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Dear Severn House Resident, 
We are pleased to inform you that the connection for Verizon FIOS service has been installed and is now available for startup. 
If you are interested in setting up Verizon FIOS service, please contact Verizon FIOS Specialist, Carmella D'Amato at 410-375-6798 to begin the process or visit their website at www.verizon.comfor more details. 
Troy Painter, CMCA 
Community Association Manager
WPM Real Estate Management 

WPM's notification
Property Mgr WPM Loss Assessment Broadcast message sent from
Sign in to view: https://www3.
Go to Communication > Broadcast messages


BOD Committee reports, Building 4 updates and December Minutes are posted in “Documents”

Severn House community members,
Please carefully read the following:

  • The laundry card machine is back online.
    • All future maintenance and project email communications will come from WPM, not from other Board members or me. To receive email communications from WPM, you must sign up on their portal. If you rent your condo (or are a renter), unit owners must give tenants access to the portal. For assistance setting up your web portal account or their additional users, account they can contact either Krystal Knisely at or Rita Dore at
    • The Association has agreed to allow FIOS lines into all HVAC closets.  While it is up to owners to decide whether or not they want the line run into their homes, the Association strongly recommends allowing the connection to give owners maximum flexibility regarding media services in future. 
    • If you have questions, concerns, complaints, or kudos for the FIOS installation, please DO NOT contact Board members. Please contact WPM or the supervisor of the company doing the installation Paul Lines at 484-888-2662
  • Please do not store personal items in the HVAC closets. 
  • Meeting minutes may be found online in the WPM Portal.
Need to report a maintenance issue or wondering how to get in touch with WPM our new management company?

New Property Mgmt
Reminder: Severn House has a new management company.  WPM starts January 1, 2020.
Read WPM’s welcome letter and FAQs posted in Documents.

All issues, complaints, and questions concerning the Severn House Condominiums community should be made to WPM Real Estate Management 
by sending an email to Troy Painter, WPM Community Association Manager, or

Laundry Card Machine

Load up your laundry cards, power will be cut to the laundry card $ machine on Jan 2


As we've been discussing at the board meetings and documenting in the minutes, we need to replace the electrical panel in the pool room. As a result, we need to cut power to the laundry card $ machine just outside the pool house.
Power will be turned off to the machine on January 2nd. Our hope is that power will be restored in a couple of days. 
We strongly urge you to add value to your laundry cards before the January 2nd deadline. 
I checked to see if we could add value online, but unfortunately that is not the case at the moment with our current configuration. 
Joseph Porcelli | Secretary | Severn House Council of Unit Owners

Holiday Lights
Click here to view some of the holiday lights around Severn House

Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year!

Garden Club Photos
Garden Club luncheon photos have been added in “Community

New Docs emailed & posted

December BOD Meeting Agenda & Committee Reports have been emailed and are posted in Documents.

Read the latest Building 4 Reconstruction Report and Construction Progress Report. November BOD Meeting Minutes posted.

WPM “welcome letter” with emergency contact sheet also posted.

Xfinity Comcast News
See attachment 
Posted in Documents
Xfinity Comcast News
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 2322 KB)

Food Drive Thanks!
Thanks to all of you at Severn House that made yesterday's food drive a success.

Photo attached.

View attached documentAttachment (JPEG: 170 KB)

WPM Real Estate Management welcome letter with their FAQs now posted in Documents. 
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 1015 KB)

Plastics & Recycling

Plastics: What’s Recyclable, What Becomes Trash — And Why

Committee Reports & Agenda
Committee reports have been emailed and posted in Documents.

November BOD Meeting Agenda:

November 12, 2019 6:30 pm at St. Luke’s Church







  • Buildings
  • Infrastructure 
  • Docks 
  • Security
  • Pool 
  • Landscape 
  • Community Reps 
  • Ad-Hoc - Management Search – Unit owner orientation schedule
    • WPM – SHC orientation schedule
      • 10/11 - internal WPM transition meeting
      • 10/18 - welcome packet sent to Board for review and approval
      • 11/8 - Welcome packet mailed to community, includes instructions on how to sign up for WPM website.
      • 11/12 - BOD Meeting, Introduce Troy Painter.
      • 11/14 - Meet at the Eastport Fire Station for Demo/Registration Help #1, 6-8PM. 
      • 12/16 - Meet at the Eastport Fire Station for On-Site Demo/Registration Help #2, 6-8PM.
      • 1/1 - Begin Management         
  • Ad-Hoc - Building 4 Reconstruction


  • Deck railings, Reserve Study priorities – WPM is costing out two example styles:
    • Aluminum picket railings
    • Aluminum stanchions with stainless steel wire railings
    • Aluminum stanchion with glass panels
  • HVAC Closets - WPM is assisting with the investigation of solutions to correct the overheating of condensers where horizontal HVAC closet louvers have been installed, including a complete replacement with vertical louvers similar to Bldg. 4.  
  • Internet/Cable/TV – as previously reported, the Association will discontinue purchasing bulk cable as a service to owners on December 31, 2019.  
    • Comcast has stated media options should be available by December.
    • Verizon has stated they hope to have wired all units by year end, but cannot guarantee it.


  • 2020 Operating Budget discussion and vote. 




New signage

Severn House Residents,

We are pleased to let you know that new directional signs will soon be installed at Severn House! Our Community Representative Committee (CRC) has completed Phase I of a project to help all visitors navigate our community more quickly and easily. This is especially important for emergency personnel, who occasionally have difficulty finding residents in medical distress. All visitors are seeking street addresses, but our current signs emphasize building numbers. How often have you stood outside your entrance, or in the parking lot, waiting to flag down a visitor?  The new signs will emphasize street addresses and will be reflective, predictably placed, and easier to read from a vehicle. 

Following guidelines for best practices in signage and recommendations made by the Annapolis Fire Marshal's office to improve resident safety, the CRC worked with three firms to identify the best approach to produce and install new signs at the entrance, road intersections, stairwells and on lamp posts. The new signage will meet required safety codes. It will also give us a fresh, attractive, more contemporary look - an important consideration for those visiting Severn House for the first time, including prospective new owners.   

If you missed the signage project presentation at the last Board meeting, and are interested in information on the project's background, design considerations, processes and results and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact Cynthia Palmer (

We hope you like the new signs and that you and your visitors will find them helpful!

Thank you,

Victory Management, Inc.

Plastic Bags

It’s in the bag: Why can’t you put carrier bags in with your plastic recycling?
Click here

Tree Trimming & Parking Access

Dear Severn House Residents,

Please be advised that tree removal and trimming is tentatively scheduled for November 7th and 8th, 2019.

Parking will be restricted at the townhouses, Building 1 at 798, visitor parking on Fairview Ave, Building 6 at 762, Building 10 at 759, 755 towards the dumpsters, and across from 755 at Stone Road. Please do not park in these areas to ensure safe tree removal and trimming. 


Thank you,

Victory Management, Inc. 

2020 Comprehensive Plan Survey
Take a few minutes of your time to complete this survey for the 2020 Annapolis Comprehensive Plan update and share where your priorities lie for the next 20 years in the City. The questions regarding planning priorities are informed by meetings with stakeholders over the last two months and the first public meeting that was held on May 7th. 
Take the survey here:

What not to flush
What not to flush... no flushable wipes & more. See attachment. 

View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 344 KB)

Payment Options

September 2019

Attention Homeowner - Please be advised that beginning September 1st, 2019, a bank processing fee of $1.99 will be added to each ECheck transaction submitted through the Association website.However, there are alternative payment methods with NO additional processing fee. Please see below.

Payment Options with NO Additional Processing Fee

Option 1 - Please see the attached ACH Debit Authorization Form, which allows Victory to setup your recurring payment internally. As your bank information is encrypted on the Association website, you must provide this information by completing the ACH Debit Authorization form. Please note that by completing this form and submitting to Victory, you are authorizing the automatic deduction of your Association fees from the bank account for which you provide information. You will need your bank routing number and bank account number to complete this form. Upon receipt of your completed ACH Debit Authorization Form, we will send you an email acknowledgment for your records.

Option 2 - Contact your bank or login to your online banking to setup Bill Pay. Your bank will automatically send payment per your instructions. Please include your property address or homeowner account number to ensure payment is applied properly.

Option 3 - Use your coupon stubs, write and mail a check each time your payment is due. Please include your property address or homeowner account number to ensure payment is applied properly.

You may submit this form by email to, fax (443) 249-0011, or mail to our office PO Box 1200, Stevensville, MD 21666.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,
Victory Management, Inc.

View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 116 KB)

New Docs posted
Check Documents for Building 4 September updates, August DRAFT Minutes and BOD announcement of Media services

Turf Treatment

Dear Residents,

Please see below from Chesapeake Landscape.

We will be treating the turf for broad leaf weeds as soon as the wind dies down a bit. We might be there as early as tomorrow. The heat has broken and we'd like to get this service completed as soon as possible.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Thank you!

Bell Hartnack
Chesapeake Landscape & Design, Inc.

New Small Craft Docks!
New small craft launches are now ready!
We’re happy to spread the word to the Severn House community that the new kayak docks are now ready for use.
The ramp slotted dock is in front of the townhouses on the north end of the property. The second floating dock is at the end of C dock

As always, please be careful and enjoy!
Additional images posted Community>Photos

Thank you, Joe Bertapelle! “You stayed on top of this project from the beginning last January to successful completion.  Pretty darn good, considering the mountain of red tape... you had to overcome.  

View attached documentAttachment (JPEG: 34 KB)

BOD Message

From the Severn House Board 

The Severn House Board would like to make our meetings as efficient, responsive and informative as possible. With that goal in mind, please first alert Victory Management via email at or by telephone at 443-249-0172 any time you have an issue or concern.

Homeowners do not need to wait until the monthly Board meetings to discuss issues. In fact, most of them can be resolved by placing a work order through the Victory Management website.
Just log into your account, click on My Profile, click on My Work Orders, you will see the following:

My Work Orders

Homeowners may track current and closed Work Orders online. To submit a New Work Order, click on "Add Work Order" and complete the form. 

If you feel your concern is not being addressed, contact your Community Representative. The list of representatives is located on the Severn House website, as well as posted in your building's laundry room. Non owner residents can find their Building Representative listed on the Severn House website and follow the prompts to set up your account.

 We look forward to your cooperation in communicating with our management agent about current issues before presenting concerns to the board or revisiting old issues.

Where sea meets land...
Where sea meets land... open attachment to view a 1965 Severn House ad posted on the bulletin board outside of the pool house.
View attached documentAttachment (JPEG: 373 KB)

Bldg 4 Docs Posted
Latest report from the Committee for the Reconstruction of Building 4 along with a construction update from BGC are now posted in Documents>Bldg 4 Fire and Rebuild


This is a reminder that according to our Bylaws, no short term rentals are allowed. Current City of Annapolis  rental licenses also must be submitted to our management office. 

"Unit owners must register their leased units with the City of Annapolis prior to submitting any leases to the Management Office and provide proof of a current license with each lease filed with the Management Office, or a copy of the license application if it is still being processed by the City, and provide a copy of the current license issued by the City for each year the lease is renewed."

See attachment

View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 529 KB)

Bldg Comm Volunteers Wanted
The Building Committee is looking for volunteers 
Please contact Tom White 

Kayak area renovation

Please be advised the kayak area is closed at the cove during renovations.

The floating dock is available at slip A96

Committee Reports
July BOD Committee Reports and approved June BOD Meeting Minutes added in Documents

Verizon Landlines
It has been reported Verizon has stopped their landline service in our Severn House community. If that affects you please contact your service provider directly.

Lawn Treatment

Attention residents,

Please be advised that next week Chesapeake Landscape and Design will be treating the lawns for broadleaf weeds. This will be wind and rain permitting. 

Thank You, 
Victory Management 

Neighbor Sara in the news
Severn House neighbor “Annapolis resident Sara Aiken will serve as the city’s first Ambassador of Pickleball, Mayor Gavin Buckley announced Wednesday... “
Read here.

City of Annapolis permitting process

Reminder on Need for Permits

The City of Annapolis reminds owners who are contemplating interior renovations to their condo unit, that a building permit is required. Typically your contractor would apply for this permission.   

Owners must also submit architectural requests to Victory Management for Board review.

Rental Licenses Required for Rental Units

Rental Licenses Required for Rental Units

All leased units require a rental license to be obtained through the City. This is important to protect homeowners as the landlords as well as resident tenants as an inspection is performed to confirm that necessary maintenance items in the unit are completed. Information is at

Pickleball Across Ireland

A Pickleball Adventure Across Ireland
     Sept 23rd – Oct 3rd, 2019

$3,199 per person sharing air inclusive

$2,500 Land only

Trip is limited to 24 people

- All are Welcome -

You don’t need to be a pickleball player to join us.  There are activities for everyone.

Your Irish Adventure Includes:

Round-trip air from IAD (Washington Dulles)
9 nights 4-star hotels in Belfast, Donegal, Galway & Dublin
Fully escorted via deluxe motor coach and Irish Driver Guide
Admissions to all Sightseeing Highlights noted below
Porterage of one suitcase per person
of course, Pickleball!
And more


Sightseeing Highlights:  St. Patrick’s Center, Titanic Museum, Belfast City Tour with local guide, Giants Causeway, Derry City Historical Walking Tour, Slieve League Cliffs, Cruise on Killary Fjord, Connemara Heritage Center, Dublin City Tour, Guinness Storehouse, Trinity College & The Book of Kells.

Not Included:

Single Supplement is $795        
Travel Protection/Insurance from $224 per person double occupancy, $280 per person single occupancy
Gratuity to driver




(800) 237 9376 Ext 1003Direct: (703) 997-6723


Pickleball Demo at Athleta 6/2/20 9am
Interested in Pickleball?
Athleta is hosting a pickleball demonstration
On Sunday, June 2 at 9am
In the Annapolis Harbour Center
There will be refreshments, a raffle and giveaways
Bring your friends - It's free! 
Please register for the event at

Termite Inspection
May 24, 2019
RE: Severn House Condominium, Inc.
Dear Homeowner:

It’s that time of the year again to have the ground floor units and townhouses inspected for termites. This year E-Sentry will be inspecting your unit on:
Friday, June 21st from 9am – 3pm Saturday, June 22nd from 9am – 3pm Monday, June 24th from 9am – 3pm
All ground floor units and townhouses must be inspected on one of the above dates. If you require a more precise time, please contact at Harlan @ E Sentry (443) 336-5712 to request such.
If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.

Victoria Burnett Property Manager

Sewer backups
Reminder: Help prevent sewer backups
Flyer attached - NO WIPES, etc.
View attached documentAttachment (JPEG: 204 KB)

See attached. No glass. No plastic film. No plastic bags.
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 313 KB)

Croquet Photos
Croquet photos added - click here

April BOD Minutes Posted
April BOD Minutes posted in Members Only > Documents

BOD Announcement

BOD Community Update, 5-1-2019

Management Company Change

After 26 years of managing the day-to-day business of Severn House, Victory Management, Inc. tendered their resignation as managing agent. This was Victory’s decision, not that of the Severn House Board. Subsequently, the Board reached agreement with Victory to stay on as managing agent until year end. Therefore, Victory Management will continue to perform as property manager, providing all the services in their contract and to which Severn House is accustomed to receiving until December 31, 2019.

The Board is establishing a management replacement committee. Community volunteers are needed to assist in the process. The committee’s process is to source, qualify and recommend finalists from which a new management company will be selected by the Board. If you would like to help please follow this link (

Director Replacement

As announced on April 19th, the current directors of the Board voted to elect Ann Brown as its 7th director replacing Frank Fox, who resigned from the Board on April 10th. Ann joins Tom White, Carole Doxey, Joe Bertapelle, Jim Brooks, Joseph Porcelli and John Moran on the BOD.

Board Committee Oversight Responsibilities

Oversight of Condominium needs and the committees involved have been divided as follows:
Building Representatives: Carole Doxey
Buildings: Tom White
Docks and infrastructure: Joe Bertapelle

Landscaping: Ann Brown
Security and pool: Joseph Porcelli
Management company replacement: Jim Brooks
Building 4 & ex-officio all committees: John Moran

Council of Unit Owner Decisions and Committees to be Established

The Council of Unit Owners voted to approve certain actions on April 9th, along with the formation of committees to help complete the actions approved. Volunteers are needed and very welcome. If interested, go here:

Action taken:

  • A finance committee to investigate and make recommendations for budgetary and

    other financial needs and to begin the budget preparation process one month earlier.

  • Move the annual nomination of directors to February. Candidates would have an

    opportunity to address the community at the March BOD meeting; elections in April.

  • Establish a Bylaws committee to review and make recommendations for revisions of the

    current Bylaws to the Council of Unit Owners for adoption.

    Next Meeting of the BOD

    The next scheduled meeting of the BOD will be on May 14th, 6:30 PM at pool. If you cannot attend, please use one of the following to participate remotely:

Lock Car Doors
APD Notification

Stolen and Recovered Vehicle 
– 201900002105 – 700-799 Fairview Av – 04/29 at 10pm to 04/30 at 7am: A 2012 Range Rover was stolen when it was left unlocked with a key inside. On 04/30 at 12pm officers located the stolen vehicle being driven on Skippers La near Newtowne Dr. The driver parked the vehicle and officers approached, the driver fled on foot on Newtowne Dr. Officers found the driver in the unit block of Juliana Circle and arrested him. Micah Hayes, 27, of Annapolis was charged with motor vehicle theft, theft and rogue vagabond. He is being held on $10,000 bond at the Jennifer Road Detention Center.
Theft from Vehicle – 201900002111 – 700-799 Fairview Av – 04/29 at 4pm to 04/30 at 11:45am: Money was stolen from an unlocked vehicle.

Bldg 4 Updates
Building 4 Project Updates added to Documents.
Log in to view. “Members Only”

BOD Announcement
Severn House Community,

The nominations for the open director position were closed yesterday evening, April 18, 2019.  There were two nominees, Darrell Folsom and Ann Brown.  The current directors of the Board voted to elect Ann Brown as its 7th director.  Ann joins Tom White, Carole Doxey, Joe Bertapelle, Jim Brooks, Joseph Porcelli and myself on the Board.

On behalf of the Severn House Council of Unit Owners, we welcome Ann Brown as director and look forward to serving with her as stewards of our collective home.

We thank Darrell Folsom for his continuing interest in serving Severn House as a board director and hope he will continue to offer his services to the community in future.

John M. Moran

BOD News

On April 10, 2019, the Board received the resignation of Director Frank Fox.  In accordance with Article III, Section 10, Vacancies, of the Severn House Condominium Bylaws, the board is required to fill a director vacancy promptly by vote of the remaining directors.   Therefore, the Board hereby opens a call for nominations, including self-nominations, from any unit owner of the Council of Unit Owners for one directorship.  Please make your nomination as soon as you can as the period for nominations will close on April 18, 2019.

The full Board of Directors will vote to select the new director.  The term of office for the person selected as director will be until the next annual election of directors in April 2020.


To submit your nomination, please fill out this online form -

On behalf of the Severn House Condominium, the Board of Directors thanks Frank Fox for his long service to the community and wishes him all the best for the future.

For the Board of Directors,
Joseph Porcelli, Board Secretary

BOD officers newly elected
Officers elected by Board of Directors on April 10, 2019

In accordance with Article IV of the Bylaws of Severn House Condominium, the Board of Directors held officer elections on April 10, 2019.  Attending were directors Tom White, Carole Doxey, John Moran, Jim Brooks and Joe Porcelli.  Director Joe Bertapelle was traveling and unable to attend.  The following individuals were elected to the office indicated:

President and chief executive officer: John Moran
Vice President: Thomas White
Secretary: Joseph Porcelli
Treasurer: James Brooks

BOD News - Thank you!

Thank you, Dave Ewing, Frank Fox, Kathleen Murphy, and Marlene Patmore, President Emeritus for your dedicated years of service to our community. We appreciate your efforts in helping to make Severn House a better place to live and play!

The newly elected members, Joe Bertapelle, James Brooks & Joseph Porcelli will be joining BOD Members Carole Doxey, Frank Fox, John Moran, and Tom White.

Do NOT discard Plastic Bags in Recycling! NO GLASS
Recycle acceptable items only! Keep costs down!

No GLASS    And...

Reminder: Recycling processors will no longer accept plastic shopping bags, produce bags, newspaper sleeves, etc., your local grocery store will! Look for collection bins out front. 
Starting April 1, there are new rules for Severn House recycling. "Plastic film" will be is rejected. Plastic film includes plastic shopping bags, produce bags, newspaper sleeves, etc. This is mandated from the company that processes the single stream recycling. We apologize for any inconvenience.

