Compost Announcement

The Community Representatives Committee (CRC) is exploring a voluntary trial composting service !

This project has been suggested by Severn House residents.

Who can participate: All residents are invited to sign up. Participation is voluntary.

How it works: The CRC is working with a local composting business which will provide each participating (member) household with a composting container and biodegradable liners. When individual containers fill up members can place the contents in the special community collection container inside the dumpster gate. There will be a combination lock on the collection container and access will be provided only to those residents who sign up as members.

Cost: This is a voluntary program that members pay for. Severn House will not cover any costs now or in the future. There will be a 2-month free trial period. If the trial is successful, those members who decide to continue with the service will be charged a monthly fee. The amount of the fee will depend on the number of members. More members mean lower fees.

Benefits to Severn House:

  • Keeps food waste and cooking oils out of our pipes and thus avoids expensive plumbing problems
  • Compost is returned for use in our landscaping projects
  • Reduces our trash volume

How do I sign up: If you would like to participate or have any questions please contact Ann Kennedy, 799C, ( or any one of the CRC representatives listed on

When do we start: The CRC is targeting Monday May 3 as a start date.


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Anne Arundel County, 21403

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