill on the Maryland General Assembly web site at . Please feel free to contact your Community Association Manager with any questions. 

Water & Gas Shutoffs 


Backups cost all residents! Please adhere to these guidelines to avoid issues and costly backups: 

  • Flush ONLY human waste and toilet paper 
  • ALL other items should be put in the trash 


Use of grills must meet Anne Arundel Codes and Regulations.   

  • No hibachi, gas fired grill, charcoal grill or similar devices used for cooking, heating or any other purpose that produces open flame, shall be used or kindled on any balcony or under an overhanging portion or within 15 feet of any structure.  
  • Only electric grills that provide no open flame may be housed on balconies 

Reference: NFPA 1 – Uniform Fire Code, 10.11.7, 2012 edition, as amended, State Fire Prevention Code and 2006 edition, AACounty Fire Prevention Code. 

Decks and Patios

  • Potted plants should be set in waterproof containers to avoid rotting the wooden decks.
  • Avoid placing flowerpots on balcony railings and only hang flower boxes on the inside of the railings.
  • To maintain a uniform, attractive appearance of decks and patios, rugs, towels and laundry are not to be dried outdoors.
  • Avoid sweeping dirt, shaking dust, or dripping water over the edge of decks onto your neighbors’ property.

Garbage Disposals and Drain Stoppages

To help avert plumbing backups and costly flooding damage to your or your neighbors’ units:

  • Garbage disposals should be used as infrequently as possible.
  • Certain items (including those advertised as being “flushable”) should not be flushed down toilets. These items include: dental floss, hair tissues, cigarette butts, cotton swabs, feminine hygiene products, and anything else that could clog sanitary plumbing in your unit or others.

Animals, Birds and Waterfowl

  • To minimize damaging building infestations by squirrels and other rodents attracted by bird seed, do not attach bird feeders to buildings or railings. We strongly discourage all bird feeders, but residents who use them should ensure that feeders are squirrel-proof and placed well away from the buildings.
  • For safety and sanitary reasons, please do not feed wild animals, seagulls or other waterfowl.
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