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The city of Annapolis and the state of Maryland have special 1000-foot Critical Area and 100-foot Buffer zone requirements when planting or replacing trees adjacent to tidal waters. Replacement trees will be placed as carefully as possible to avoid impeding water views.

Before planting or replace existing shrubs in garden beds owners must send a request to the property manager along with a sketch or pictures of the plantings. Upon approval, the owner will assume costs. Any future owner of that unit will assume responsibility for maintenance of the plantings. The following applies to plantings:

  • Shrubs require approval, mature height must be 6 feet or less.
  • Annuals, perennials, and bulbs do not require approval.
  • Plantings may not block views and should remain within established borders.
  • No plantings under building eaves.
  • Gardens must be maintained in good condition and pruned to a height of 3-6 feet.
  • The landscape company, without prior permission of the owner, will prune any shrub that exceeds this limit.
  • Privately maintained beds must be designated by garden stakes and may not extend into the common area.
  • The landscape company is responsible for integrated pest management, fertilization, dormant pruning, mulching and leaf removal from all Severn House grounds and resident gardens.
  • Trees and shrubs will be trimmed or removed for safety reasons or the health of the tree or shrub. All tree removal and replacements for trees within 100 feet of the water requires approval from the City.
  • Native plants are encouraged: No invasive species may be planted and are subject to removal without owner’s permission. Some examples of invasive species are: Bamboo, Burning Bush, Chinese Wisteria, Creeping Jenny, English ivy, Japanese honeysuckle, Liriope, Nandina, Periwinkle, Vinca major & minor; Spirea Japonica, Winter Creeper, Creeping Euonymus.
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