View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 126 KB)

NEW Dial-In BOD Meeting Instructions

Severn House Board Meeting

Tue Apr 9, 2019 6:30pm – 8:30pm Eastern Time - New York
Joining info
Or dial: +1 786-607-2655  PIN: 156007836#

BOD NEW Dial-In instructions
dial: +1 786-607-2655  PIN: 156007836#

Ground Bees active, do not spray
Ground Bees are active this time of year. They won’t bother you. Just leave them
View attached documentAttachment (JPEG: 518 KB)

Landscape Update - Forsythia

Attention Residents,

We have discovered a major landscaping problem on our property. Alerted by landscape committee members, Bell Hartnack, on site manager for Chesapeake landscape informs us; "The forsythia plants throughout the community are being infected with Forsythia stem galls which are caused by a fungus or a bacteria. I suspect these galls are bacteria driven. In winter, the pathogen remains active in galls and spreads when conditions are wet. If left alone, the gall will weaken branches and then eventually the entire plant. Additionally, the gall can spread to other plants that we have on our property. Viburnum, highbush blueberry, maple, and oak are all susceptible. Unfortunately spraying is not effective so the plants need to be removed. "

Thus, we have contracted to remove all Forsythia from Severn House property to stop the spread of the bacteria.

Locations include in front of Building 10 (3 locations), one behind Building 10, along Building 6 steps, across from Building 3 (2 locations) · Areas disturbed will be mulched with shredded hard wood to help stabilize soil until new plants are installed.

The Landscape Committee will be preparing a replacement and invite suggestions. 

Thank You.

Back Creek Conservancy
Join Back Creek Conservancy St. Luke's Restoration of Nature this Saturday for Project Clean Stream! Work alongside Midshipmen volunteers

Back Creek Conservancy volunteers will be in attendance and we encourage ALL community members to come out, pitch in, and have a good time!

Feel good about cleaning up the community, meet new neighbors, grab a snack, and get involved! 8:30-12noon.

Speak for the Creek!

Capital SUP
Spring is just around the corner, and our friends at Capital SUP Annapolis have found a new home on Back Creek!

The new location in Ellen O. Moyer Nature Park has fueled a partnership with the Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park to foster a connection with the creek and provide a channel to get people on the water!

The Back Creek Conservancy 2019 Water Monitoring Program is supported by volunteers from Capital SUP; check them out and don't forget to Speak for the Creek!

SH Audit 2018
Audit 2018 posted in “Documents”
Financial Statement for Yr End 2018, comparative 2017

*VOTE* Annual Notice / Proxy & Ballot
Reminder: VOTE!

March 18, 2019
RE: Severn House Condominium
See Attachment 

Dear Home Owners:

The Severn House Condominium Association will hold their Annual Membership Meeting on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at 6:30pm at St. Luke’s Church.
If you are unable to attend the meeting, please complete and return the enclosed proxy/ballot to Victory Management at the address above, FAX 443-249-0011 or via email

It is important that if you cannot be present at the Annual Meeting that you complete the enclosed Proxy and Ballot. Give your completed Proxy and Ballot to the person you designate to deliver such to the Annual Meeting or to a member of the Board of Directors.

Your proxy holder can be any other member of the Association who will be present at the meeting or the Property Manager, Vicki Burnett who is also attending the meeting.

Additionally, pursuant to the Maryland Condominium Act, this disclosure serves as notice to each owner that it is the owner’s responsibility to obtain insurance for: 1) Their personal property within the unit, 2) any betterments and improvements made to the unit, 3) $5000 to cover the master policy deductible should the cause of any damage or destruction originate in said unit.
Please be advised that the procedure authorized by Section 11-109(c)(8)(ii) of the Maryland Condominium Act may be invoked if a sufficient number of members to constitute a quorum or to approve or authorize the actions set forth in this notice are not in attendance.

Victory Management
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 353 KB)

Please be advised that community wide mulching will begin in the next couple of weeks. Restricted gardeners should clear their sites. If not cleared Chesapeake Landscape will do the best they can on your garden.
Thanks. Landscape Committee

Sad news... Mary Joan Perry
Sad news... former Severn House Bldg 8 neighbor... Mary Joan Perry

On February 23, 2019, Mary Joan (nee Martel) Perry died in Annapolis, MD. Mrs. Perry is survived by her husband of 65 years - Thomas A. Perry, Sr., and her children and their spouses - Thomas and Christine Perry, Kathleen and Chauncey Brooks III, Mark and Cheryl Perry, Patrice and M. Eamonn McGeady, III. Mary Joan is also survived by her 9 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. Mary Joan was the daughter of the late Joseph and Catherine Martel of Baltimore, MD. She is survived by her younger brother Joseph F. Martel, II. She was pre-deceased by three siblings – Thomas Martel, Sr., Sister Patricia Martel, SSJ, and Edward J. Martel.

Mary Joan focused much of her life on raising her four children and working as Office Manager for the medical practice of Drs. Peter Schilder and Nicholas Capozzoli for nearly twenty years. She was a devout Catholic, and volunteered numerous hours over her lifetime, especially to St. Mary's Parish, where she was a long-time member in the choir. Mary Joan was a breast cancer 
survivor of more than 35 years and volunteered at the Breast Center of Anne Arundel Medical Center. She also enjoyed a second life during her 19-years wintering in Marathon, FL, where she was active in the local parish, garden clubs, and ladies clubs. She loved being at the beach, whether in Ocean City, MD or in Florida. Wherever she was in the world, she always had a sense of adventure and enjoyment of the people around her.

The family will receive friends at the Hardesty Funeral Home, 12 Ridgely Ave., Annapolis, MD, 21401 on Sunday, March 3 from 3-6 PM. A Mass of Christian Burial will be offered on Monday, March 4 at 10:30 AM at St. John Neumann Church, 620 N. Bestgate Rd., Annapolis, MD 21401. Interment will be private.In lieu of flowers, any remembrance donations are requested to go to Hospice of the Chesapeake, 90 Gov. Ritchie Highway, Pasadena, MD 21122.

If you would like to mail Tom a note... his address through the end of March is

Mr. Thomas Perry

3423 Hidden River View Rd.

Annapolis, MD 21403

Online condolences may be left for the family at

View attached documentAttachment (JPEG: 27 KB)

BOD Nominations Deadline March 3
February 6, 2019

Dear Home Owner:
The Association is preparing for the Annual Meeting at which time the election of the Board of Directors will be held.
This year three (3) positions are available. If you would like to run, you may nominate yourself, or you may nominate other owners, after obtaining their permission. If you yourself wish to run, please complete the nomination form by writing a brief “bio”. If you are nominating another owner, simply list his/her name and address after obtaining their permission. The three elected Board Members will be joining Carole Doxey, Tom White, John Moran & Frank Fox on the 2019 Board.
Please return the nomination forms to Victory Management by March 3rd. Nomination Form
I, ___________________________ nominate _______________________________.
Please tell us something about yourself in space provided on the form or send an email to

View attached documentAttachment (JPEG: 118 KB)

Bldg 4 Reports Posted
Building 4 Reconstruction Committee Interim Report, 1-30-19 and a project update from BGC, 1-25-19 posted.
Click on “Members Only,” then “Documents”

Bldg 4 Report Posted
Building 4 Reconstruction Committee Report January 12, 2019 posted.
Click on “Members Only,” then “Documents”

Condo Fees
January 7, 2019
RE: 2019 Association Fees - Increase

Dear Home Owner:
Please be advised the Associations fees for your Community have been increased according to your 2019 budget.

As such, please log on to check your account on to ensure your auto payment for January 2019 has been submitted according to the updated fee schedule.

If the January payment was not paid at the NEW rate, please make a onetime payment to bring your account current to avoid incurring late charges.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Victory Management, Inc.

Xmas Tree Disposal

To dispose of your Christmas Tree,

please place the tree on

 common element and contact Victory Management, Inc.

(443) 249-0172 or

 with it's location.

 Trees on 2nd and 3rd floors may be

 thrown over balcony.

Happy New Year!

See something suspicious?
Reminder: See something? Say something!

Annapolis Police

Call 410-268-4141 Non-Emergency or

Call 9-1-1 EMERGENCY

Parking Restrictions

This Friday, Royal Severn Tree will be removing a dead ash tree at front corner of Building 10 closest to the fence side and will need parking lot access. The residential parking alongside the building by sign reading Building 10, 755, 757, 759 need to vacated by 7:30 AM Friday, December 14th.
Thank you for your cooperation. 

Tom White
Grounds Committee

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

No parking in front of townhouses 688, 686, 684, 682, 680 starting at 7:30 AM on Monday the 10thDecember.

No parking in front of staircases 782-784, Building Three, and staircases 786-788, Building two on Tuesday 11th December starting at 7:30 AM.


Royal Severn Tree Service will be doing our yearly major tree work next week, beginning Monday, December 10th at 7:30 AM, weather permitting.

Royal Severn will be removing 5 trees in the critical area zone, that is within 100 feet of the water. There are three shallow rooted dead pines in front of the last row of townhouses, and a dying pine and oak behind townhouses 696 and 698, all considered by the arborist and the city to have safety issues.

The permit calls for the planting of 5 black gum trees to replace 5 trees that are removed, all along the cove.

 Outside of the critical area, one large living tree to be removed is a leaning holly at the front of Building 3, by the pool. The holly tree is considered a safety hazard, as the tree is leaning, and the roots are bulging.  An ash tree will be removed at Building 10. Additionally, we will be removing water spouts from many trees as they are injurious to tree health and will be trimming trees encroaching on the roofs, as we do each year.

Our goal, as usual, is safety first for people, buildings, cars, boats and other property, followed by tree health. The Landscape Committee walked the site with the City Arborist, Cynthia Gudenius and with the Royal Severn Tree arborist, discussed the best strategy for the community and received a permit for the work. The Committee does not relish any tree removal. Removal is costly and the replanting in the critical areas is difficult.

As usual we will need community cooperation on parking limitations for some of the work.


No parking in front of townhouses 688, 686, 684, 682, 680 starting at 7:30 AM on Monday, December 10th.

The work should not take more than one day.


No parking in front of staircases 782-784, Building 3, and staircases

786-788, Building 2 on Tuesday 11thDecember starting at 7:30 AM.

One day anticipated.

Work will continue later in the week, but we don't currently see a need for further parking restrictions.

If the weather doesn't cooperate stay tuned for further communications.

Victory Management, Inc

Bldg 4 Reconstruction Update
Please log in to check "Documents" for updated information in regards to the Bldg 4 project.

Security Alert Car Break-Ins
Last evening, 2 vehicles were broken into at the parking lot behind Bldgs 9 and 10. Some property was stolen. Individual owners believe they locked the car doors. This incident has been reported to the Annapolis PD and to our on site security team. APD reported there has been a rash of car break-ins throughout the Eastport area. This is the third incident within the SH community in the last 8 days. All are reminded to lock vehicle doors and do leave valuable items in the vehicle that can be easily seen etc. Also, if you see anything out of the ordinary occurring within the community, do not confront the individuals the Annapolis PD and inform Victory Management.

Thank you,
Frank Fox
on behalf of Severn House BOD

BOD Meeting 12/11 4PM

As previously advised the 2019 proposed budget will be presented and adopted at the next Board of Directors meeting. Due to holidays and busy schedules the meeting time has again been changed. Please be advised that the next Board meeting is scheduled for:

December 11, 2018 at 4pm at St. Luke's Church

Sorry for the confusion, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Victoria Burnett
Property Manager

Victory Management website change
Attention SH Home Owner - Important Information Website Upgrade
This does NOT relate to
Victory Management, Inc. is always looking for new ways to enhance the services provided to your community.  With this in mind, we have updated the website for your Association. 

This update will require you to reset your current Victory Management password, and to do that you will be provided a link from their software partner CINC via email in the next 24 hours.  Please access this link to reset your password as soon as possible, as it will expire within 5 days of the date of the email. 

If you miss the 5-day deadline, you may go directly to and click “Forgot Password”.  A new password link will be emailed to you, which will also expire within 5 days.  Once you reset your password, you may log in to the NEW website using your email address and your new password.

VMI is excited to introduce your new website to you and look forward to adding additional enhancements in the future.  If you have any questions, please do not reply to this email as it is not monitored.  Please use the Contact Us page on your website for any questions. 

Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to serve you.
Victory Management, Inc.

Street Repair Update
The street repairs that were cancelled due to weather this past Monday are now scheduled to commence tomorrow, 19 Oct. Work will begin at approx 8AM and be completed at approx 2PM. Vehicle  traffic will be able to move in and out of SH with minimal delays. Thanks for your patience! 

10/15 NOTICE:  Street Repairs

Street repairs scheduled at Severn House for today, 15 Oct have been cancelled due to the weather and re-scheduled for this coming Friday, 19 Oct. 

10/12 NOTICE:  Street Repairs
This is a reminder notice that street repairs with commence this coming Monday, 15 Oct at approx 8:30AM with anticipated completion time of about 2:30PM. Repairs will take place in the vicinity of the entrance to the community near the Yellow fire hydrant and at the confluence of Bldgs 1, 2, and 3. Vehicular traffic will be able to move through SH during the repairs. Townhome and Bldg 3 traffic with exit and enter from the pool road. 
Work is subject to weather conditions!
Thank you! 
Frank Fox, Member BOD 

On Monday, Oct 15, repairs to SH streets will commence at approx 8:00AM with anticipated completion time at approx 2:00PM. The effected area will be in the “front” of the community on the main access road (Fairview Ave) in the vicinity of the fire hydrant on the left as you enter the community. Vehicle traffic will be guided past the construction area as needed. Minimal traffic disruption is anticipated. 
Within the same timeframe, repairs to an area at the “confluence” of bldgs 1, 2, and 3 will commence as well. NOTE:  Traffic from the Town-homes  and Bldg 3 will have to depart SH by going towards the “pool road” and making a right turn unto Fairview. Returning to the Town-homes and Bldg 3 will be accomplished in reverse using CAUTION on the “one way” portion of the pool road.  
A reminder notice will be posted to the stairwells for Bldg 3 and at the Town-home entrance ways on Oct 13. 
Thank You! 
Frank Fox
Member, SH BOD 

Fire Prevention Week

October 7-13, 2018 is Fire Prevention Week

The Annapolis Fire Department encourages residents to
“Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware. Fire can happen anywhere."
(Annapolis, MD) – Today’s home fires burn faster than ever. In a typical home fire, you may have as little as one to two minutes to escape safely from the time the smoke alarm sounds. Knowing how to use that time wisely takes planning and practice.

The Annapolis Fire Department is teaming up with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the official sponsor of Fire Prevention Week, to promote this year’s Fire Prevention Week campaign, “Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware. Fire can happen anywhere,” which works to educate the public about basic but essential ways to prevent and quickly and safely escape a home fire.
“Working in the fire service for many years, we know that people often make choices in fire situations that jeopardize their safety or even cost them their lives,” said Fire Chief David Stokes of the Annapolis Fire Department. “We need to do a better job of teaching people about the potentially life-saving difference escape planning and practice can make and motivating them to action.”
Chief Stokes says this year’s “Look. Listen. Learn.” campaign highlights three steps people can take to help quickly and safely escape a fire.

     Look for places fire could start. Take a good look around your home. Identify
     potential fire hazards and take care of them.
     Listen for the sound of the smoke alarm. You could have only minutes to escape    
     safely once the smoke alarm sounds. Go to your outside meeting place, which should
     be a safe distance from the home and where everyone should know to meet.
     Learn 2 ways out of every room. Make sure all doors and windows leading outside
     open easily and are free of clutter.
NFPA statistics show that the number of U.S. home fires has been steadily declining over the past few decades. However, the death rate per 1000 home fires that are reported to fire departments was 10 percent higher in 2016 than in 1980. From January 1, 2018 to August 30, 2018, the news media have reported 1,651 home fire deaths according to the United States Fire Administration.

“These numbers show that while we’ve made significant progress in teaching people how to prevent fires from happening, there’s still much more work to do in terms of educating the public about how to protect themselves in the event of one,” said Lorraine Carli, NFPA’s vice president of Outreach and Advocacy. “This is particularly critical given the increased speed at which today’s home fires grow and spread.”
Carli also notes that although people feel safest in their home, it is also the place people are at greatest risk to fire, with four out of five U.S. fire deaths occurring at home. That over-confidence contributes to a complacency toward home escape planning and practice.

While NFPA and the Annapolis Fire Department are focusing on home fires, these fire safety messages apply to virtually anywhere.
The Annapolis Fire Department and the Eastport Volunteer Fire Department are hosting a series of events in support of this year’s Fire Prevention Week campaign, “Look. Listen. Learn.”, on Saturday, October 20th from 12-4 p.m. at the Eastport Fire Station, 914 Bay Ridge Ave., Annapolis, MD 21403. 
Events and Displays will include:
  • Antique Fire Apparatus
  • Sparky the Fire Dog
  • Fire Hose House (participants spray water to extinguish a simulated home fire)
  • Fire Station Tours
  • Hands Only CPR & AED Class at 1 p.m.
  • Auto Extrication Demonstration at 2 p.m.
  • “Stop the Bleed”  Bleeding Control Class at 3 p.m.
  • National Preparedness Month information from the City of Annapolis Office of Emergency Management
  • “Ask a Fire Marshal” with representatives from the City of Annapolis Fire Marshal’s Office
  • Fire Safety House (model used to teach fire safety lessons)
  • Canned food drive benefiting Backpack Buddies Program

Eastport Fire Dept.


I am sure most of our residents in Severn House received a request to consider donating to the Eastport Volunteer Fire Department recently, who are having a tough time raising funds, as they do not receive all of their funds from the City.  They have purchased much needed equipment for the Community, which has saved the City from budgeting for additional equipment.

They are a vital part of our Community, and we all know how important they were in helping to fight the horrific fire in Severn House in November, 2017, arriving within minutes.

Eastport Fire Department have also been very generous in permitting Severn House to utilize their facilities for a number of our meetings, particularly since the fire when we have a large crowd.  The space is also used for Town Hall Meetings by Alderman Ross Arnett, and our City Government for particular issues in the neighborhood.

They are also looking for volunteers to serve in their Department, who would be trained if needed.

Please consider sending a check to:  Eastport Volunteer Fire Company, Inc., P. O. Box 3332, Annapolis, MD  21403-0332.

Very Sincerely,
Marlene A. Patmore,
Severn House Condo Community


Judi MacDonald’s Art at City Dock Coffee
Be sure to visit City Dock Coffee at 18 Market Street, right across from the Market
House to see Judi MacDonald’s latest Water Color and Oil Paintings! The show is there now until October, paintings are available for purchase!

Eastport Shopping.

For our Severn House Community, and those who are interested in the Eastport Shopping Center and the Special Mixed Planned Development Application, to be known as The Lofts at Eastport Landing, to include 98 apartment units, the public comment period has been extended to Tuesday, September 11, 2018.

Latest design plans are shown on the City of Annapolis web site using the eTrakit site; select Projects using the address 915 Chesapeake –  Click on LOFTS at Eastport Landings Site Design Statement 7-12-18,pdf (NEW Project # is SDP2018-006

Comments may be sent to:

Thomas Smith, Jr., RLA,
Chief of Current Planning, City of Annapolis
Department of Planning & Zoning
145 Gorman St., 3rd Floor

Annapolis, MD  21401    

Email Address: 

Phone:  410-263-7961; ext. 7797

Site Design application to redevelop an approximately 2 acre portion of the existing Eastport Shopping Center site (6.75 acres) with a proposed project being known as “The Lofts at Eastport Landing” consisting of 98 rental apartments units with retail and/or commercial uses on portions of the ground floor. The commercial/retail component comprises approximately 3,029 square feet. Parking areas of 150 structured spaces are located within the proposed garage.


View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 1284 KB)

Closing Pool Party! Save the date! 9/8
End of season POOL PARTY!
Save the date! Saturday, September 8!
Flyer attached
Havana night with music and dancing and you can get dressed up appropriately!

All Severn House residents are welcome
Guests $25, payable at the door

View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 89 KB)

Marge Schmidt 1927-2018
Margaret “Marge” Evelyn Schmidt
January 3, 1927 - August 4, 2018

Margaret “Marge” Evelyn Hoey Schmidt, twin of Doris Mae, born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, passed away August 4, 2018. She followed her sister into the Baltimore Colts marching band as a majorette and rose to the position of Head Majorette. Worked in Civil Service until retirement and moved to Annapolis in the early 1970’s. She is survived by her nephews Russell and Robert Snyder.

