Friday Update (7/15/22)


If you have submitted payment for your loan payoff, you will receive a letter of receipt in the mail at the address on file.  If the address on file is not in Maryland, and you would rather have it emailed to you, please let me know and I will have the letter emailed instead.  

When you pay off your loan your monthly costs to the association will change.  For everyone who has an autopay established, you will need to contact your bank and change the amount that is due. This will not be automatically done for you. Your new payment amount will be outlined in the receipt letter.  


The distribution of your stickers and permits will be next week.  The Board of Directors in conjunction with the CRC will schedule and advise the day and details of distribution.  

PLEASE BE ADVISED that the cutoff date for the permits and stickers will be August 15th.  Those who have not obtained their permits or stickers by that date will be subject to fines or punishment for not being in compliance with Severn House Condominiums Rules and Regulations.  


Severn House Condominiums has a clear NO PET POLICY in its rules and regulations.  The exception to this rule would be identified as residents who have licensed, prescribed, Emotional Support Animals with medical paperwork that has been submitted to the Severn House Board of Directors for review and approval, which will result in a waiver for the resident.   Please be aware that a fine will be assessed to your account for animals present at Severn House that have not been approved by the Severn House Board of Directors.  


Mid to high 80’s for the entire weekend with chances of rain on Saturday and Sunday.  Please take time to enjoy the weather safely. 


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