Friday Update (9/23/22)


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding with the Tree Trimming and Cutting project.  Greatly appreciated. 


A Reminder about Grills: Gas or charcoal grills are permitted on the ground level only and must be placed 15 feet or more from the building when in use.  No gas grills may be stored on balconies.  Electric grills are permitted. 

Resident Parking Stickers:
The new vehicle parking permits have been issued.  If you have not yet received a new sticker please contact FIRSTSERVICE RESIDENTIAL by calling 800-870-0010 or go to to register for a current permit. Residents that have a concern that the sticker may identify where they live may cut off the words Severn House on the top of the sticker.

Beautiful weather ahead.  Please enjoy your weekend.  


Fairview Avenue, Annapolis
Anne Arundel County, 21403

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