Interment will take place at Lakeview Memorial Park, 2724 Liberty Road Sykesville, MD 21784 on Friday August 17, 2018 at 2 PM.

August 17, Graveside Service 2:00 pm - 2:15 pm
2724 Liberty Road
Sykesville,, MD 21784

August 21, A Memorial Service will be held at St. Luke Episcopal Church 1101 Bay Ridge Avenue Annapolis, Maryland 21403 

Memorial Service
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
1101 Bay Ridge Avenue

Eastport, MD 21043

For updates please check:

Marge’s Colts’ reminisces click here

Baltimore Sun 1995 article click here 

The Severn House community would like to express our condolences for the loss of neighbor and friend, Marge. Our thoughts are with her nephews, family and all who knew her.

Photo attached
2014 Award, more than 750 volunteer hours, Tawes Garden Gift Shop

View attached documentAttachment (JPEG: 279 KB)

Mosquitos in a healthy ecosystem
Here’s an article from the Watershed Stewards to help explain what happens in a healthy ecosystem. Also, please check out our bank stabilization project across from Building 3. We planted a combination of over 300 native grasses, flowers, shrubs and trees within a biorention mat and bio logs to reduce runoff from the bare hillside. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Ann Brown 443-454-2074 

Weed Spraying
From the Grounds Crew: TODAY 9/13

This is a quick notice that we will be spraying broadleaf weeds in the turf today. I know we normally like to give lots of notice but the heat has not been cooperating and this is a perfect day. The areas of turf that are extremely dry will not be sprayed.

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Termite Inspections
It’s time for annual termite inspections for all ground floor units.
Contact Harlan with E-Sentry Pest Control, 

**Ground floor units only**
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 171 KB)

Back Creek WalkAThon

Ward 8 News

Ward 8 Residents and Friends 

The Annapolis City Council will meet Monday May 14th at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers. Public hearings will be followed by a legislative session. Although your attendance is preferred, all Council meetings are broadcast on Comcast channel 100 and on Verizon channel 34. I have heard from some of you that my tables do not transfer very well in my emails, so I have attached a file to this email that you can open if that helps. 

We are finally at the end of a grueling set of City council Finance Committee meetings (almost every day since receiving the Mayor’s Budget), with the Committee set to report its recommendations on the Mayor’s Budget to the full Council this Monday. The Committee meetings have been tough because of three changes in City Manager and some senior staff changes, -- with resulting philosophy and presentation changes; and because of many major changes in the Budget – a big property tax rate increase among those. But, changes in the Budget presentation have been most revealing, as I will explain next. 

With the receipt of the Mayor’s Budget, the Finance Committee was also given a breakdown of the new spending and revenue in the Mayor’s Budget in terms of the impact on the tax rate in cents per hundred dollars of assessed value (see below).

Here is how the Mayor’s Budget breaks down by dollars and by cents per hundred of property taxes, with a cumulative increase increases and decreases shown. 

                                                                                          Dollars        Cents   Cum.

                                                                                                              /100      Inc.

Existing Structural Deficit

  • Fully funding pension plan      $490,000         0.7      0.7
  • Retiree health insurance 300,000         0.5     1.2
  • Under funded VEBA account 275,000         0.4     1.6
  • Underfunding of Fire staffing and overtime 650,000         1.0     2.6
  • Underfunding of Police staffing and overtime 750,000         1.1      3.7
  • Underfunding of Public Works staffing 100,000         0.2     3.9
  • Non-personnel unrecognized spending        1,010,000        1.5      5.4

                                                                                      $3,575,000        5.4


Mandatory Principal and interest payments                  $1,993,845        3.0      8.4


Other Mandatory (steps and health insurance)             $1,434,681        2.2     10.6


Pay-Go funding for streets, sidewalks, etc.                   $2,950,000        4.5     15.1


Union negotiation contingency fund                                 $938,339        1.4     16.6


Total mandatory new spending                                    $10,891,865      16.6


Additional spending – non-mandatory

  • New positions           $561,608         0.9    17.5


New spending offsets

  • General Fund cost savings                                    ($650,993)      (1.0)    16.5
  • New revenue other than property tax            (743,811)      (1.1)    15.4
  • Tax Increment revenue increases         (1,320,000)      (2.0)    13.4
  • Increase in property assessments            (839,180)      (1.3)    12.1
  • Increased Income tax revenue       ($1,400,000)     (2.1)      9.9


I understand that this is fairly dense and complicated information and that I’m glossing over many fine points, but for those who wish to follow it, this discussion will explain a lot about where we are in the City’s financial position and why a tax rate increase is all but unavoidable. [I must note here that cuts in services, with attendant staff cuts, is another way to address the structural deficit. That is, rather than raising revenue to cover increased spending, spending can be reduced to meet the lower revenue level. More on this in a later missive.] 

Net spending in excess of revenues requiring a property tax rate increase is equal to a 9.9 cents per hundred of assessed value increase in the property tax rate, as recommended by the Finance Committee. If passed by the Council, the rate will go from the current rate of $0.649 to a $0.74.8 rate, still a 15+ percent rate increase. The tax rate in the Mayor’s Budget is $0.779, about a 20 percent increase. 

In fairness to the Mayor, the Finance Committee, in conjunction with the new City Manager found $1.4 million dollars of income tax revenue not included in the Budget numbers available to the Mayor when he had to present his Budget. That’s an important difference and one could presume that, with that new information, the Mayor would have asked for a 10.9 cent tax rate increase. 

I believe that focusing on the tax rate is not a productive exercise at this point. Rather the focus should be on the unavoidable spending increases needed to wipe out the structural deficit (5.4 cents) and to pay for new mandatory spending 11.2 cents). Fortunately the new spending is somewhat offset by some new revenue (7.5 cents). 

So how did we get into this position and are there an endless series of tax rate increases in our future? 

By definition, a structural deficit is spending beyond ones means on a continual basis.  Households do it and so do cities. We have long known that City revenues have been growing slower that City spending. After our near bankruptcy at the beginning of the Cohen Administration, the Council formed the Financial Advisory Commission. That body warned early on of our structural deficit problems. Back then the City needed a big raise in the property tax rate to come back into a sound financial position. However, that tax hike did not truly address the structural deficit problem. Since then many tactics have been used to cover that problem, but those forestalling actions are coming home to roost now.


The new City Manager has stated that she will never again present the Mayor, and thus the City Council, with a Budget containing a structural deficit, and I believe her. But, the seeds for more spending pressures are in this Budget already. We will need to continue to increase contributions for the pension plan and retiree health insurance. The employee unions are pushing hard for cost of living adjustments (COLAs) in addition to the existing overly large step increases already received by employees. The Pay-Go for streets and sidewalk repairs is partially funded by the Capital Reserve Fund and as we wean ourselves away from running down that fund, pressures on the general fund spending will need to be covered by cuts elsewhere or increases in revenue from somewhere. Unless the Administration and Council can find the will to cut some services, I predict that the pressure to raise the property tax rate will return. 

This dialogue has been long and I may have lost many of you by now, but I must write a bit about the Capital Improvement Fund. 

The Finance Committee is recommending to the Council that no new capital bonds be issued until we spend down the existing moneys from bonds issued but unspent, about $9 million dollars. Further the Committee recommends that the amount of PayGo dollars spent for street repaving be raised from $2 million a year to $3 million. The useful life of a City street before it needs repaving is about 20 years. The City has about 90 miles of roads and repaves about three miles each year with the $2 million allotment. That pace replaces streets every 30 years, not 20 years. So the Finance Committee recommends that the capital budget for street repairs be raised to $3 million per years, which puts us back on a 20 schedule. The Finance Committee, and thus the Council, is still awaiting more information on the cost to replace the Truxton pool, rebrick Main Street, and replace the Public Works Facility that was on Spa Road. Until there is new information on these projects, The Committee recommends that they stay in the Capital Improvement Project (CIP) plan in their current form. 

I must also tell you that the Finance Committee has yet to receive three major pieces of important information: the number of fulltime persons employed by the City, with a distribution by department; the status of the City General Fund and Enterprise Fund balances; and the five year projections of the appropriation budget, which allows us to be sure we know where we’re headed in the out years. I’m presuming that we will be getting this data soon. 

Lastly, the Finance Committee, along with the Mayor are planning to hold a meeting at Maryland Hall to present and discuss with you the proposed fiscal 2019 Budget and CIP. The meeting will be on 30 May at 7 PM. We plan a formal, but short presentation and then take your questions and hear your opinions.

CALL TO ORDER                                       Mayor Buckley

Invocation                                                     Mayor Buckley

Pledge of Allegiance                                    Mayor Buckley

Roll Call                                                       City Clerk Watkins-Eldridge

Approval of Agenda                                     City Council 


City Council Citation - Verdell Sharps Poindexter

Martha Wood Leadership Award - Ms. Samelia Parker 


Reports by Committee 

Report from the Finance Committee on the FY2019 Budget and related legislation 

Comments by the General Public: A person appearing before the City Council with a petition, report or communication shall be limited to a presentation of not more than five minutes. 

Update from the Mayor 


A Consent Calendar is a category of the City Council Agenda whereby routine committee reports, meeting minutes, and non-controversial items not requiring debate or independent action are voted upon as a single group; and is an efficient procedure to save meeting time by allowing the City Council to approve a single group of items under one motion and one roll call vote. Any Council Member can ask that any item on the Consent Calendar be removed from same and placed on the meeting agenda for routine processing. Please let me know if you wish me to remove any item from the Consent Calendar. 

Consent Calendar Items 

Regular Meeting Minutes of 9 May 2018

Special Meeting Minutes - 5:30 P.M. of 23 May 2018 (Closed Session)

Special Meeting Minutes of 23 May 2018

First Readers

O-21-18 Parking Fund - Appropriations - For the purpose of authorizing the City Council to appropriate any excess revenue from the Parking Fund for any lawful City purpose during the annual budget process.

O-22-18 Food Handling Establishments - Polystyrene Food Service Products - Prohibition - For the purpose of prohibiting the sale and use of expanded polystyrene foam products at food service businesses located in the City; providing certain definitions; and providing for a penalty for violations.

R-18-18 Equal Protection Task Force - For the purpose of establishing a temporary advisory Task Force commissioned to provide the Mayor and City Council with a public forum for studying and preparing reports about the issues of foreign-born residents of the City of Annapolis; and matters generally relating to said Task Force. 

End of Consent Calendar 


O-18-18 Public Services - Title 16 Code Amendments - For the purpose of transferring the charges for water service from Chapter 16.08 of the Code of the City of Annapolis to the Fees Schedule; transferring the charges for sewer service from Chapter 16.16 of the Code of the City of Annapolis to the Fees Schedule; clarifying the Council approval process for any rate increases determined to be necessary to cover the cost of water and sewer service; and matters generally relating to charges for water and sewer services.

City of Annapolis Constant Yield Tax Rate - Proposed Real Property Tax Increase

O-16-18 Annual Operating Budget: Fiscal Year 2019 - For the purposes of adopting an operating budget for the City of Annapolis for Fiscal Year 2019; appropriating funds for expenditures for Fiscal Year 2019; defraying all expenses and liabilities of the City of Annapolis and levying same for the purposes specified; specifying certain duties of the Director of Finance; and specifying a rate of interest to be charged upon overdue property taxes.

O-17-18 Capital Budget Fiscal Year 2019 - For the purpose of adopting a capital budget for Fiscal Year 2019; and appropriating funds for expenditures for the Fiscal Year 2019 capital budget.

R-13-18 Capital Improvement Program Fiscal Years 2019 - 2024 - For the purpose of adopting a capital improvement program for Fiscal Years 2019-2024 (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2024).

R-14-18 Position Classifications and Pay Plan - For the purpose of approving the FY 2019 position classification and pay plan effective July 1, 2018.

R-15-18 FY 2019 Fees Schedule Effective July 1, 2018 - For the purpose of specifying fees that will be charged for the use of City services for FY 2019.

R-16-18 FY 2019 Fines Schedule Effective July 1, 2018 - For the purpose of specifying fines that will be charged for FY 2019.



Below are the items on the Second Reader or the voting part of the legislative agenda for the meeting. Each ordinance or resolution has a brief description and I have added comments in italics and underline after the legislation. I indicate my likely vote with my comments, but send these email blasts out to give you a chance to let me know if you think I’m headed in the correct direction or should change my mind. I only comment on legislation that has had a public hearing and has gone through the Council Committee process and is up for a vote by the Council.

Proposed Motion to Withdraw O-13-18 and R-9-18

O-13-18 City Emblems - Prohibited Uses - For the purpose of regulating the use of the City seal, City flag, and City logo. I support withdrawal of this ordinance. It is not really necessary and would be hard to enforce.

R-9-18 City Emblems - Prohibited Uses - Fine - For the purpose of establishing a fine for a violation of Section 1.08.060 of the Code of the City of Annapolis concerning prohibited uses of City emblems. Withdrawal of this resolution follows withdrawal of the Ordinance above.

O-10-18 Police Advisory Board - For the purpose of establishing the Police Advisory Board; authorizing the powers and duties of the Board; and matters generally relating to the Police Advisory Board. While I understand the intent of this Ordinance, I do not believe that is, in its current form, is what the Police Chief was seeking. In fact, I don’t think the Chief needs an Ordinance for what he intends to accomplish – quietly getting input from the community and his officers. I’m surprised that this has not been withdrawn, but if it is not, pending input from you to the contrary, I plan to vote no

R-8-18 Amendments to Title 15 of the FY 2018 Fees Schedule - For the purpose of establishing a timeframe for when Workboat and Buyboat watermen may request temporary docking; repealing annual street end dinghy permit on medical hardship availability; and clarifying criteria for permissible docking of dinghies. Our City Harbormaster has been on the job for a while now and she is busy cleaning up the code in Title 15 governing the City’s waters, moorings and slips. I find these to be minor and largely technical changes to the Code and I support them. So, pending input from you to the contrary, I plan to vote yes.


Anyone needing reasonable accommodation to be able to participate in a public meeting held by the City of Annapolis should contact Regina Watkins-Eldridge at 410.263.7942, by MD Relay (711), or by email at at least five days prior to the meeting date to request assistance. 

As always, you can call me [443 745-2901] or send an email to [] if you have questions or concerns. 

Ross Arnett, Alderman, Ward 8

Dumpster 5/11-18
Attn: Severn House Owners and Residents

Spring Community Clean Up Dumpster
will be on-site May 11th through May 18th.

This dumpster is for household items only.
Please do not deposit paint cans, vehicle batteries, tires, etc.

Thank you,
Victory Management, Inc.

Marina News
Please be advised that the owners and renters of slips #B-1, #B-2, #B-17, #B-18, #B-19. #C-1, #C-2, #C-17, #C-18, #C-19, #C-20. #C-21, and #C-22 that the contractor replacing the fire system piping on "B" and "C" docks has completed the replacement of the fire system piping. All vessels may return to their own slips. Thank you for your patience.

Jim Bounds, Dock Master (NFL)

Thank you from the Dockmaster

On Saturday. April 14th, I hosted my last Bubbler Marina Party. I want to thank Ann and Warren Brown, who provided their famous Bloody Marys. Joe and Judy Bertapelle [ Joe is considering being our next Dock Master and it was a pleasure advising him how we do a Bubbler Removal Party], Caase Eggleston, Charlie White, Richard and June Humbert, Joanna Matos, Tom and Amy Burkhardt, Tom White Jr,. Mark Whitson, Joelle Williams, Paula Ebnet, George Miller, Dave Ewing, Brian and Judy Crews-Hanks, and Ben Wolters for taking time on a beautiful Saturday to come out for the Bubbler Removal Party. Thank you all for a job well done.

Jim Bounds Dock Master (NFL)

Forest Dr /Eastport Sector Study
Click here for the 1st draft of the Forest Drive / Eastport Sector Study

BOD Annual Meeting 4/10

Dear Severn House Home Owners:

The Severn House Condominium Association will hold their Annual Membership Meeting on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 6:30pm at St. Luke’s Church.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please complete and return the enclosed proxy/ballot to Victory Management at the address above, via Fax (443) 249-0011 or via email

It is important that if you cannot be present at the Annual Meeting that you complete the enclosed Proxy and Ballot. Give your completed Proxy and Ballot to the person you designate to deliver such to the Annual Meeting or to a member of the Board of Directors.

Your proxy holder can be any other member of the Association who will be present at the meeting or the Property Manager, Vicki Burnett who is also attending the meeting.

Additionally, pursuant to the Maryland Condominium Act, this disclosure serves as notice to each owner that it is the owner’s responsibility to obtain insurance for: 1) Their personal property within the unit, 2) any betterments and improvements made to the unit, 3) $5000 to cover the master policy deductible should the cause of any damage or destruction originate in said unit.

Please be advised that the procedure authorized by Section 11-109(c)(8)(ii) of the Maryland Condominium Act may be invoked if a sufficient number of members to constitute a quorum or to approve or authorize the actions set forth in this notice are not in attendance.

Should you have any questions, please contact me at the number above or via email at

Proxy and ballot attached

View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 640 KB)

Marina Notice




High Tide Alert
High Tide Alert

“Extremely high tides are predicted for tomorrow morning, Wednesday, March 7 around 9 a.m. - more than 3 feet above normal. Make sure you take precautions to protect your property. Boat owners - make sure your lines can accommodate a higher than normal tide and if on a lift, they are secured. Also secure any small vessels or property along shorelines. If you need assistance from the City Harbormaster, call 410-263-7973 between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. After hours, call Natural Resources Police or Annapolis City Police.”

Restoration of Nature Update
St. Luke's Restoration of Nature Project:

Update as of February 1, 2018

Written by Betsy Love, Master Watershed Steward
and St. Luke's Environmental Committee Chair

As winter swept in, Restoration construction went dormant in December along with all the plants we installed last fall and those that remain. Construction, however, is scheduled to wake from winter sleep mid-February, when Underwood & Associates returns full crew to complete the finishing touches on St. Luke's four-acre outdoor sanctuary.

We have had a busy December and January as we welcomed to the campus our first tour groups from the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, DNR's leadership, Chesapeake Bay Program's leadership, and finally the full staff of DNR's Chesapeake & Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund. We received accolades for our commitment and investment to making this region of the Chesapeake more resilient to climate changes to come and providing substantially improved water quality and a more balanced ecosystem to regenerate and support all life.

I hope you are looking forward to warmer weather, as am I, when together we can watch St. Luke's efforts to restore nature begin to flourish. If you are curious about the function of this treatment train of Chesapeake Bay Program best management practices, please feel free to contact me at to set a time that we could tour the project together. Nothing gives me more pleasure than giving a tour along a trail that already is easily walked from Bay Ridge Avenue to the tidal interface. Maybe, if we are lucky, we will see Hannah the Heron and a flock of Mallards who seem to be making our tidal marsh and living shoreline home.
View attached documentAttachment (JPEG: 155 KB)

No February BOD Meeting
The Board of Directors will not meet in February due to lack of a quorum.
Next meeting will be Tuesday, March 13, 6:30 PM at St. Luke's Church.

BOD Nomination form
Interested in being on the Severn House Board of Directors? Self nominate or nominate someone interested. 4 positions open. Make a difference!

Form attached.
Deadline March 2, 2018
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 231 KB)

Home Safety Inspection

Annapolis Firefighter 1/C Kenneth White, Fire Inspector/Community Outreach Coordinator offers home safety inspections. 

To schedule or for more information phone: 410-507-1767 or email  

Click here to view Severn House neighbor Joseph Porcelli's inspection with Firefighter Kenneth White.

Thank you, Fire Dept. Speakers
From: Marlene A. Patmore, President, Severn House Board of Directors
Sent: Friday, January 12, 2018
To: D/C Kevin Simmons; Kenneth White; 'D/C Doug Remaley'
Subject: Annapolis Fire Department Presentation at Severn House Condominiums

Mr. Simmons, Mr. White, and Mr. Remaley,

The Severn House Condo community wishes to express our deep appreciation for your assistance in the Fire Safety presentation by Kenneth White, and the discussion on the fire in Bldg. #4 in November in the Severn House Community

Both the Board and the members of or community who attended this meeting seemed most pleased by the important Fire Safety items Mr. White spoke about.

Mr. Remaley's presentation on the actual fire and how quickly the fire had spread, and thankfully how many smoke alarms were going off upon arrival of the Fire Department. Mr. Remaley's presentation was most informative.

