Lease Request

If you an owner and lease out your unit.

Per the Severn House Condominium Rules and Regulations, please forward a copy of the current executed Lease for your unit along with completed Residential Data form and Current City of Annapolis Rental License.  In addition, it is very important that you register all tenants on the Association Website at  It is vital that you register them so they can receive all communication, such as utility outages, community repair work or maintenance requests.

It appears that many of the unit owners who are currently leasing their units are not in compliance with the above regulation.

All leases must include a copy of the Association Current Rules and Regulations which must be acknowledged by all tenants 18 years of age and older, whether responsible for the lease or not.  Contact information is kept as part of the Unit Owner’s file and used only in the event of an emergency which requires contact with the resident.

In order to comply with the Rules and Regulations of Severn House Condominium, please submit the above mentioned items to  the property manager’s assistant, Heather Gordon at or by fax to 443- 213-1661 no later than December 31, 2020 . Questions or comments should also be submitted to

For your reference, Severn House Rules and Regulations, Page 4- Leasing Units states:

Owners who wish to lease their unit must first obtain a Rental License from the City of Annapolis. Rental licenses must be renewed annually with the City.

  • A copy of current Rental License must be submitted to the property manager prior to leasing the unit.
  • All owners must register tenants with the property manager.
  • Owners must provide a current copy of the Severn House Rules and Regulations.
  • No parking permits will be granted without proper registration.
  • For Rent or For Sale signs are not permitted in front of the units
  • Owners and tenants may display signs and commercial advertising on the bulletin board near the pool.
  • Open House signs may be posted on the property only on the day a unit is held open.

Should you have any questions, please email


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