Isaias Tropical Storm
Date:  8/3/2020

Date: August 03, 2020
Subject: Isaias Tropical Storm

Dear Sever House Community Members,

Please see the Hurricane Preparedness plan and attached is the Monday morning NWS update on Tropical Storm Isaias.

Please take a few moments to review it and determine if you need to make any adjustments to your boat. 

Although Isaias is expected to be a tropical storm when it reaches the bay, we still must take necessary precautions. Isaias has wind speed probabilities of 50-70 MPH with the estimated time of arrival at 2 am Tuesday for Tropical Force Winds. We are expecting 6 - 10 inches of rain with the possibility of 1-3 ft storm surges. 

Please follow NOAA for storm updates:

Hurricane Preparedness from Severn House Dockmaster encourages ALL members berthing a boat at SH to secure your own vessel for any named storm. Please be reminded that it is each residents responsibility to prepare their own vessel.

Suggestion from other Yacht Clubs in our vicinity include the following":

To assist in planning and to make adequate preparations, the following information was obtained from Boat/U.S. and is provided for your use. Boat/U.S. recommends that the best choice for minimizing damage is to remove the boat from the water and move it to high ground. Obviously, this option would involve nearby marinas and members are encouraged to contact them directly to make those arrangements. The next option is to decide if the boat is going to be moved from its berth to another location afloat. If so, the destination needs to be selected and necessary arrangements made well in advance. Reading further, however, Boat/U.S. made a very strong case for adequate preparation at the location where the boat is berthed. Line configurations that give the most scope are preferred. Tie securely to piling, NOT ladders. Boat/U.S. estimated between 25% to 50% of losses during hurricane Andrew were attributed directly to inadequate dock lines: they were too short, too small, poorly arranged or unprotected against chafing. "One typically overlooked part of storm preparation is removal of equipment."

EQUIPMENT NEEDED ABOARD TO PREPARE A BOAT: Extra Lines Chafe Protectors Fenders Anchors Swivels Shackles Duct Tape Plugs (Exhaust Ports)

EQUIPMENT SUGGESTED FOR REMOVAL FROM A BOAT: Electronics Dinghy Outboard/Fuel Sails Bimini Galley Fuel Ship's Papers Food from Freezer Chairs Cushions

DCC Wx Unit - Tropical Storm Isaias Update - Mon Aug 3 0900Z

TS Isaias is just off the NE coast of Florida this morning and will move northward along the Georgia/South Carolina coasts today.  The storm is currently a few mph/kts below hurricane criteria and with some strengthening possible the Hurricane Center thinks it may return to hurricane status before reaching NE South Carolina tonight.

Thus, the Tropical Storm Warning for the South Carolina coast has been upgraded to a Hurricane Warning.  Also, Tropical Warnings have been extended as far as Rhode Island and Tropical Storm Watches have been posted for the New England coast to cover the storm's track through Wednesday.