Thanks you to each of you, and to all in the Annapolis Fire Department who are doing their jobs, and doing it so well.

We congratulate each of you.


Marlene A. Patmore,
Severn House Condo Association

Fire Prevention Safety Checklist Attachment
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 75 KB)

Wreath removal
Check back next week for an announcement looking for volunteers to help take down the community wreaths. Let’s hope for a warmer day! Day & time to be announced.
Stay warm.
Happy New Year!

"Thank you" to Bubbler Helpers
On Saturday, December 16th, the bubblers and their controls were install by a wonderful group of Severn House Residents and Boat Owners.

Their efforts are well documented by the wonderful pictures now on the Severn House Website. Your Dock Master would like to recognize the following people, who participated. Donna Brooks, Paula Ebnet, Frank Fox, Paul Messina, Charlie White, Richard Humbert, John Doxey, Tom Burkhardt, Ben Walters, John Robey, Dave Ewing, Jerry Axlor, John Wickens, Tom White (the Younger), Mike McCarthy, Ben Fulton, Brian Hanks, Joseph Porcelli, and George Miller. If I've missed anybody or I did not spell your name right, I apologize.

Before beginning the work, the crew was treated to Carlson's donuts and Dunkin Donuts Coffee. The original bulletins about the party stated that Ann and Warren Brown would be treating the crew with their famous Bloody Mary's upon completion of the work. Ann and Warren had a conflict and couldn't join us for this party. They went to Jamaica. However, they recruited a wonderful resident, Sandra Jurkiewicz, who supplied the crew with excellent Bloody Mary's and delicious Sausage Bread. Ann and Warren, your famous Bloody Mary's have been challenged and Sandra, thank you.

The Dock Master would also like to recognize two more individuals. Andy Kerhulas, who shuts down and reconnects the water supply for the small vessel dock in the cove. Andy also replaces pier lights when they burn out on the marina piers.

I also want to thank Tom Burkhardt for taking the excellent pictures of the Bubbler Installation Party and posting them on the Severn House Website. It turned out being a great day weather wise and the snow wasn't to much of a problem.

I want to thank you all for your help with the 2017 Bubbler Installation Party and I am looking forward to seeing you all for the 2018 Spring Bubbler Removal and Cleaning Party. Again, I apologize if I've missed anybody or fail to recognize someone.

Jim Bounds, Dock Master

Fire Update 12-11-17
Please see attached letter from Marlene Patmore, Severn House BOD President
Severn House Fire Update December 11, 2017
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 198 KB)

SH Fire Fund
Hello all:
It's been a week since the fire at SH. Funds are being collected to help residents affected. Let's help our neighbors get back on their feet. Any amount is welcome. Fund collection ends Monday, December 11.

Please join us in making a donation via St. Luke's online giving platform Givelify by going to and then clicking on Givelify link lower down on the page on the left slide. Select the amount you can afford to donate and then on the next page choose "Severn House Fire Fund" and follow prompts.
St. Luke's Church address is 1101 Bay Ridge Ave, Annapolis, MD 21403, phone number (410) 268-5419). St. Luke's will not charge a fee to administer this fund. The processing fee incurred by Givelify of 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction will deduct the from each donation. If you’re using a mobile device click “view as desktop.”

Donations are Tax-Deductible.

You may also write a check to St. Luke's designating "Severn House Fire Fund."
If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.
Ann Brown and Melissa Yanowitz 
photo attached
View attached documentAttachment (JPEG: 93 KB)

Bldg 4 Fire Update
Update on Fire

11/29 From Severn House Condominium Board of Directors:
Since we last updated the community, Bldg 4 has been totally fenced in and secured. For now it is “off-limits” to all but the professionals who are performing investigations. Illumination has been in place since the weekend and our on site security team and City Police have been conducting extended surveillance and patrolling. These conditions will remain in effect for an undetermined period of time.

The cause of the fire remains undetermined. Work was performed today on exterior portions of the building to make it safer. As inspectors finalize their work, residents will be notified if and when access to units will be permitted so that they can remove their personnel property. No one will be living in the building for the immediate future.

The building will require renovations but the Association has adequate insurance coverage for the repair work for which it is responsible. As we know more, we will provide information but right now our priority is the residents and unit owners of Building 4.

11/ 24 From Victory Management, Inc.:
As you all may know by now there was a fire in Building 4 that has affected all 23 units in 768, 770, 772 & 774. The cause of the fire has yet to be confirmed. All residents have now been accounted for but are without homes as the ENTIRE building has been condemned by Annapolis City. We are in process of boarding up the building and securing the site. No one is allowed in the building.

Severn House has made a claim against the master insurance policy but due to the extent of the damage it could be weeks or months until restoration can begin and residents get back into their homes. Once a timeline can be determined additional information will be provided.

The Red Cross has been contacted 800-733-2767.

For additional information, offers of support,or questions  please email
Thank you for your attention,
Re: At 12:30 am Friday November 24, 2017 a three alarm a fire broke out in unit 770C causing the evacuation of unit is 768, 770 & 772. There were no casualties. 

WBAL...  Click here
The Capital’s article... Click here.

11/24/17 Message from Marlene Patmore, President, Severn House BOD:

I am receiving e-mails from people who have heard of the fire and displacement, that they a have a unit, etc., available should it be needed; I have been forwarding the notices to Vicki, at Victory Management, Inc.

This fire is a terrible tragedy! Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.

For additional information, offers of support or inquiries please email

Thank you.

Photo attached 

View attached documentAttachment (JPEG: 72 KB)

Neighbors SH Fire Fund
Message from SH neighbor Joseph Porcelli:

My family and I live a Severn House, and we were one of the lucky ones whose home and possessions we not destroyed in the devastating fire this past Friday. Due to fire, smoke, and water damage, a total 23 units where destroyed or condemned. The fire spread so fast that many of our neighbors evacuated with nothing but their PJ's.

Some neighbors and I at Severn House reached out to Rev. Diana Carrol at St. Luke's Church and she and church generously agreed to collect and administer a Fire Fund for the victims.

Please join me in making a donation via their online giving platform Givelify by going to and then clicking on Givelify link lower down on the page on the left slide. Select the amount you can afford to donate and then on the next page choose "Severn House Fire Fund" and follow prompts. (You may also mail a check payable to St. Luke's Church w/Severn House Fire Fund noted to St. Luke's Church, 1101 Bay Ridge Ave, Annapolis, MD 21403)

Funds will be collected online starting today, Monday, November 27th, 2017 through Monday, December 11th, 2017. On Tuesday, December 12th, the total will be tallied and the distributed equally among current occupants of the units in Building 4 at Severn House Condominiums.

To be eligible to receive a donation, the current occupants of Building 4 at Severn House must communicate with me (Joseph Porcelli) in writing via email ( or by phone (857-222-4420) to confirm they wish to accept their portion of the donation by 9:00 pm on Monday, December 11th.

Any occupant who does not respond or who does not wish to accept the donation will forfeit their portion, and their funds will be disbursed equally among those who have confirmed they will accept.

St. Luke's Church is located at 1101 Bay Ridge Ave, Annapolis, MD 21403 and their phone number (410) 268-5419). St. Luke's will not charge a fee to administer this fund. The processing fee incurred by Givelify of 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction will deduct the from each donation.

Donations are Tax-Deductible.

We are currently NOT collecting goods as the need is unclear. If you wish to register your intent to give goods, please fill out this form - - and we will share the goods you are willing to donate along with your contact information with those affected by the fire. They will reach out to you directly.

Thanks for being there for our neighbors in their time of need.

Photo attached.

This request is by individuals and is not related to any business of the Severn House Condomium Association. The views and opinions expressed in this message are those of the author(s).

View attached documentAttachment (JPEG: 110 KB)

Bubbler Party!
Volunteers Wanted! Saturday, December 16th (rain date is December 17th)
at 9:30 am. "Bubbler Party!"

The assembly point will be at the pool deck.
Wear warm clothes and gloves.
The overall effort will consist of installing approximately 38 de-ice systems and controls from the piers and promenade area,
work will commence as close to 9:30 am as possible and should finish up by 12noon.

Donuts and coffee will be provided
and we are lucky again this year, Ann and Warren Brown will serve up their world famous bloody mary's when we wrap up installing the bubblers and controls.

Look forward to seeing as many of you folks as possible.
Also, this is a co-ed project! Thanks!
Jim Bounds, Dock Master

St. Luke's update
St. Luke's Restoration of Nature Project

Click here for photos and writeup... as of November 25. Facebook.

Written by Betsy Love, Master Watershed Steward and St. Luke's Environmental Committee Chair

There is a choice of perching on a gigantic sandstone boulder or donated sections of a giant oak when one wants to stop for quiet contemplation. Decisions decisions! These ancient  objects d'art are so large that their uses are only limited by the imagination.

One day I was there, sitting upon 100 million years of rock formation, contemplating the food chain regenerating before my very eyes. It is amazing, I thought! We have incubators! What a perfect description for the function of the tree trunks/large woody material in the step pools: Yes, indeed, they are incubators! Consider the definition:

incubator |ˈiNGkyəˌbādər|


  1. an enclosed apparatus providing a controlled environment for the care and protection of premature or unusually small babies.
  2. an apparatus used to hatch eggs or grow microorganisms under controlled conditions.
  3. (North American) a place, especially with support staff and equipment, made available at low rent to new small businesses.

Of course, the first definition is clearly not applicable! We aren't enclosed, but

we are caring for really small plankton babies, if we wanted to stretch. We don't need to stretch, though, because look at the second definition. It works perfectly to describe the tree trunks/coarse woody material as an apparatus generating microbial life forms, such as periphyton, aka microscopic algae, which is food at the bottom of the food chain for the wide world of plankton and zooplankton, all of which sets the stage for ecosystem balancing.  Voila...tree trunks serve as incubators! These incubators also provide hiding places and sunning places for larger species soon to appear as the result of food chain action. And, as mentioned in a previous newsletter, the tree trunks clean water just like your carbon filters dispensing water. Isn't nature amazing? In summary, the incubators sustain life, so in answer to those who have asked, "Can we remove the tree trunks and those tree limbs from the step pools and bioswales?" The definitive answer is no, that these are life sustaining incubators forever at work providing critter habitat above and below the water while serving as a catalyst for clean water.

In the third definition of incubator, I am most familiar with this application in business vernacular of think tanks spawning technological advances that result in robust, profit-making companies. That definition would clearly not apply at St. Luke's whatsoever! Alternatively, we could change the paradigm to be about incubators that bring considerable worth and value to community rather than corporate profit, i.e., an environmental stewardship incubator!  We have the fundamentals, because we've already seen the results in conversations with many visitors who inquire about what they are seeing here in this Bay restoration project. They invariably become fans of restoration. The service to community has a huge ROI or return on investment by expanding citizen action for restorations like this one and others throughout the watershed. Now, that is a valuable ROI and would qualify us for the third definition. This whole project could be considered an Incubator! With more citizen activism, we can be assured of cleaner water, increased resiliency to climate change, more habitat for aquatic species and wildlife, and, in an urban location, the rareness of community greenspace will have the chance of being less rare. St. Luke's Restoration of Nature is surely a place where environmental stewardship will inspire others to "be the change you wish to see in the world", as Gandhi advised us.

The community has certainly lifted St. Luke's over these last two months as the huge goal of 30K plants loomed heavy over us. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all involved in a herculean effort this fall. On behalf of St. Luke's Environmental Committee and the congregation, congratulations to community volunteers, the USNA MAG group led by Conor Safbom, and the wonderful Maryland Conservation Corp groups from Tuckahoe, Patapsco, Merkle, and Gunpowder for helping us get the majority of plants in the ground before the hard freeze of winter. It was a spectacular effort and will resume in early spring next year.

Are you enjoying walking the newly forming trails as much as  I am? My imagination goes wild as I  leap forward to next spring and envision seeing many thriving young trees, shrubs, sedge, ferns, flag iris, and cranberry in the stream tha t we've planted this fall. It feels good, and I hope our community volunteers find as much pleasure as I do visiting this lost but found ecosystem that we helped create.

The future of this Incubator of Environmental Stewardship's success will depend upon a strong corps of community environmentalists staying involved. We will need people to serve as docents, which includes education, caretaking, and advocacy. The responsibilities will include being able to reach out to interested groups, lead tours and have some depth of knowledge in the function of the Chesapeake Bay Program and best management practices the visitor sees as they proceed through the trail, i.e.: a linear raingarden or bioretention feature, lawn replaced with conservation landscapes, lawn returned to forested features, daylighted stormwater pipe and curb cuts, bioswales to maximize groundwater production, a regenerative stormwater conveyance system (restored stream), wetlands, restored forest and demonstration of invasive species destruction, tidal marsh, living shoreline, and value of the TMDL reduction factors of the overall project. Caretaking would involve general group maintenance of the trail. If you are interested in being a docent, please send me an email at

These 4 acres are indeed a life-sustaining incubator even for humans. I know my soul is replenished through walks and seeing the little signs of nature being recreated even before we are completed. If this high-energy, driven individual can be slowed down by these awesomely artful installations, I know that this Restoration will be successful as an Incubator for Environmental Stewardship. I look forward to seeing you on the trails this winter.

Update as of October 20, 2017

To view photos click here.
Facebook page click here.



Stairwell Carpet Cleaning
Please be advised that the building carpets will be cleaned (weather permitting) on November 27, 28 & 29th.

Thank you for your attention.
Victory Management, Inc.

Celebration of Life: Ann Hobson
HOST: Hob 443-223-8342
Yellowfin Steak & Fish House
2840 Solomons Island Road
Edgewater, MD 21037

BOD October 10, 7pm St. Luke's

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
7pm at St. Luke’s Church

CALL TO ORDER -This is the monthly meeting of the Board of Directors, We welcome all owners and residents to observe. There will be a time set aside at the end of the meeting for owners and residents questions and remarks. This will assure an orderly progression of the meeting, as well as encourage owners to observe the Board as they conduct business to properly manage this complex and for owners to consider issues raised at the meeting. Your input is important to us. Thank you for your cooperation during this meeting.”





• Infrastructure & Security Report
• Landscape
• Pool
• Community Rep
• Buildings
• Slips


A. 2018 Landscape Contract

• Owner’s Correspondence (letters/emails) – ZERO


St. Luke's Update
St. Luke's Update
Tom White met with Chris the construction
manager to ask about completion dates. He said shoreline to be done this week, some planting may occur immediately on living shoreline,  Further asked about trees falling across the ponds. He stated that is expected and engineered into the project, in effect, still will accommodate 100 year storm even with the fallen trees. He fully expects to be done in October. Also discussed dialogue for the long term including post construction.

St. Luke's Updates
Ann Brown and Tom White as members of the Landscape Committee are establishing additional lines of communication with the St Luke sponsors and the City environmental office. We will be posting St Luke updates weekly. Also, Maria Broadbent, Director of the City Office of Environmental Policy, stated to direct calls about the project to her office at 410-260-2200. Off hours the Department of Public Works hotline is 410-224-2140. If you place an off hour call please follow up with Maria as DPW will follow up immediately but there response will go the relevant department. If you want to forward for Severn House Board comment, please direct to Victory Management. Ann and Tom are also available as general resources for information

Sad news, Ann Hobson
On Sept 11, 2017, Ann Shilman Hobson passed out of this world into a new world filled with other friends and relatives after a long illness.
Ann was born in Baltimore on 12/30/1940 to Harry and Florence Shilman. She has 3 children from her 1st husband, Neal Berg: Mindy (Patty), David (Camilla) and Jennifer (Dean). Ann also has 4 grandchildren; Dane, Casey, Jake and Derek and 4 grand-dogs.
Ann remarried the love of her life, David (Hob) Hobson, in May 1997. They had fun adventures, geocaching, traveling, hanging out with great friends in Annapolis. Hob stood by mom's side throughout her life, showing special kindness and love as her disease progressed.
Ann and Hob loved each other until the end...and had a good life together that ended too soon. She was a social butterfly...always ready for a good party. We will miss her laugh, sense of humor and her love of music complete with singing and dancing.
A very special thank you for all of the love and support from friends but especially: Ann and Warren, Lee and Sharon, Sharon, and Jeanne. Thank you for helping Hob and mom through this long all showed what true friends are all about.
In lieu of flowers, please donate to Alzheimer’s Association ( We are planning an End of Life Celebration in the near future,
Peace and love.

Forest Dr/ Eastport Survey
The City is working on a sector study for Forest Drive (including Bay Ridge Avenue and Aris T. Allen) and Eastport. This plan will guide land use, bicycle, and pedestrian improvements in the corridor and in Eastport. Let City officials know how you think they should invest our resources in the study area.

Please note: A public meeting has been set for 6:30PM, Sept. 27 at the "Pip" Moyer Recreation Center, 273 Hilltop Lane, 21403 and Annapolis residents are encouraged to share their ideas, ask questions, and voice concerns.

For more informaton, contact Sally Nash, or Eric Borchers, or by phone 410-260-2200.

Sad news... Janet Walsh
(Photo attached, taken in 2005 on her patio at Severn House)

Janet England Walsh
March 7, 1918 to August 13, 2017

Janet England Walsh was born March 7, 1918 in Brooklyn, New York, to parents Irving England and Jean Scantlebury England. She helped to raise her brother Alfred England after their father accidentally lost his life while she was still in elementary school. Her father’s death, coupled with the Great Depression and World War II, left marked effects on her life, which were evident in her dedication to family, as well as her efficiency and independence.

Janet attended public high schools in Brooklyn including Erasmus Hall (alongside to be Chicago Cub and four-time NFL champion, Sid Luckman) where she graduated at the age of 16. After graduation, she lived in Miami with her mother and brother while their stepfather, Russell V. Johnson sought work. Janet attended the University of Miami briefly, withdrawing when she found classes to be less rigorous than those at her high school. She ultimately found her calling in medicine back in Brooklyn, and graduated from St. John’s School of Nursing with an RN degree in 1938. She became the charge nurse for their newly established Central Supply Service and eventually became a supervisor for the medical and surgical wards.

At St. John’s, she met a medical intern, Dr. John Walter Walsh. After a yearlong courtship of dancing, singing and hand holding, he asked her to “be his Paper Doll” (a nod to the Mills Brothers smash hit “Paper Doll” of the time). They married on Thanksgiving Eve, 1943, just six weeks before he left for a two-year US Navy posting in the Pacific Theater. He was one of the first to return from the War, and in 1948, she gave birth to their only son, Christopher Strattan Walsh. He became the light of her life while Jack worked long hours. Jack worked as a staff physician at the Veteran’s Administration hospitals at Fort Hamilton and Wilkes-Barre, PA, and Christopher served as her sidekick in every new town. They eventually located in Bethesda, MD as Jack moved into hospital planning and management at the VA. During her time in Bethesda, Janet cared for her aging mother, Jean She also volunteered as the bookkeeper for the Opportunity Shop, a consignment store supporting St. John’s Episcopal Church, and assisted with patient care at the National Naval Medical Center during the Viet Nam War.

After more than a decade in Bethesda, she and Jack left Maryland when he was asked to direct VA hospitals in Philadelphia, San Juan and the Bronx. During this time, she loved following her son’s successes at Middlebury, Cornell and the University of Maryland and took great pride in his international impact as a professor of horticulture. She also delighted in her grandchildren Caroline, Hannah and Alexander Walsh, and godson David England. Janet loved the ocean waves, the feel of sand in between her toes and Jack’s valiant attempts at organ music. She and Jack cruised the world on Holland America Line, spending nearly every Christmas and New Year’s together aboard a ship bound for somewhere exotic.

They moved back to DC and lived on Connecticut Avenue in Tenleytown for more than a decade. He retired in the 80s, and in retirement, they lived briefly in Rock Hill, SC but finally settled in Vero Beach, FL. Living in Vero allowed them to watch their beloved Dodgers during spring training, but after one summer there found Florida’s heat and hurricane season daunting and they missed the DC area. They began summering at Severn House in Annapolis, MD since Christopher, his wife Anne, and their three children were near in University Park, Maryland where Christopher was working towards full professor. They made many dear friends there enjoying water view, and countless hours at the pool meeting new friends.

She was fiercely independent, and lived on her own in both Vero and Annapolis for 15 years after Jack died. She eventually outlived many of her friends and relatives from the Great Generation. She continued completing NY Times crossword puzzles well into her 90s, made new friends, dealt with hurricane damage in Florida and Annapolis and insisted on a hip replacement while on her own. She walked at least 3 miles a day at Severn House and in Vero, to see, meet and connect with others. She delighted in driving herself to the grocery store and her Episcopal churches in Vero and Annapolis as long as she was able.

