Back to the Future

Did you ever sit on your deck and look out over the beautiful grounds of Severn House and wonder how this property evolved into what it is today? Well, you are in luck. The ownership of the Severn House property has been traced as far back as 1851.

At that time, the property was purchased by Jacob Winchester from “the widow Margaret Duval” and a man named Jacob Watkins. These were two plots of about two hundred acres each for which Mr. Winchester paid the sum of $2,000.00. In 1859, Winchester sold the property to William J. Prentz for the sum of five dollars and other prime considerations. Prenz then sold the property to Mr. Henry Lockwood Esq. after having divided it in to two plots, the one sold to Lockwood being approximately the size of the property today. The price to Lockwood was $8,000.00. Pretty sharp trader that Prentz!

From then on, the history of the property ownership reads a little like the “begats” in the Old Testament. Lockwood to William Burns (1894), Burns to Theo. S. Corner (1909), Corner to William W. Field (1916), Field to William Finkbein (1919), Finkbein to A.D. Edwards (1924), Edwards to Henry Plander (1939), Plander to Henry Osborne (1943), Osborne to Dallas Grady (1949). Grady owned the property only three months and in a trade of land, it went to Bertram Spriggs, the Annapolis car dealer in June of 1949.

Mr. Spriggs stated that when he acquired the property, it was woods with a large stately mansion, a guest house and assorted out buildings. Contrary to popular belief, it was not a farm according to Mr. Spriggs earliest recollection. He built a boat house, which has since been replaced by “D” dock.

Some of the trees which grace the grounds today have been on the property as far back as anyone can remember. When Severn House was built, as many of the old trees were preserved as possible.

Severn House Associates acquired the land in 1963 to build and apartment complex. There are 201 residences in our complex, not including the ten townhouses. The first units, buildings 1, 2 and 3 were begun in 1965. Buildings 4, 5, 6 and 7, were begun in 1967, and buildings 8, 9 and 10 in 1969. The townhouses were built in 1974.
Severn House converted to a condominium in 1980.

The architect for Severn House, Cohen and Hoft of Silver Spring, Maryland considers it one of their finest achievements.

Don’t you agree!


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