Trash & Recycling
Date:  8/5/2020

Date: August 05, 2020
Subject: Trash and Recycling Reminder
Attention Owners and Residents of Severn House: 
When placing your trash and/or recycling in the dumpster area, please ensure you are placing all bags inside of the dumpster. Trash placed outside of the dumpster is not only unsanitary and unsightly but also an attraction for rodents. 
Additionally, be sure that you are breaking down ALL cardboard boxes prior to placing them inside of the recycling dumpster for collection. Failing to breakdown the boxes leaves limited space in the dumpster and results in overflow. 
Thank you for your attention and cooperation. 
Troy Painter, CMCA 
Community Association Manager
WPM Real Estate Management 
Board of Directors 
Severn House Condominium 

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