Always outspoken and a lifelong Republican, she recently enjoyed the opportunity to cast a ballot for a lady from New York who was running for President, but then was disappointed when the other New Yorker was elected. She enjoyed doing good and doing well, and bloomed wherever she was planted.

Janet died peacefully at The Sylvestry Memory Support Residence on August 13, 2017, age 99, surrounded by family, classical music and a selfless care staff.

She is survived by her son and daughter-in-law, Christopher and Anne Walsh, her two granddaughters, their husbands and her four beautiful, great grandchildren.

The family will hold a private burial in Vero Beach, where she will be buried with her darling Jack, who predeceased her in 2002.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to the Alex Walsh ’04 Memorial Scholarship at Connecticut College in honor of her grandson who died tragically in January of 2000.

Please send donations payable to Connecticut College in care of Caroline England Walsh Holt, at 3175 17th St North, Arlington, VA 22201.
View attached documentAttachment (GIF: 24 KB)

Update your website(s) profile
Just a reminder:
Please be sure to update your information, email address, etc.
on the Victory Management website and on this Severn House website so you are receiving emails regarding the community.

Sad news... Louise Zablocki

Sad news… Louise (Boniface) Zablocki

Longtime Severn House resident Louise was an avid reader and enjoyed swimming laps in our Severn House pool. 

"On August 8, 2017 passed away at home in Annapolis, MD. She is survived by her husband Robert and sister Mary Boniface French. Louise was a graduate of Notre Dame College of Maryland and Morgan State University. She taught for 30 years in Baltimore City Public Schools. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held on August 12th at 10:30 AM at St. Mary's Catholic Church 109 Duke of Gloucester St, Annapolis, MD 21401."

Carpet Replacement
Please be advised that the carpet replacement in buildings: 763, 768, 770, 796, 798 will commence on July 18th ~ weather pending. Per the contractor each building will take about 1.5 to 2 days to complete.

Than you for your cooperation in advance.
Victory Management, Inc.

Small Vessel Launches

Small Vessel Launching Facility Projects

The Dock Committee has completed the design for the Small Vessel Launching Locations for the end of “A” Dock and “The Point at the end of “C” Dock. The Dock Committee would like the Slip Owners of slips #B-1, #B-3, #B-5, #B-7, #D-9, #D-11, and #D-13 to be aware on how the new floating dock locations would relate to the ingress or the egress from these slips, if at all. The Dock Master will be at the Pool Area on Saturday, July the 8th at 10:00AM to address any questions or concerns from the Slip Owners.

View the tour of Restoration Pjts
Scroll down for attachment to view our Severn House residents' tour of restoration projects. This tour was led by DNR's Claudia Donegan on June 28, 2017.
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 44464 KB)

Questions About St. Luke's Project?
If you have any additional questions about the St. Luke's project, please call Maria Broadbent, Office of Environmental Policy
City of Annapolis
410-260-2200, ext 7788

St. Luke's and Back Creek behind the church...
St. Luke's Restoration of Nature Project adjacent to Severn House.

To read the June 1 Capital article please click here.

Please scroll down for attachment on

St. Luke's Restoration of Nature Project FAQs
Informational Meeting was Wednesday, May 17
Click here to watch on YouTube
1101 Bay Ridge Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21403

A panel of watershed restoration experts will discuss the project and answer questions from the community.

This project was recently featured in Chesapeake Quarterly! Read the article here.

Note: "Primary funders of the St. Luke's restoration project included: the Maryland Department of Natural Resources' Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund and RiverWise Congregations (a consortium that includes the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Interfaith Partners of the Chesapeake, and the Anne Arundel County Watershed Stewards Academy). Watergate Pointe, a neighboring property, provided a conservation easement for the creation of a living shoreline. Additional funders included: Annapolis Subaru, Back Creek Conservancy, Chesapeake Bay Trust, Eastport Civic Association, the national Episcopal Church, Maryland Environmental Trust, St. Margaret's Episcopal Church, Severn River Association, Unity Gardens, and numerous other private donors."

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IN 2013, BETSY LOVE AND ALICE HALL — two parishioners at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Eastport, Annapolis — got an idea. In back of the church was an overgrown wooded area so tangled with invasive vines that tree trunks and boughs were deformed and twisted from struggling to reach for a taste of sunlight.

Love and Hall wanted to cut a nature trail through the 2.5-acre parcel. "So we marched into the woods to blaze a trail and it was an amazing mass of jungle," Love says. "You could not even chop through it with a machete."

But Love, already an active member of the Severn River Association, soon had a much more ambitious rescue plan for the Eastport jungle. Her church should transform the property into a showcase of green stormwater management. It was an idea whose time had come. In 2014, the federal-state Bay Agreement that guides the ongoing Chesapeake Bay cleanup included for the first time this explicit goal: to "increase the number of trained and equipped citizen leaders."

St. Luke's was in the right place to help clean up the Bay: Back Creek, behind the church, feeds the Severn, and the Severn empties into the Bay.

A retired non-profit manager, Love did not feel equipped to pull off a major watershed restoration at St. Luke's. Fortunately, her Crownsville home lies in Anne Arundel County, birthplace of a training program called the Watershed Stewards Academy (WSA). Love joined the program, which offered her a chance to gain essential technical knowledge and contacts with stormwater management professionals and potential funders.

The restoration project at St. Luke's, now budgeted at $1.2 million, is the largest ever led by a WSA graduate. Slated for completion in 2017, the project will remove pollutants from local stormwater that could otherwise reach the Bay. It's the kind of grass-roots project that could, if repeated in enough communities, keep the Bay healthy in decades to come.

"I think everyone is going to be very pleased by what this is going to be," Love says, "[in] this little piece of paradise."

Watershed Restoration 101

The Watershed Stewards Academy that first trained Love sprouted in 2008 at Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center in Millersville, Maryland. "There weren't any resources in county government to provide technical assistance and leadership needed to move ideas from intention to action," says Suzanne Etgen, one of the founders of the academy and presently its executive director.

The Anne Arundel WSA accepted its first 32 trainees in spring 2009. For more than a year, WSA participants attend a weekly comprehensive boot camp on watershed restoration. Their classes and field trips culminate with community-based capstone projects.

The program has also provided the model for academies in other counties. Amanda Rockler, a Maryland Sea Grant Extension watershed restoration specialist, helped make that happen. Rockler works with local governments, community groups, and citizens in Frederick, Howard, and Montgomery Counties to help improve water quality locally and ultimately in Chesapeake Bay.

Working with Etgen, she helped develop resources and guidelines enabling the new academies to follow Anne Arundel's core curriculum while customizing their training to local watershed issues. Some of the trainees attended that inaugural Anne Arundel's academy with the goal of spreading the gospel of watershed protection in and around the District of Columbia. Today, WSAs are thriving in the National Capital Region, covering Washington as well as Montgomery and Prince George's Counties in Maryland. There are also WSA's in Cecil, Howard, and St. Mary's Counties.

A Citizen Steps Up

Betsy Love graduated in 2014 from Anne Arundel's WSA, but the germ of the restoration at St. Luke's came to her a year earlier as she walked around the property. Behind the church woods she discovered a 42-inch-wide municipal stormwater pipe draining into Back Creek, and something in the lay of the land stood out to her. "There was a sort of valley running down the slope of the property leading to the outfall," Love recalls. "The topography seemed to show an old stream bed."

She was right: a 1944 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers map confirmed that a stream had once meandered from St. Luke's backyard to Back Creek. A municipal stormwater pipe beneath the south edge of the St. Luke's property had essentially replaced that stream.

Love thought the stream should be restored using a technology called a regenerative stormwater conveyance. A restored stream would remove nutrients and sediments through a series of pools that trap sediment and allow natural processes to break down nutrients.

The 1,000-foot-long restored stream Betsy dreamed of would flow through St. Luke's property, cascading into a small wetland on the St. Luke's property and onward to a restored tidal marsh and 270 feet of living shoreline at the former outfall of the stormwater pipe.

Anne Arundel's growing cadre of master watershed stewards have also contributed to the greening of St. Luke's. Besides Love, four other parishioners have graduated from the WSA. The stewards targeted approximately 23,000 square feet on the church property and planted a conservation landscape to soak up stormwater. They also removed invasive plants that had strangled many trees and put in more than 300 native plants. Love says all of these measures will also collectively treat the stormwater runoff from 28 acres of a densely developed Annapolis neighborhood surrounding St. Luke's five-acre property.

None of this could have happened without getting the church behind the project. Years ago St. Luke's considered developing the land. But now, says Love, "Church leaders and the congregation agreed we should give back to Creation."

The project would take money, and lots of it. Eventually, thanks to Love's leadership, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources offered to fund most of the restoration, although it required matching funds from numerous other donors and additional fundraising and community volunteer support (see list below).

Finally, St. Luke's would need to obtain permits from the city, the state, and even the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Not even Love's WSA training fully prepared her for how much energy it would take to navigate the bureaucratic labyrinth. "It's not for the faint of heart," she says.

Love says the Watershed Stewards Academy made it all possible. "I really don't think I could have done this without that course," she says. "They helped me connect all the dots."

WSAs and the Chesapeake

Building a corps of citizen stewards is now an integral part of the ongoing effort to restore the Chesapeake Bay. Many graduates of that first academy class continue to lead community watershed restoration projects. In all, more than 300 master watershed stewards have been trained in Maryland.

Love's project may seem like a drop in the bucket in the Chesapeake's watershed of more than 40 million acres. But Suzanne Etgen emphasizes that master watershed stewards play a critical role as educators and leaders.

Many of them work directly with owners of businesses and private lands. "It's going to take everyone making sure stormwater doesn't leave their property," Love says. "The problem is so big it's going to take everybody getting involved."

Note: Primary funders of the St. Luke's restoration project included: the Maryland Department of Natural Resources' Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund and RiverWise Congregations (a consortium that includes the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Interfaith Partners of the Chesapeake, and the Anne Arundel County Watershed Stewards Academy). Watergate Pointe, a neighboring property, provided a conservation easement for the creation of a living shoreline. Additional funders included: Annapolis Subaru, Back Creek Conservancy, Chesapeake Bay Trust, Eastport Civic Association, the national Episcopal Church, Maryland Environmental Trust, St. Margaret's Episcopal Church, Severn River Association, Unity Gardens, and numerous other private donors.

Master Watershed Steward Betsy Love has led an effort to install sustainable stormwater management features on five acres of land behind St. Luke's Episcopal Church. The improvements will help to clean stormwater that flows onto the church's property from 28 acres of the surrounding, densely developed Annapolis neighborhood of Eastport.

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Improve Eastport Shopping Center
See attachment

Send your comments to the City (Mayor, Planning & Zoning, & Alderman):

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SHYC Happy Hour 6pm Pool
Let's get the Bubble on! SHYC Happy Hour at the pool this Friday, May 19th at 6pm!
As usual, bring an appetizer to share! Tiny bubbles provided by the club!
if you have new neighbors, please invite them! See you there!!

St. Luke's

Wednesday, May 17th at 7 pm - Panel of Bay Restoration Experts on St. Luke’s Imminent Project
There is so much misinformation being spread by a few folks that need to hear from experts so we’re bringing them to speak. We need your supportive voices. St. Luke’s Restoration of Nature Informational Meeting: Panel of Experts:
Maria Broadbent, City of Annapolis, Director, Environmental Policy
Claudia Donegan, DNR, Section Chief, Center for Habitat Restoration & Conservation, Chesapeake & Coastal Service
Lou Etgen, Director MD/DC, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay and Project Leader, St. Luke’s
Heather Johnson, Operations Manager, Underwood & Associates. Project Manager, St. Luke's
Kevin Smith, DNR, Director, Office of Restoration & Resiliency, Chesapeake & Coastal Service
Al Todd, Executive Director, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay

Saturday, May 20th 8:30 am - 11:30 am Pollinator Paradise in a Butterfly Garden Coffee & pastries provided, bring your own shovel, gloves, and refillable water bottle. We have loads of plants to get in the ground so you’re help will be appreciated. Please share with your friends and neighbors.

Sunday, May 21st 10 am - 2pm Back Creek Conservancy Walk-a-Thon. St. Luke’s site is a rest stop. We will provide water, restrooms and info on our project for this fundraiser that will further clean water in Back Creek. LINK TO SHARE Please purchase tickets and/or help greet and serve participants after our regular 10 am service. Also share the info with your friends and neighbors.
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Ward 8 News
Ward 8 and Friends

The City has notified the public that the Planning Commission work session scheduled for Wednesday, May 17 on the Eastport Shopping Center (ESC) has been cancelled. This cancellation by the City results from a Legal Opinion issued to City offices and the ESC’s developer’s attorney by the City's Office of Law late Friday evening, May 12.

My reading of the Office of Law’s Legal Opinion about the City Code on the calculation of residential density is that the City Attorney's conclusion, which included an independent outside counsel’s opinion based on an analysis of the Code’s wording, is consistent with the legal analysis memo previously filed by a concerned citizens group on density calculation (attached). At the time the group's memo was filed, it was shared with the ESC developers and their lawyer, the City’s Planning & Zoning Office, Office of Law, Mayor’s Office, and me as Alderman.

Note that the concerned citizens group’s memo states that the group is supportive of redevelopment of the ESC. The memo raised legal questions on the developer’s proposed plans as to (1) the calculation of residential density, (2) the 2009 Comprehensive Plan’s requirements as to traffic/parking, and (3) "community character" under the 2009 Comprehensive Plan and City Code. Open and unaddressed in the Office of Law’s Legal Opinion is the City’s continuing non-compliance with the requirements of the 2009 Comprehensive Plan as it relates to traffic/parking issues, and "community character.”

It is my understanding that based on the City Attorney’s Legal Opinion, the City’s Planning & Zoning Office is rejecting the application that was filed by the ESC developers, which is why the Planning Commission work session on May 17 has been cancelled.

As always, you can contact me at this email address or by cell at (443) 745-2901.
Ross Arnett, Alderman

Parking Guidelines

Parking Concerns
Attention: Severn House Residents

In the last two years, we have observed an increase in the number of full size pickup trucks and full size SUVs parked at Severn House. 

Although the Bylaws do give the Board of Directors the power to designate parking areas for these vehicles, we would prefer not to enact rules regarding full size pickup trucks and full size SUVs. 

Therefore, we are requesting all residents to keep in mind the following neighborly actions regarding where you park.:

  1. Please do not park any vehicle over grass or shrub areas. (Landscapers need access to all grass areas and we need to maintain the health of all our shrubs/plants).
  2. Do not block sidewalk access.
  3. Please park your large vehicles where they will not cause an accident. (Large vehicles block sight lines of oncoming vehicles and pedestrians, especially on curves. There have been car accidents when backing out into the street where oncoming cars and pedestrians could not be seen.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Severn House Board of Directors
May 2017

Request Permits
Current permits expire May 31, 2017. Time to renew! See attachment.

Permits 2016 - 2017 expire May 31, 2017

2017 - 2018 permits required for parking, pool, kayak, bicycle...
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Annual Meeting Update
If you have already completed and returned a proxy/ballot it is not necessary for you to do so again as they have been retained on file.

See attachment.
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Project Clean Stream
Dear Friends, Back Creek Conservancy is hosting a Project Clean Stream event this Saturday. The primary focus is picking up trash. They suggest you bring your own gloves and bags are provided. As St. Luke’s is not scheduled for Project Clean Stream until 4/8 , we are not shown on the link below as participants, however, in the spirit of taking care of St. Luke's watershed, Sandie and I are participating this Saturday in section 7 neighborhood, where Helen Leitch’s shore house and Annapolis Maritime Museum are located. Hope you’ll join us. Cheers, Betsy

Marina News


The bubblers have been removed from the slips. The Dock Master would like to thank all the volunteers from the Community. I know of 23 registered volunteers, but I believe there were more than that who gave up part of a gorgeous Saturday, March 25th, to remove the bubblers, clean the bubblers, replace the zincs, and store the bubblers for the summer. The Dock Master would also like to thank Ann and Warren Brown for providing their famous Bloody Mary’s for all the volunteers when the work was completed in record time.

The water has been turned on for the marina and at the small vessel launching pier in the cove.

The Dock Master would like to remind the Community about Dock Rule #21. All winter boat covers, like tarps and shrink wrap, must be removed by May 1st.

Ward 8 Town Hall Meeting 4/5/17
Ward 8 and Friends

This is to confirm that I will hold a Town Hall meeting with the Mayor on Wednesday 5 April at 7 PM in the meeting room of the Eastport Fire Station. This will be a two part meeting with the Planning and Zoning Director and staff presenting on the planning and permitting process being used for the Eastport Shopping Center project proposal. That will be followed by a general discussion with you, with a flip chart process, to solicit three things: what you like about the proposed project; what you don't like; and alternatives you wish to be considered.

Output from the Town Hall will be used as part of the community meeting with the Planning Commission at a Work Session to be held on a date yet to be determined sometime in May.

Hope to see you at the meeting.

Ross Arnett, Alderman, Ward 8
cell (443) 745-2901

Volunteers Needed BC Clean up

First big volunteer opportunity of the spring.
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Volunteers Needed!
Anyone interested in picking up trash by volunteering for Project Clean Stream 2017 on April 1 from 9 a.m. to noon may register here.

Following is information about the day of cleanup
1 – Please arrive at the Ellen Moyer Nature Park at 9 a.m. at 7314 Edgewood Road in the upper parking lot to sign in.
2 – Please bring gloves. We have a few pairs to share but you will probably want your personal gloves.
3 – We will provide trash bags for you to use
4 – At sign-up folks will be assigned to a zone
5 – Scour your zone for rubbish.
6- The private properties listed on the map have agreed that 3 volunteers can enter their property and pick up trash. Please adhere to the 3 person rule. The public properties can have as many eople as necessary.
7 – DO NOT GO ON THE DOCKS! The water is cold and we don’t want folks falling in.
8 – At the end we want to weigh the amount of trash picked up. We will be coming around with a truck to retrieve your bags of trash. Please call the contacts below to schedule a pickup when the bags are full.
9 – When your area is clean, we thank you for your help. If you want to participate in a picture with the pile of trash, come back to the park when done. Otherwise, enjoy the rest of your Saturday.
10 – If you need community service documentation, please indicate at registration and we will email the documentation to you.

Here’s the registration link again.

Contact information:

Lorie Stout – 410-703-8248
David Barker – 410-443-8270 – driver of pickup truck
Molly Winans – 410-991-7703

1 - Ellen Moyer Nature Park - Port Annapolis Marina (reserved for parents with young kids)
2 - Annapolis Sailing School - streets to Port Annapolis Marina
3 - Mears Marina (push button for entry) - 6th, 5th and 4th street to Chesapeake Ave
4 - Slaughter Marina and neighboring marinas - 6th St, Burnside, State to Chesapeake Ave
5 - Jabins Yacht Yard - Edgewood Road - Gemini - Annapolis Maritime Center
6 - Eastport Yacht Center, Muller Marine, Chester Marina - 2nd, 3rd, 4th to Chesapeake Ave
7 - Horn Point Marina, Eastern Ave, 1st St, 2nd St to Chesapeake Ave.
8 - Eastport Shopping Center, Post Office and park behind Post Office
9 - Georgetown East Elem and woods leading down to the creek
10 - Giant Parking Center, Bank of America, Strip Mall with Jerry’s
11 - Green Acres home owners association
12 - SPCA Volunteers
** - Hot Spot of trash 36° 57’16”N 76° 29’25”W (zone 9)

Visit us at

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Ward 8 Meeting 4/5/2017
Ward 8 and Friends

This is to confirm that I will hold a Town Hall meeting with the Mayor on Wednesday 5 April at 7 PM in the meeting room of the Eastport Fire Station. This will be a two part meeting with the Planning and Zoning Director and staff presenting on the planning and permitting process being used for the Eastport Shopping Center project proposal. That will be followed by a general discussion with you, with a flip chart process, to solicit three things: what you like about the proposed project; what you don't like; and alternatives you wish to be considered.

Output from the Town Hall will be used as part of the community meeting with the Planning Commission at a Work Session to be held on a date yet to be determined sometime in May.

Hope to see you at the meeting.

Ross Arnett, Alderman, Ward 8
cell (443) 745-2901

BOD Meeting changed to 3/20, 3pm
Please be advised that the March Board meeting has been postponed to Monday, March 20th at 3pm at St. Luke's Church.

Thank you,
Victory Management, Inc.

City Council
Ward 8 Residents and Friends

The Annapolis City Council will meet Monday 13 March at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers. Public hearings will be followed by a legislative session. Although your attendance is preferred, all Council meetings are broadcast on Comcast channel 100 and on Verizon channel 34.

The Consent Calendar contains Second Reader approval for the Mike Miron street end park at the end of Sixth Street. This may have to come off the Consent Calendar because we still don’t have a financial impact statement. Still I’m hopeful that we can pass the legislation and start working for a dedication ceremony on a sunny day this spring.

Several activities related to the proposed shopping center redevelopment are coming up. The Eastport Civic Association membership meeting will be held this Thursday evening at 7 PM in the auditorium of the Eastport Elementary School. I will be presenting information on aspects of the proposal. Wednesday 5 April is the tentative date for my next Town Hall Meeting with the Mayor and the Planning and Zoning Director and Staff. We are still working out the details of the agenda for that meeting and, hopefully within the next few days I will send out the agenda for that meeting and firming up the date. Finally, we are tentatively scheduled for a work session with the Planning Commission, this time where the residents get to sit with the Commission. Planning for this meeting will be part of the next Town Hall agenda.

CALL TO ORDER Mayor Pantelides
Invocation Alderman Paone
Pledge of Allegiance Mayor Pantelides
Roll Call City Clerk Watkins-Eldridge
Approval of Agenda City Council


Proclamation for John O'Leary


Reports by Committee

Comments by the General Public: A person appearing before the City Council with a petition, report or communication shall be limited to a presentation of not more than five minutes.

Update from the Mayor


A Consent Calendar is a category of the City Council Agenda whereby routine committee reports, meeting minutes, and non-controversial items not requiring debate or independent action are voted upon as a single group; and is an efficient procedure to save meeting time by allowing the City Council to approve a single group of items under one motion and one roll call vote. Any Council Member can ask that any item on the Consent Calendar be removed from same and placed on the meeting agenda for routine processing. Please let me know if you wish me to remove any item from the Consent Calendar.

Consent Calendar Items

Special Meeting Minutes - Closed Session 020917

Special Meeting Minutes - Closed Session 021317

Regular Meeting Minutes 021317

Special Meeting Minutes 022717

First Readers

O-13-17 Parking Enforcement and Rulemaking Responsibilities - For the purpose of updating parking enforcement and rulemaking responsibilities in Chapters 2.36, 12.08 and 12.32 in the Code of the City of Annapolis; and matters generally relating to updating parking enforcement and rulemaking responsibilities.

O-14-17 Lease of City Property to Chesapeake Marine Tours, Inc. - For the purpose of authorizing a lease of certain municipal property located in the City Dock in Annapolis, Maryland to Chesapeake Marine Tours, Inc. for certain periods of time from FY2023 to 2027.

R-11-17 Itinerant Merchant Sales in the Historic District - 2017 - For the purpose of authorizing hawker, peddler, and itinerant merchant sales in the Historic District in conjunction with certain special events during calendar year 2017.

R-12-17 City Sponsored Special Events in Fiscal Year 2018 - For the purpose of identifying City Sponsored Special Events and waiving certain related City Fees during Fiscal Year 2018.

Second Readers

R-10-17 Dedication to Michael "Mike" Francis Miron - For the purpose of dedicating the Street End Park, 6th Street and Back Creek, Eastport, to the late Michael "Mike" Francis Miron.

End of Consent Calendar


CA-1-17 Collection of Taxes - For the purpose of removing the 3-year limit for the City to collect property taxes; authorizing collection of taxes in the manner prescribed by the Annotated Code of Maryland; and removing the 3-year bar to recovery for taxes not timely collected.

O-9-17 Lease of City Property: Fall 2021-2026 Boat Shows - For the purpose of authorizing a lease of certain municipal property located in the general harbor, Dock Street and Edgewood Road areas to United States Sailboat Shows, Inc. and United States Powerboat Shows, Inc., for certain periods of time from 2021 to 2026, to conduct boat shows.

O-10-17 Lease of City Property: Spring 2021-2026 Boat Shows - For the purpose of authorizing a lease of certain municipal property located at the City Dock, surrounding areas and boat moorings in Annapolis, Maryland as more fully described in the Lease Agreement with Cruisers University, Inc., t/a Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show, for certain dates in 2021 through 2026, to conduct boat shows.

O-12-17 Compensation of the Mayor, Aldermen/Alderwomen and City Manager - For the purpose of specifying compensation and allowances to be paid to the Mayor and Aldermen/Alderwomen for the term of office commencing on the first Monday in December, 2017; and for specifying compensation and allowances to be paid to the City Manager.



Below are the items on the Second Reader or the voting part of the legislative agenda for the meeting. Each ordinance or resolution has a brief description and I have added comments in italics and underline after the legislation. I indicate my likely vote with my comments, but send these email blasts out to give you a chance to let me know if you think I’m headed in the correct direction or should change my mind. I only comment on legislation that has had a public hearing and has gone through the Council Committee process and is up for a vote by the Council.

Proposed Motion to Reconsider O-3-17

O-3-17 Annual City Budget Submission Dates - For the purpose of amending the date for submission of the proposed annual operating budget; amending the date for submission of the proposed capital budget; amending the date for submission of collective bargaining agreements; and matters generally relating to the submission of the annual city budget. O-3-17 was enacted by Council on February 27th, and provides for a new date for submission of the Mayor's budgets to Council. One particular reference to this procedure in the Code was missed during the drafting of the Ordinance; i.e., 2.12.020, which enumerates powers and duties of the Mayor. The now obsolete reference to the old budgets submission date in 2.12.020 C needs to be struck. The Office of Law has advised that the simplest way to accomplish the correction is to reconsider O-3-17 and amend it accordingly. This all seems straightforward and pending input from you to the contrary, I plan to support reconsideration and to vote to strike the language that was made obsolete with the changes O-3-17 made.


Boards and Commissions Annual Reports

O-3-17 Annual City Budget Submission Dates - For the purpose of amending the date for submission of the proposed annual operating budget; amending the date for submission of the proposed capital budget; amending the date for submission of collective bargaining agreements; and matters generally relating to the submission of the annual city budget. This legislation changes the date by which the annual union negotiations must be completed to a time after the mid-February date when the City receives property tax revenue data from the state Comptroller’s Office. As the financial impact of union negotiations could have an impact on the Mayor’s budget, the legislation also moves from March to April the deadline for the Mayor to report the proposed annual budget for the next fiscal year. Though this compresses the time available to the Council for its budget deliberations, the thought is that it is better to evaluate the Mayor’s budget with more complete data. Pending input from you to the contrary, I plan to vote yes.


Anyone needing reasonable accommodation to be able to participate in a public meeting held by the City of Annapolis should contact Regina Watkins-Eldridge at 410.263.7942, by MD Relay (711), or by email at at least five days prior to the meeting date to request assistance.

As always, you can call me [443 745-2901] or send an email to [] if you have questions or concerns.
Ross Arnett, Alderman, Ward 8

ECA Meeting 3/16/17
Thursday, March 16, 2016
​ECA Meeting
Eastport Elementary School

Severn House RESIDENTS are urged to attend the EASTPORT CIVIC ASSOCIATION MEETING ON THURSDAY, MARCH 16, 2017, 7:00 PM., AT THE INVITATION OF THE President of the Eastport Civic Association, to further discuss the proposal to add approximately 127 apartment units over the top of the Shopping business, approximately four (4) stories high.

Your help in this Endeavour is urgently needed to try to stop or help reduce the proposed development.

We feel this will greatly affect Severn House and other residential homes in our vicinity.

Marlene Patmore,

President - Severn House Condominiums

Ward 8
Ward 8 Residents and Friends

The Annapolis City Council will meet Monday 27 February at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers. Public hearings will be followed by a legislative session. Although your attendance is preferred, all Council meetings are broadcast on Comcast channel 100 and on Verizon channel 34.

Thank you to everyone who came to the Town Hall meeting on Quality of Life in Eastport. The count was 160 attended. I am working on the analysis of your input and have already shared the information you put on the chart paper tablets around the room. The next meeting is not yet scheduled, but will be soon. The total focus of that meeting will be a discussion of the proposed redevelopment of the Eastport Shopping Center. The Mayor and the Planning and Zoning staff will be in attendance.

For those who knew and loved Mike Miron, you should look at the Resolution being introduced on first reader in the Consent Calendar section of the Agenda. If all goes well, I hope to have a dedication ceremony at the end of Sixth Street on a warm weekend in spring.

CALL TO ORDER Mayor Pantelides
Invocation Alderman Budge
Pledge of Allegiance Mayor Pantelides
Roll Call City Clerk Watkins-Eldridge
Approval of Agenda City Council


Appointment of Bruce Morgenstern to the Commission on Aging

Reappointment of Alex Pline to the Transportation Board

Appointment of Eric Picketts Jr. to the Port Wardens


Reports by Committee

Comments by the General Public: A person appearing before the City Council with a petition, report or communication shall be limited to a presentation of not more than five minutes.

Update from the Mayor


A Consent Calendar is a category of the City Council Agenda whereby routine committee reports, meeting minutes, and non-controversial items not requiring debate or independent action are voted upon as a single group; and is an efficient procedure to save meeting time by allowing the City Council to approve a single group of items under one motion and one roll call vote. Any Council Member can ask that any item on the Consent Calendar be removed from same and placed on the meeting agenda for routine processing. Please let me know if you wish me to remove any item from the Consent Calendar.

Consent Calendar Items

First Readers

CA-1-17 Collection of Taxes - For the purpose of removing the 3-year limit for the City to collect property taxes; authorizing collection of taxes in the manner prescribed by the Annotated Code of Maryland; and removing the 3-year bar to recovery for taxes not timely collected.

O-9-17 Lease of City Property: Fall 2021-2026 Boat Shows - For the purpose of authorizing a lease of certain municipal property located in the general harbor, Dock Street and Edgewood Road areas to United States Sailboat Shows, Inc. and United States Powerboat Shows, Inc., for certain periods of time from 2021 to 2026, to conduct boat shows.

O-10-17 Lease of City Property: Spring 2021-2026 Boat Shows - For the purpose of authorizing a lease of certain municipal property located at the City Dock, surrounding areas and boat moorings in Annapolis, Maryland as more fully described in the Lease Agreement with Cruisers University, Inc., t/a Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show, for certain dates in 2021 through 2026, to conduct boat shows.

O-12-17 Compensation of the Mayor, Aldermen/Alderwomen and City Manager - For the purpose of specifying compensation and allowances to be paid to the Mayor and Aldermen/Alderwomen for the term of office commencing on the first Monday in December, 2017; and for specifying compensation and allowances to be paid to the City Manager.

R-6-17 Naming the Parking Lot at Newman and Compromise Streets - For the purpose of declaring that the City-owned Parking Lot at the intersection of Newman and Compromise Streets shall be named the "Basil Lot".

R-8-17 Filing of Grant Application with the Maryland Transit Administration - For the purpose of authorizing the filing of an application with the Maryland Transit Administration of the Maryland Department of Transportation for a Sections 5303, 5304, 5307, 5309, 5310, 5311, 5316, and/or 5317 grant(s) under the Federal Transit Act for a total amount of $2,661,028 ($1,870,162 for fixed route transit operations; $247,776 for ADA complementary paratransit services; $315,000 capital grant for transit vehicle maintenance; $12,878 capital grant for maintenance equipment, and $215,212 capital assistance for transit vehicle replacement).

R-10-17 Dedication to Michael "Mike" Francis Miron - For the purpose of dedicating the Street End Park, 6th Street and Back Creek, Eastport, to the late Michael "Mike" Francis Miron.

Second Readers

O-2-17 Water Service Agreement - 44 Hudson Street, LLC - For the purpose of authorizing a water service agreement providing for the extension of City water service to 44 Hudson Street, LLC located in Anne Arundel County; and matters generally relating to providing said water service outside the City limits.

O-4-17 Water Service Agreement - McDonald's Corporation - For the purpose of authorizing a water service agreement providing for the extension of City water service to the McDonald's Corporation located in Anne Arundel County; and matters generally relating to providing said water service outside the City limits.

End of Consent Calendar


GA-23-17 Leadership in Community Resilience Program

GA-24-17 Keeping History Above Water- Annapolis Preservation Services Fund

GA-25-17 Pumpout Boat #2


O-5-17 Equal Protection Of Law In Annapolis - For the purpose of amending the Code of the City of Annapolis to incorporate provisions applicable to City employees in the performance of their duties and to establish an additional mechanism for sanctioning employees failing to fulfill their duties in accordance with applicable City, State and Federal laws.

O-7-17 Removing Archwood and Smith from Parking District 3 - For the purpose of removing certain blocks of Archwood Avenue and Smith Avenue from Special Residential Parking District 3.

R-7-17 Equal Protection Commission - the purpose of creating a Commission to study and provide the Mayor and City Council with a public forum to recommend and act to understand, mandate and enforce "equal protection under the law" in Annapolis; and all matters relating to said Commission.


Pursuant to Section 2.16.090.D of the City Code, proposed motion to adopt O-11-17 and R-9-17 at the meeting of introduction.

O-11-17 Electronic weapons - For the purpose of repealing Section 11.44.070 of the Code of the City of Annapolis concerning possession and discharge of electronic weapons.

R-9-17 Electronic Weapons - Penalties and Fines - For the purpose of repealing the penalties and fines associated with possession and discharge of Electronic Weapons in the Fines Schedule.



Below are the items on the Second Reader or the voting part of the legislative agenda for the meeting. Each ordinance or resolution has a brief description and I have added comments in italics and underline after the legislation. I indicate my likely vote with my comments, but send these email blasts out to give you a chance to let me know if you think I’m headed in the correct direction or should change my mind. I only comment on legislation that has had a public hearing and has gone through the Council Committee process and is up for a vote by the Council

O-3-17 Annual City Budget Submission Dates - For the purpose of amending the date for submission of the proposed annual operating budget; amending the date for submission of the proposed capital budget; amending the date for submission of collective bargaining agreements; and matters generally relating to the submission of the annual city budget. This legislation changes the date by which the annual union negotiations must be completed to a time after the mid-February date when the City receives property tax revenue data from the state Comptroller’s Office. As the financial impact of union negotiations could have an impact on the Mayor’s budget, the legislation also moves from March to April the deadline for the Mayor to report the proposed annual budget for the next fiscal year. Though this compresses the time available to the Council for its budget deliberations, the thought is that it is better to evaluate the Mayor’s budget with more complete data. Pending input from you to the contrary, I plan to vote yes.


Anyone needing reasonable accommodation to be able to participate in a public meeting held by the City of Annapolis should contact Regina Watkins-Eldridge at 410.263.7942, by MD Relay (711), or by email at at least five days prior to the meeting date to request assistance.

As always, you can call me [443 745-2901] or send an email to [] if you have questions or concerns.

Ross Arnett, Alderman, Ward 8

Petition Eastport Shopping Center

Eastport Development
Dear Severn House Owners and Residents:
Several of the owners and residents within our Severn House Community have been very involved in following up on the Eastport Shopping Center proposal to add 127 units - possibly four (4) stories high, by attending and meeting with City officials, to do what we can to protest this proposal, or if not, at least reduce the exorbitant size of this on the shopping center.
The we will also have to face the fact that we understand Watergate Pointe (Watergate Village) will be submitting a proposal of nearly doubling the 608 units currently in Watergate!
We are most concerned about the effects of both Eastport Shopping Center, and Watergate Point (Village proposals.
These projects will add an extreme amount of traffic on our streets in Eastport, as well as onto the Eastport Bridge, and then onto Forest Drive.
It is extremely difficult to get out of Fairview Ave., as well as other streets in Eastport.
We are working with Eastport Civic Association to try to do what we can to protest these new projects, and we are working for all of us in Eastport, and need your participation .
If you have not signed the attached petition, we ask if you would consider signing this petition.
Next steps for Eastport Shopping Center: (a/k/a Lofts and Eastport Landing):
Thank you all for signing the petition for the Eastport Shopping Center! We thought the petition was also going to key people. It is not, so if you don’t mind:
Step #1 Please copy and paste the text of the petition (or your own message) and send it to:,
Step #2 Attend
When: Monday, February 27th @ 7:00pm
What: City Council Hearing – public comment
Where: City Hall (160 Duke of Gloucester)
One person from Eastport will read the petition and present it to the Mayor. We will all stand and clap at the end of the testimony. It should take a total of 15 minutes and we should be out by 7:30pm. The point is to put us on their radar screen.
Step #3 Attend
When: March 2, 2017 @ 7:00pm
What: Planning Commission Work Session
Where: City Hall (160 Duke of Gloucester)

The developers will present the project to the Planning Commission but we are not allowed to participate. We can peacefully protest by holding up signs. The good news is that the city has promised that citizens will have their own work session with the Planning Commission (date tbt) some time before the date of the Planning Commission’s formal public hearing and vote.
RECAP of recent events regarding the Shopping Center:
Alderman Ross Arnett held a town hall meeting on February 16, 2017 for Ward 8 residents to discuss quality of life issues with key planning staff from the City in the room. This came on the heels of a meeting that ECA board members held with the Mayor, Bob Agee and Pete Gutwald (P & Z Director) on January 17, 2017 as a follow up to ECA's

From: [Your Name]
Dear Mayor, Planning & Zoning Director, Aldermen/women:
Eastport has NOT been designated as a "growth opportunity" area in our City of Annapolis Comprehensive Plan (CAP), yet we are clearly being targeted for growth by developers.
Please do not allow developers to build the massive residential apartment complex currently being considered. We know that additional apartments are going to be proposed in the near future at Watergate Village. So, to allow 120 or more apartment units in the shopping center will kill any chance of attracting retail opportunities that would improve our quality of life in Eastport.
The traffic study for this project is woefully inadequate. It omitted important data including the fact that we have a draw bridge that opens several times a day for 8 months of the year AND also did not take into consideration 5 residential projects which will directly impact traffic flow in Eastport, among other significant issues. There are not the 522 parking spaces legally required, which assumes 1.4 cars per unit. Many other problems exist and are too numerous to detail here.
We are not against growth in Eastport, however, we must be thoughtful about it rather than reactionary. Please make sure the Planning Director does NOT recommend this project for approval by the Planning Commission.
Concerned Eastport Residents

Click here to sign the petition

From: [Your Name]
Dear Mayor, Planning & Zoning Director, Aldermen/women:
Eastport has NOT been designated as a "growth opportunity" area in our City of Annapolis Comprehensive Plan (CAP), yet we are clearly being targeted for growth by developers.
Please do not allow developers to build the massive residential apartment complex currently being considered. We know that additional apartments are going to be proposed in the near future at Watergate Village. So, to allow 120 or more apartment units in the shopping center will kill any chance of attracting retail opportunities that would improve our quality of life in Eastport.
The traffic study for this project is woefully inadequate. It omitted important data including the fact that we have a draw bridge that opens several times a day for 8 months of the year AND also did not take into consideration 5 residential projects which will directly impact traffic flow in Eastport, among other significant issues. There are not the 522 parking spaces legally required, which assumes 1.4 cars per unit. Many other problems exist and are too numerous to detail here.
We are not against growth in Eastport, however, we must be thoughtful about it rather than reactionary. Please make sure the Planning Director does NOT recommend this project for approval by the Planning Commission.
Concerned Eastport Residents

Message from Ross Arnett
Ward 8 and Friends

Thank you to everyone who came to the Town Hall Meeting last Thursday evening, we had a record turnout. For those of you who could not attend and thanks to my sister Mary Anne, attached is a transcription of the charts with the quality of life factors we identified. I was impressed with the work we got done, but there is still time to add more thoughts. Whether you attended or not, if you wish to add to the quality of life factors or to the action steps, please send me yours thought by email. I plan to have a summary report finished by the end of this coming week.

Update on the Shopping Center

I understand and share the frustration that some you expressed regarding your ability to give input on the development plans for the shopping center. So I have asked the Mayor to give me a date when we can have him and his planning staff to come to another Town Hall Meeting to explain the planning process and provide you an opportunity to give your opinions about the proposed development plans. The Mayor has agreed to set a time sometime within the next few weeks, hopefully before the Planning Commission Work Session with the developers on 2 March.

So stay tuned, I will be getting you the report and a date for the next Town Hall meeting.

Ross Arnett, Alderman, Ward 8
(443) 745-2901

Quality of Life in Eastport​​February 16, 2017

• Air and water quality
• Noise pollution – banning/regulating drones
• **Storm water management and maintenance üü
• Sea level rise üü
• Equal and public access to the water
• Green space/tree canopy/community gardens
• **Leaf/gutter street sweeping/ Leaf vacuum ●AYC/environment looses
• Make Hawkins Cove as nice a community as Action Landing on other side of Spa Creek
• People and dogs – leaving poop bags in other people’s yards and yard waste
• *Trash clean up – Keep Eastport clean
• Mosquitos/mud puddles
• Maintain a view of sky not blocked by buildings

• Moratorium on all projects until community wide impacts can be assessed…
• Create public access path from Pumphouse Road through Hawkins Cove to Madison…Spa Creek Bridge – encourage pedestrian/running/walking…community
• Need a process to follow through these meetings need to resultion change…

• City services
o Gas/water/internet lines
o Street/curb painting
o Age-in-place services
o Leaf vacuuming in Fall
• Access to shopping üü
o Farmer’s market/fresh local food (daily) üü
o Grocery storeüüüüü
o Walkable access to shopping necessities (eggs, milk, paint within 1 mile) ü
• Eastport as a village üüü
• Quality of schools üü
o Community engagement with schools and after school programs
o Walkable neighborhood schools

MOBILITY – recorder: Barbara Hoffstein (
• Traffic – flow & volume – one way down Chesapeake (contested)
• Sidewalks – repair
• Bicycle paths – end at a destination
• Parking – designated, well-marked street parking & MORE
• Crosswalks easily seen – need more – turning lanes on Bay Ridge
• Light timing – move traffic
• Infrastructure plan
• Let’s run a traffic study of our own that considers: bridge opens every ½ hour – we live on a pt. a school that offers own hours of traffic, etc. and that looks at the city and not a single road.
• Water taxi access
• Make it easy to bike, walk, circulate

• Safe neighborhoods
• Community policing – beats –deckplate(?) conversations – feet on the ground, meeting neighbors
• Public housing improvements – improve quality – better housing – take pride
o Mixed income housing
o Mixed use
• Visability
• Cameras
• Gun control
• Control of drug trafficking
• Better collaboration between APD and HACA security
• Police sub station
• Pedestrian safety – crosswalks! Corner by PNC
• Street lights (#s sts – East part of Chesapeake)

COMMUNITY - Comments
• Community character
o Scale
o Composition (residences, commercial, and maritime)
• Community spirit
• Open, friendly, helpful, fun!
• Safety

COMMUNITY – Action Steps
• Promote community-wide activities
• Enhance community watch
• Expand membership in ECA
• Availability: venues, facilities (e.g., theater) – multi use or existing
• Accessibility
• Range: music, film, poetry, dance, clubs, outdoor art, lectures, education
• Value: promote economic vitality
• Neighborhood events: e.g., Unity Day, TUG
• Inter-generational: stratification
• Organizations

• Cultures – celebrate other cultures
• Age groups
• Economic means
• Sailing vs. power
• Housing – age and affordable
• Public housing needs more money to improve existing before more development
• Homeowner v. rental and seasonal
• Community boating non-profit
• More kids welcomed by community
• Transportation options

• Realtors make buyers and renters more aware of businesses that might make noise before move in
• Communication on the development i.e., Eastport Shopping Center, that will impact us.
• Large scale residential developments
• All are linked – each station to the other – 2nd and 3rd impacts
• More community action from ECA A&D committee
• A commercial plan for the city
• Permitting friendly city
• Business friendly city
• Master plan that we actually follow
• Can have business friendly vs. citizen friendly?
• Too many projects going on right now (Watergate, shopping center, Sarles, AYC pool, AYCYC)
• Current occupancy rates – current projects?

City Contacts

Director of Planning and Zoning- Pete Gutwald
Chief of Current Planning- Tom Smith
410-250-2200 ext 7797
Ward 8 Alderman Ross Arnett
To stop receiving these messages, please click the link below:

Message for Ward 8
Ward 8 and Friends

I have gotten some interesting responses to the notice of the Town Hall Meeting Thursday 16 February at the Eastport Fire Station. Some have asked for more specifics as to what I mean when referring to “Quality of Life” here in Eastport. Of course, the reason I wanted to hold this meeting is because I want to hear your definition of the topic. But, here’s how I think about it.

I see quality of life as a two-sided ledger. On one side are the positive things that make living in Eastport worthwhile. On the other side are those things that could make living in Eastport better – or make it worse. In the better or worse category, I have heard from many of you about the potential impact of new development in the City on adequate public facilities such as roads, parking and schools. On the other hand, new development can bring positives such as more shopping opportunities and potential new jobs.

Somewhere in this mix is a balance. What I need to hear from you is “where’s the balance?” Have we already passed the tipping point, are we nearing it, and how do we balance private property rights with community needs? I think the latter calls for city planning rather than just processing zoning applications, but now I’m giving you my bias.

I really want to hear your thoughts about the new development already underway or coming soon to Eastport and the City. By the way, land use/development is not the only quality-of-life issue. Public safety, safe sidewalks and streets, recreational opportunities, access to the water, good schools, a clean and green environment, flooding and sea level rise, and so on are all matters that do or will affect our quality of life.

This is a complicated topic, and one frankly that I’m a little frightened to broach. But your emails, phone calls and direct conversations tell me that it is the 800-pound gorilla in the room and it needs to be addressed now. The bottom line is a concern about whether things are getting better or getting worse. I suspect that you all have your own list of good and not so good.

The second goal of the meeting is to develop a list of action items to address the not so good side of the list. Most especially, an action list of things that I can do as your elected City official.

Thank you.

Ross Arnett
Alderman Ward 8

From Marlene Patmore, BOD President

Our Ward Alderman for Ward 8 – Ross Arnett, will be holding a Town Hall Meeting, at the Eastport Fire Hall, Bay Ridge Ave., on February 16, at 7:00 pm as currently proposed . Nearby proposed development – Eastport Shopping Center (127 apartments), and Watergate Village possibly 200 additional units) are on the agenda for discussion. We need to have as many of our owners and residents attend this meeting as we can. We will also need to contact City of Annapolis Mayor John Pantiledes, and also the Planning & Zoning Office to make your voice known.
As a member of the Severn House Board, I feel it is imperative to advise our community upon hearing news of projects in Eastport that will affect us, particularly as these two projects will do.
I am sure that the developers and their attorneys feel these are great for Eastport! But they do NOT live here, or own property here, and are not affected by this.
While both of the proposals for Watergate Village and for the Eastport Shopping Center are apartment units, these additional units and the traffic cannot help but DETER a potential buyer from purchasing one of the units in Severn House with all of the additional traffic that could/would be created .
• Currently proposed and before the City of Annapolis Planning & Zoning Office, is a proposal to ADD 127 Apartment residences at the end of the Eastport Shopping Center, 2nd story, as well as another proposal to Watergate Village to add approximately 200 additional units.
• Can you imagine what this will do to the traffic in our area if these are approved?
• Vehicles can hardly get out of the streets on Chesapeake Ave . What about the grid-lock of traffic we have seen in the past – both in going into Annapolis, and with Bridge closings, as well as using Forest Drive as it is now. We are very concerned about emergency situations and the ability to get thru the traffic.
• A number of us have not seen any kind of public notice for the Eastport Shopping Center Apartments – is that to keep us quiet and what we do not know will not hurt us?
• The City needs an up to date traffic study, to include, but not be limited to, existing traffic flow, volume, one-way streets, street parking stop sign patterns, traffic lights and cameras, traffic calming techniques on some streets, and the impact of the Bridge/ Compromise St. closures. The Study should also include the anticipated effects of the various proposed developments.
• Chesapeake Ave. is a major thoroughfare for Eastport, not just a community street, and is also a major snow-removal route.
• The aggregate effect of all of the proposed developments causes concerns!
Current proposed projects in our area are: Crystal Springs, Quiet Waters (Parkside Preserve), Thomas Woods, Village Greens of Annapolis, Phase III Terrapin Station, Primrose Hill, Enclave on Spa, Griscom Square, Elliot Road, Annapolis Towns at Neal Farm, and Rocky Gorge. In addition to the two new developments in Historic Annapolis on Compromise Street, and Sarles/Petrini (South Annapolis Marina) and traffic flow and parking , directly impact traffic and parking in Eastport!
If you cannot make the Town Hall meeting with Alderman Ross on February 16, please consider writing a letter to Mayor Pantiledes, and the City Planning & Zoning Commission, and particularly since there has been no public notice for these projects, and the City may not be aware of the opposition already in effect.
We need to let the City fathers who review these projects know of the effect on our Severn House Community, as well as other communities in Eastport who will be affected.

Town Hall Meeting with Ross Arnett
Ward 8 and Friends

I will be holding my next Town Hall Meeting on Thursday 16 February at 7 PM in the Eastport Fire Station. I will give some brief updates from the City, but the primary purpose will be to discuss "Quality of Life" issues in Eastport. More specifically, I need and want to hear your definitions of what constitutes quality of life, or conversely, what detracts from quality of life in the City and in Ward 8 more specifically.

Assuming that we can reach some consensus of what quality of life means, I plan to move the discussion on to what needs to be done to maintain or improve quality of life here. I want to hear from you what I can do as Alderman to help address this issue within the City and our Ward. By the way, this is not just a Ward 8 matter and I'm hoping that my colleagues from the City Council will join us for the evening. I am also inviting the City planning staff to attend as they are a vital part of this process.

So, please save this date and plan to attend.

Thank you.


Eastport Development
Many of you may not be aware of these proposed projects for Eastport.

Watergate Pointe has a two phase concept plan at this point. Phase one replaces all of the garden apartments with new four to six story buildings built around structured parking in the middle. This will double the number of rental units. Phase two would replace all of the high rise buildings with similar structures along the water. As I understand the plan, both phases would approximately double the number of rental units.

Also proposed, 127 units at the Eastport Shopping center. If you have comments, please send them to our Alderman, Ross Arnett, Annapolis Mayor and Pete Gutwald, Director of Park and Planning,


Crime Alert from Annapolis Police Dpt.
Crime Alert – Burglaries and Thefts from Vehicles

Some neighborhoods in Annapolis have recently seen an increase in burglaries and thefts from vehicles. Neighborhoods with recent burglaries include Ambridge, Hunt Meadow, Timber Creek, August Woods, and Mariners Point. Many of the burglaries have involved forced entry to a locked door or window in the rear of the home. Many of these homes back to dark or wooded areas. Most of the thefts from vehicles have been from unlocked vehicles. Burglaries and thefts from vehicles remain below the level we saw in Annapolis last year.

Please read the tips below to help us combat this increase.

We have plainclothes and uniformed officers in the areas most affected by the increases.

What to do before the burglar comes!

Not if he comes but when he comes. Because, he is coming. Down your street. And looking for easy targets. He’s looking for easy targets because he’s not a professional! He’s an amateur. And so he must find easy targets! And he does.

Make your home look (and sound) occupied
Never leave garage doors open-especially with no car in sight
Be a good neighbor-keep an eye on your neighbor’s homes, get them to do the same for you
Install good locks…and LOCK them!
Secure your windows
Turn on exterior lights or install motion activated lights
Be aware when you are leaving your home, is anyone watching you?
Change your locks at the drop of a threat!
Don’t open your door to anyone with no business inside
Don’t advertise your vacation plans!
Tell the police you’ll be away for an extended time, call 410-268-4141 and ask for a frequent check
Join Operation Identification-Operation ID has effectively reduced burglary wherever it has been properly implemented*
Have a security survey done at your home to help prevent ways of becoming a victim of a burglary*

*For more information on Operation ID or having a security survey conducted, please contact Corporal Amy Miguez at 410-268-9000 x 7261 or

Report Suspicious Activity: We encourage citizens to call the police if you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood. Suspicious activity is activity that is unusual for your community, the time of day, or season. If you see someone walking through your neighborhood in the middle of the night, they might be up to no good, and we need to come out right away. Don’t wait until the morning to call us because if you do, they will be long gone. Please talk to your neighbors about this topic so they can join us in preventing these crimes.
Report suspicious activity immediately by calling 9-1-1
For non-emergencies you can also reach us 24 hours a day at 410-268-4141

Residents can sign up to receive police department daily reports by going to Register to start receiving daily reports and other city news. There is also an interactive crime map on our website. You can use it to sign up for crime alerts based on a location.

Download our new mobile app, available for Apple and Android smart phones. This free app allows you to receive real-time alerts and immediate access to the latest police department news, crime maps, and social media accounts. Simply search “Annapolis Police Department” in the Apple App Store or Google Marketplace.

Like us on Facebook at Police
Follow us on Twitter @AnnapolisPD
We are also on Nextdoor, sign up at

Budget 2017
The Severn House 2017 Budget is posted in Documents under Members Only

VMI Holiday Closure
Please be advised that the office of Victory Management
will be CLOSED the following days
in celebration of the coming Holidays:

Friday, December 23rd
Monday, December 26th
Monday, January 2nd

Happy Holidays to ALL
Victory Management, Inc.
(443) 249-0172

Electrical Repairs
Electrical repairs to the Common areas of all Buildings

Beginning on 11/7/16

To All Residents:

Please be advised that there are Misc. Electrical repairs taking place

Within Buildings #1, #2, #3, #4, #6, #7, #8 & #9

The repairs range from replacing faulty GFCI outlets and switches to replacing the “House” electric panel in Buildings # 2, # 3, # 4, # 6 & # 7

There are Specific breakers in the Utility meter stack of Buildings # 4,

# 7 & # 8 that will be coordinated directly with the homeowners on specific dates.

There will be power outages in the common areas to complete this work but none are expected to be more than 3 hours to replace the House panels.

This work does not include the replacement of the Utility meters in Building # 3. That will happen at a date yet to be determined by the utility company.

Thank You,

Bausum & Duckett Electric

Marina News

The winter season is approaching. The water system at the docks, and the car wash area, will be turned off and drained on November 28th. The bubblers, for wharf protection, will be installed on November 19th at 9:30 AM. To volunteer, please contact Jim Bounds at . For all slips that are vacated for the winter, the electrical power lines, the water hoses, and dock lines must also be removed. Check all dock boxes for being latched. The Dock Master has recently observed squirrels on piers “D” and “E”. They like to spend their winters under sail covers and destroy sails. Check sail covers end boom ends for being secured and blocked off so the squirrels cannot enter. Vessels docked on piers “A”, “B”, and “C” should also protect their vessels from squirrels.If a slip is rented, please be sure the party using the slip receives this announcement. Thank you.

Severn House Dock Master

Marina Violation Notice
From the Severn House Dock Master:

Marina Violation Notice

Today, Wednesda, September 7, 5 vessels (3 Kayaks and 2 Paddle Boards) received Severn House Sticker Violations Notices.

Stickers for Canoes, Dinghy’s, Kayaks, and Paddle Boards are required year round at Severn House.

Not just for the summer months.

The vessels that received a violation sticker notice today have 10 days to get a Severn House sticker or the vessel will be removed from the Marina.

Sad news... John MacDonald 1937-2016
John Leo MacDonald, 79, of Annapolis, Maryland, passed away on August 17, 2016, in Annapolis, Maryland.

John Leo MacDonald was born in Detroit, Michigan to Ronald and Hildegarde Leo MacDonald on February 17, 1937. Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he attended West Catholic and later Villanova University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. He married Judi Cleater in Annapolis, Maryland. He spent 30 plus years working for Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) in Crystal City, Virginia. He worked his way through the ranks in the Department of Defense to be Assistant Deputy Commander for Fleet Logistics Operations at NAVSUP Headquarters. Prior to his civilian work with the Navy, he served as a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman for the First Marines Division. He was very involved in the early Sixties in the Philadelphia branch of CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) as an Editor, was a lover of Jazz music, and a voracious reader of books throughout his life. He loved sailing the Annapolis harbor and Chesapeake, both cruising and racing through his Chesapeake Sailing Club, with Judi, his companion, partner, and first mate as well as his friends of the CSC. He leaves a marina full of friends at Severn House as well as a loving family, and lifelong friends from his career in the government. John and Judi have spent the last 12 years as snowbirds spending six months in Stuart, Florida and six months in Annapolis, Maryland He will also be missed by their friends from living at Circle Bay Yacht Club in Stuart.

John Leo MacDonald is survived by his spouse, Judi MacDonald; son, Thomas John MacDonald; daughter, Andra MacDonald Davis; grandchildren, Sarah Lucy MacDonald, Noah Thomas Davis, Alexandra Faye Davis, Mitchell Thomas MacDonald, and Quinn Emil Davis of Virginia. Extended family also includes John Cleater of New York and Andrea Cleater Salcedo with grandchildren, Tabitha Salcedo and Alex Salcedo of Florida.

A memorial service will be held on Saturday, September 10, 2016 from 2 until 4 pm at the George P. Kalas Funeral Home, 2973 Solomons Island Rd., Edgewater, MD. In lieu of flowers, donations may be given in his memory to Hospice of the Chesapeake or The American Cancer Society.

Asphalt Work Starting
Please see attachment.
Weather permitting.
Asphalt work September 6 & 7 AND
September 8 & 9
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 489 KB)

Electrical Survey
Attention: Severn House Owners:

The recent Severn House Electrical Survey by Bailey & Ship Electric is now available by request to Victory Management, Inc.

This multi-page document includes information on Seven House Buildings 1 through 10 electrical rooms,
laundry rooms, exterior fixtures and pier panels

and noted urgency levels:
needs to be address eventually
needs to be addressed soon
needs to be addressed immediately/safety concern

Severn House Owners may request a copy from Vicki Burnett, Victory Management, Inc. Email

Kayaks stolen Americana Drive
Theft – 201600003384 – 700 block of Americana Drive – Between 7/29 and 08/01: A eight foot red Aruba kayak and a ten foot blue Potomac kayak were stolen from the dock. The kayaks were unsecured.

Maritime Museum Art display
Art Exhibits
Annapolis Watercolor Club
Back by Popular demand, Once again the Annapolis Watercolor club comes back to the Annapolis Maritime Museum for their annual juried show. Brenda Kidera will be the invited juror. The highlight of the club show season again, will bring dozens of local artists to the Bay Room for a stellar interpretation of Maritime art.

The show opens on July 14 when the Museum opens for the weekend at 11am and run through August 13th. The Museum is open to the public from 11am to 3pm Thursday through Sunday.

A reception open to the public, and Museum members will be held on Sunday July 17th from 3 to 5 pm free and refreshments will be served.

Come see the artwork of Severn House neighbor artist Judi MacDonald!

Exhibits & Collections

Virtual Exhibits
Art Exhibits
Research the Collection

Find out more about programs, lectures, and exhibits.

Learn More Now

Buildings 9&10 Concrete Work
The concrete steps near 759 & 761 will be “redone” during the week of July 11th, pending weather.

Irrigation Work
Brightview Landscape and their irrigation contractor has confirmed the following schedule for irrigation work.

Weather could delay any given date.

We do not expect major disruption on site but you will see crews hard at work replacing components throughout the Severn House property.

Building 1 and 3 whose older systems are subject to greater work may see more activity.

The building 2 expansion will also require the installation of a cut off for the water system.

Thanks in advance for you cooperation with the disruption although we don't expect it to be extensive.

Tentative Schedule (Pending weather):
June 27th -all irrigation repairs TH,4,5,6,8,9,10.
July 5th - building #1 renovation – 2-3 days then Building #3 renovation 2-3 days
July 11th - start building 2 installation -
July 18th – start building 3 installation

Done by end of July

Grounds Committee Update

Blast from the Landscape Committee June 24, 2016

This has been a busy spring for the committee.

First, the Board of Severn House, Marlene Patmore chair, has been very supportive of the committee and our efforts to enhance the quality of residency with good landscaping.

The Garden Club continued their terrific work building by building to beatify the entrance ways working a couple building per year, and to otherwise add to the community attractiveness at key locations such as the entranceway and the pool area. Hats off to Judy Crew-Hanks and her dedicated team.

Also the hard working team of Ann Brown and Joanna Matos continue to be out eyes and ears on the ground, as well as designing and implementing landscape projects with a particular focus along the promenade. I am sure you will join me in my thanks to them for their hard work.

Our primary landscape company is now known as Brightview the result of a major merger that resulted in renaming Brickman. Brightview finished last year’s erosion control project, installing new bio logs and completing the plantings in back of building 6. We are pleased with the project. The slopes are stablized and generally there is little erosion. However one can never rest in the ongoing fight against the erosive nature of water. We will be designing affordable infill projects as landscaping is always a work in progress.

In particular some of the gutters are overflowing and causing local erosion and we will continue to monitor and act as necessary. Right now Building 4 by the steps next to building 5 and building 6 by the shell path the next targets for action.

The committee wants your ideas on tree trimming early this year. We do not want to wait for the beginning of the fall work. We will be walking the grounds with the tree company later this summer but give us your ideas and concerns.

Brightview has been trimming and pruning and has come a long way considering last years’ experience. However, much remains to be completed and as usual there are issues of personal taste. Our concept is to get rid of some of the growth that tends to make certain areas a kind of “jungle” without overly manicuring.

Last year’s Cove cleanup project has certainly improved the building two and TH parking areas. Now we need to ensure we have the proper ground cover to contain erosion. The Kayak area is much improved and more user friendly.

This year’s big project is to redo the irrigations system which not only helps keep the community green and beautiful but is also the first line of defense against erosion. Grasses are still the best at soil conservation. Some of our current system is breaking down from age, some need new heads for water conservation, and building two is the only building without irrigation. This is a big project. To some degree we will be actively renovating all the systems at each building. In particular building 1, 2 and 3 will have extensive work. Please pay close attention to the Victory Management Postings on the work schedule which will be starting soon.

I am sure I have missed something but please give us your feedback. Please send the comments though Victory Management but I can be reached at and I am sure you will see our Grounds Representative Joanna walking the property. But whomever you talk to give Victory an email,, as they provide our tracking system.

Thanks in advance.
Tom White

2017 Marina Stickers

All 2017 Slip Information should now be on file with Victory Manage Inc.
All Canoes, Dinghy’s, Kayaks, and Paddle Boards should now have 2017 Blue Stickers.
If there are any cases of violations, enforcement will be beginning soon.

Dumpster on-site 6/3-13
SPRING Community Clean Up
Dumpster will be on-site June 3rd through June 13th.

This dumpster is for Household items only.
Please do not deposit paint cans, vehicle batteries, tires, etc.

Thank you,
Victory Management, Inc.

May 16th talk with Kristina von Rosenvinge
Come hear our Severn House neighbor Kristina von Rosenvinge on May 16
at12 noon at the Eastport-Annapolis Neck Library. She will discuss
her recently published book "ESCAPING THE RUSSIAN BEAR: An Estonian
Girl's Memoir of Loss and Survival During World War II". Kristina's
life changed when the Russians invaded independent Estonia in
1940. Fortunately her family succeeded in escaping from
communism by fleeing to Germany and Austria. Her memoir ends when
she is 13 and their ship arrives in New York Harbor and Kristina for
the first time believed that she was safe from the Russians.

If anyone needs transportation to our local Library please call
Kristina 443-822-8023.

Mayor Pantellide's Monthly Newsletter

Mayor Pantelides' Monthly Newsletter
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Living in Annapolis

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Interested in getting more involved in local government? I want to invite you to come to our city council meetings and be a part of the decision-making process here in Annapolis. Your opinion matters to me, and at the start of every City Council meeting, we have a time set aside for everyone to come to the podium and give public testimony on any topic that is important to you. We also have public hearings on specific legislative items and I urge you to participate in those as well. To learn more about our Council meetings, watch the short video at, then call me or email me with any questions or suggestions.

In an effort to gain community consensus and foster stakeholder engagement on a series of very complex issues, Ward One Alderman Joe Budge and I proposed to withdraw of O-07-16 at the April 11 City Council meeting. Both of us feel confident that those most affected by the legislation will be best served by the Historic Preservation Commission and the Arts in Public Places Commission working to achieve consensus with the public on changes that fall within their established duties. We also agree that community consensus formed by these commissions will help create a foundation for future legislation. To read more, go to

April was a great month to celebrate all things green in Annapolis! We celebrated the 25th anniversary of GreenScape, a beautification project that has brought thousands of volunteers together over the years, all with the common goal of planting trees, bulbs, and creating new gardens in public places. On April 23rd, more than 300 volunteers partnered with the city of Annapolis to facilitate 60 beautification projects throughout the city, each one specific to its location. Over the years these projects have been initiated and adopted by individuals, community groups, and neighborhood associations. GreenScape takes place each spring with additional efforts in the fall during the national "Make a Difference Day." To that end, I proclaimed April 23rd GreenScape Day in the City of Annapolis during the Shiley Park Dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony in West Annapolis. It was a great day, and seemed appropriate to dedicate the park on the GreenScape anniversary, as volunteers have been beautifying that park for the past eight years. The serenity of the park, coupled with the benches and native plants make it an ideal place to sit, relax and enjoy nature.

I was also proud to help plant a tree during the city’s Arbor Day Celebration at the Walter S. Mills Parole Elementary School. Ward Three Alderwoman Rhonda Pindell Charles helped plant the American dogwood tree, which was donated by BGE. As part of the celebration, students sang a John Denver song. Here’s a fun fact: Arbor Day was first observed in 1872 with the planting of more than a million trees in Nebraska.

Speaking of beautification, don’t forget May Day is just around the corner. Sunday, May 1, will mark the annual May Basket Competition, sponsored by the Garden Club of Old Annapolis-Towne. On May Day, garden club judges will be out and about at 10 a.m. selecting blue ribbon winners and rewarding children’s efforts with pink ribbons and lollipops. Adult winners will be invited to a special May Day tea, hosted by Garden Club members at a home in the District. The event takes place rain or shine.

I want to invite everyone to the City of Annapolis City Dock Grand Reopening and ribbon cutting on Wednesday, May 4th at 11 a.m. at the Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Memorial. Join us as we celebrate the project that came in on time and under budget! I want to acknowledge the outstanding working relationship between the city and the project’s contractor, Cianbro, as well as the projects engineering design firm, EBA Engineering. Both are local firms and were part of the project from start to finish. I also want to acknowledge Department of Public Works' Project Manager Lisa Grieco on a job well done, along with the Department of Natural Resources.

Finally, I want to showcase our Recreation and Parks Department and its marketing coordinator Dana Disborough Strotman for their ability to communicate and promote the value of public recreation and parks on the internet. The Recreation and Parks Department was recently awarded Best Website for a population under 50,000 by the Maryland Recreation and Parks Association. All the entries were judged on content, design, ease of use, and currency of information The Maryland Recreation and Parks Association provides an opportunity for Maryland’s park and recreation agencies to emphasis their talent, share ideas, and recognize the best marketing and promotions materials in the state. Ms. Disborough Strotman accepted the award on behalf of the department. Congratulations!

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3 New Board members
The Severn House Board of Directors is pleased to announce 3 newly elected Board members. These new elected members will be joining Marlene Patmore, Kathleen Murphy, Richard Fraenkel and Dave Ewing.

Jim Bounds

"Hello, my name is Jim Bounds and I have been an owner at Severn House for 10 years. During my time living at Severn House I've been on the Dock Committee and also served as Dock Master for 5 years. While Dock Master I started the community activity to install/remove the bubblers in the marina to reduce a cost to the community. I am a retired business man who worked 47 years in the HVAC market place holding positions in service, sales and management. I have previous Board experience having served on the Board of a Church Parish and on the Board of a YMCA. I feel I have the time and experience to serve the Severn House community.

Frank Fox

"Hello, my name is Frank Fox and I have been an SH owner since 1991 and a resident since 1999. I have now been a member of the SH Board of Directors for 10 years and with your support, would very much like to continue serving the community in that capacity. As the Board's Marina representative, I was responsible for overseeing the not so long ago completed bulkhead and marina reconstruction project. I am also serving as the Interim Dock Master and as such, work in concert with the Dock committee to ensure that marina operating policies reference boat registration, slip leasing, transient docking, dinghy storage, and the like, are fairly enforced and updated as necessary. Additionally, I ensure that the waterfront rules generally make sense, and when they don't, we propose changes that do. The Severn House community will be facing many challenges over the next few years in areas such as sustaining the infrastructure and I think the experience I have gained as a board member over the past 10 years has provided me with a good foundation for continuing to well serve the community. As I already mentioned, I would like to stay on the job and therefore I ask for your support and your vote! Thank you."

Thomas White

"Hello, my name is Thomas White, answering to Tom. I am currently serving on the Board of Severn House and as Chair of the Landscape Committee. In my role I have reached out to the community thought email blasts and have been fortunate to have an active, smart and supportive landscape committee. I believe the committee had a good year in 2015 but we have a lot to do in the coming years. We were aggressive in taking care of our landscape including a special erosion control project, cleaning up the landscape along the cove, and focusing on tree health, trimming, and on removing trees creating a safety hazard to building or docks, along with active cooperation with the community Garden Club. I would like to continue to serve thus I ask for your vote. My current efforts in my semi retirement include being an author of housing policy papers for the American Enterprise Institute. I am also working as a policy and strategic advisor with Turning Point Clinic located in Baltimore, the largest Heroin Treatment Clinic in Maryland and perhaps the country with over 2000 patients per day. My background is in housing finance, investment banking, and government. I have worked on Wall Street, ran a trade association in Washington DC, and served on the boards of several housing finance corporations. One of these, Centerline, formerly Charter Mac, was at one time the largest holder of real estate equity in the United States. I also managed the largest multifamily real estate lending program in the country while at Fannie Mae. Locally I served on the Board of the Enterprise Social Investment Company located in Columbia, Maryland, a subsidiary of the Enterprise Foundation. Earlier in my career my experience ranged from social work, to elected office in the legislature of Michigan, and I served in Community Relations in the City of Detroit predating civil rights commissions."

All issues, complaints, and questions concerning the Severn House Condominiums community should be made to Victory Management, Inc. by sending E-Mail to

All Board meetings are business meetings for the Board to conduct necessary Association business. Board meetings are transparent to all who attend and owners and residents are welcome to sit in on these meetings. The agenda includes those items that the Board intends to discuss and adherence to the agenda will be strictly enforced, that all items on the agenda can be completed. Audience participation is not required nor warranted. Owners / residents wishing to address the BOD may do so at the end of the meeting. Your cooperation is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Electrical Inspection Utility Rooms
Please be advised that the Association has contracted with Bailey and Shipp Master Electricians to con…  (more…)

New Carpet for Bldgs 756...

Attention Residents in Buildings

756, 758, 760, 762, 764 & 772

NEW CARPET is on its way!!!!!!!!!!!

Please be advised that starting Tuesday, April 12th, (weather pending) Carpet Fair will be on site at the above buildings replacing the carpet in the stairwells in accordance with the Association’s replacement schedule. The entire job to replace all 6 entrances will take approximately 10 days.

There is no action require on your part.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation. Can’t wait to see how good it looks!

Thank you,

Victory Management, Inc.

Concrete Work Starting 4/11
Please see attachment.
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 310 KB)

Thank you!






Bubbler Party, April 2nd





SHYC Happy Hour 2/19 6pm
SHYC Happy Hour this coming Friday, February 19, 6 to 8 PM at Kristina and Tycho von Rosenvinge's house, 694 Fairview Avenue.

Snow Removal 2/15/16
Snow Removal Update — 15 Feb 16

Snow removal ops will begin at around 2PM today. Initial emphasis will be to clear the sidewalks in front of the Bldgs along with the walkups etc. These areas will also be de-iced so as to preclude any freezing from occurring after removal.

Streets and parking lots will only be plowed if snow conditions worsen. Forecasted rain with higher temps starting this evening should eliminate any potential hazardous conditions throughout the night.

Frank Fox
Member, SH BOD

Funeral Services for Cyndy Davis
Funeral services for Cyndy Davis will be held on Saturday, February 13th at St. Marys Church in Annapolis at 11AM.

Crystal Springs Info
Dear Neighbors,

We are excited to announce the launch of our new blogsite,, outlining our opposition to the development of nearly 500 housing units and a new shopping center at the intersection of Forest Drive and Spa Road, which will destroy about 40 acres of mature forest.

This site, in combination with our new Facebook page, will be an important tool to get the word out to as many people as possible in our community about the impact this development will have on Forest Drive traffic, the environment, and our already overcrowded schools. We've been hard at work these past few months, but things are about to really heat up and we're going to need all hands on deck.

Your support has been invaluable throughout this process thus far. Here's what we are asking from you today--it will take only moments of your time:

1. Please visit the new site and "Like" us on Facebook at Stop Crystal Spring.

2. Please forward this email to 10 of your friends and ask them to do the same.

The developers are expected to submit their next Forest Conservation Plan sometime in February. After the formal plan is submitted, we will have only 30 days to review it and submit comments. We are going to need your help to reach as many people as possible. While this plan will show they have finally moved all the buildings north of the stream and closer to Forest Drive, there has been virtually no change in the density of this project, and the amount of protected forest set to be destroyed appears to have increased. The development is larger than the footprint of the entire Annapolis Towne Centre.

We have a chance to fight back against this development and save the Annapolis we all love, but we have to work together.

Thank you!


Gerald Winegrad, Former State Senator
Concerned Citizens for Proper Land Use
1328 Washington Drive, Annapolis, MD 21403

Snow Removal Update
Snow Removal Update:

Snow removal has largely been completed. I have requested our contractor return either late this afternoon or tomorrow morning with a Bobcat bucket loader to clear some additional parking areas throughout the SH community with emphasis to be placed at Bldg 1, 3, and 4. Additionally, I have asked them to plow the promenade at A-dock along the Cove side and down behind the Townhouses. After this work is accomplished the snow removal effort will cease.

Warning……..much snow is overhanging the roofs on most of our bldgs. As the snow melts and then freezes at night, the condition will become serious as at some point the ice and snow will likely slide off the roof unto the bldg walkups. Please be mindful of this condition so as not to get hit with falling “snow debris”.

Drifts of snow on the upper balconies should be cleared by residents as appropriate. Large amounts of wet heavy snow on the balconies could cause an overweight condition and might result in some structural damage.

As we all know, buckets have been placed in all our stairwells filled with granulated de-icer. Please check to see if your stairwell’s bucket needs to be refilled. If it does, contract Victory Management and request a refill. Our cleaning crew from BGE will respond in kind.

Epic snow storm……I would like to thank everyone for their cooperation and patience during the snow removal phase. Stay safe and be careful of the icing conditions that will continue on for some time.

Frank Fox
Member BOD

Snow Removal Update

Hats off to our Snow Removal contractor, LASER CUTS! They did a great job under the circumstances. As promised, they arrived back at SH around mid-night last night with a truck and 5 hand shovelers. As I write this, the plow and 3 ground folks are still on site. The main effort has been to plow out the streets and parking as best they could while simultaneously working the sidewalks and bldg pathways. Sidewalk work is ongoing at Bldg 4 and will be completed shortly. After this work is completed, the plow truck will treat the streets with an environmentally safe chemical compound to limit freezing this evening. Word of caution, even though treated, streets and sidewalks will likely freeze over in spots due to forecasted below freezing temps. So be careful. The promenade needs to be re-plowed however, that won’t happen until late today or possibly tomorrow morning. Once finished today, the plow truck will not return unless we call for them to be on site. We will coordinate with the contractor if we feel they are needed again tomorrow. The Bubblers at the Marina performed well and kept the ice from forming around the pilings and the bulkhead. They will be left to run for the next couple of days / nights.

This morning while walking the SH property I saw many residents helping each other dig out. Much good bonding going on and it made me feel good to be a part of such a “helping” community. Thanks to all who chipped in and helped others etc. Also, Thanks to all who provided me with input on areas that needed some attention. I hope our crew satisfied most concerns.

I know I don’t have to say this but here goes…….Please do not help yourself to a parking place that was SHOVELED out by one of your neighbors……….Thanks!

Frank Fox
Member SH BOD

Thank you


I’d like to take this opportunity to THANK the following volunteers for assisting me this morning in surveying, resetting, replacing and ID’ing inop bubbler systems on a very cold morning at the SH Docks. This work was performed in anticipation of the forecasted “Blizzard” so that we could ensure that as many of our systems would be operating during the course of the storm and as the water temps drop to near / below freezing temps.

Thank you………Jim Bounds, Jim Brooks, Andy Kerhulas, and Joe Bertapelle.

Frank Fox
SH BOD and interim Dockmaster

Storm Alert


The following actions will take place in prep for the “Blizzard” forecasted for our area starting tomorrow late afternoon on into Sunday morning.

Tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, Lazor Cuts, our snow removal contractor, will prep all streets, the bulkhead promenade, sidewalks, and pathways leading to the buildings with a mixed chemical solution (environmentally safe) that will have the effect of causing snow to “melt” when it hits the ground. The result of this effort will “soften” the snow / ice pack making it easier for Lazor Cuts to plow during the evening hours of Friday and likely into Saturday. Current forecast indicates the potential for our area to receive as much as 24” (2 ft) of snow.

When roughly 3 to 5 inches of snow has accumulated, Lazor Cuts has been instructed to start plow and sweep operations. This will not be a continuous effort but it will occur “as required” during the course of the storm. Follow on activities will depend on the voracity of the storm i.e. duration, drifting snow, freezing temps etc.


The forecasted “Blizzard" is expected to pack 40 to 50mph wind gusts from the NE. SH Boaters should ensure that all vessels are double lashed and all onboard items are securely fastened. Stored dinghies should also be double lashed with all miscellaneous items securely fastened to limit damage / injury etc. Slip owners are reminded that the dock boxes are their responsibility and they should ensure that they are properly secured.

Our snow removal contract calls for the promenade to be swept but we will not clear snow from the Main piers or the finger piers. Because of that, we remind anyone who ventures out on to the Main Piers or any associated fingers piers, does so at one’s own risk. Current water temp is 38 degrees……very dangerous if one finds him or herself in the drink!

Be safe!

The Severn House BOD

3 BOD Positions Open
The Association is preparing for the Annual Meeting at which time the election of the Board of Directors will be held.

This year three (3) positions are available. If you would like to run, you may nominate yourself, or you may nominate other owners, after obtaining their permission.

If you yourself wish to run, please complete the attached nomination form by writing a brief “bio”.

If you are nominating another owner, simply list his/her name and address after obtaining their permission.

Deadline March 3, 2016
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 211 KB)

Snow Safety Reminders

As you may already know, there is a snow event forecasted for later this week.

We just wanted to send you a couple of general safety reminders to make sure snow clearing can occur as smoothly as possible:

1. Please refrain from parking in those areas marked with "No Parking During Snow Event" signs, if applicable for your community

2. If parking in a space perpendicular to a sidewalk, please be sure that your vehicle does not encroach on or cover any portion of the sidewalk or curb.

3. When removing snow yourself, please refrain from piling snow on or near fire hydrants

4. Owners are not permitted to "reserve" cleared spaces in the community parking areas with chairs, cones, etc. These items can blow around and make the parking areas even more unsafe.

As a gentle reminder, the snow on streets and in parking areas is merely "pushed" and not "removed". Varying amounts of snow will remain, so please be sure to use caution and avoid any snowy or icy areas.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact Victory Management with any questions or concerns about rules that specifically pertain to your community.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

Most Sincerely,
Victory Staff

Freeze Bulletin
Winter is fast approaching and it’s that time again to winterize your home.

Freezing temperatures may result in frozen and burst pipes, if precautions are not taken. This could be a dangerous oversight and cause extensive damage.

Your attention is required!

If you have an outside water spigot, make sure the interior valve is turned off (typically located inside closet or other area) and disconnect the hose.

Additionally make sure to leave the spigot in the open position to avoid freezing.


If your unit is VACANT or if you “fly south for the winter”, please make sure your heat is ON and set to at least 60 degrees. This will ensure that the water flowing through your pipes will not freeze.

Owners are responsible to properly maintain their property.

Failure to maintain your unit may result in costly damage, which will be YOUR sole responsibility.

The Board appreciates your anticipated cooperation and understanding in this matter.

As always, please feel free to contact Victory Management with any questions or concerns: or 443-249-0172

Christmas Tree Disposal
To dispose of your Christmas Tree, please place the tree on

common element and contact Victory Management 

(443) 249-0172 or with its location.

Trees on 2nd and 3rd floors may be thrown over balcony.

Sunken boat reported
The dock master has notified the owner and recovery is underway.

Please be advised the Harbormaster has viewed the situation and is not concerned about pollution etc.

Thank you to our neighbors at Watergate Apartments for their notification of a sunken boat at Dock A, slip 67.

Paul Flaherty
A celebration of Paul Flaherty's life will be held on Saturday, December 19th, 12PM at St. Marys Church in Annapolis.

October Minutes
October minutes available.
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 444 KB)

Tree trimming & removal
Severn House tree trimming & removal will start

November 12th, 8AM, pending weather.

As such we are asking that all vehicles be removed

from the areas noted in PINK on the attached map:

Side and in the rear of building 10, including the

areas in front of building 6

If you have any questions or comments please call
Victory Management (443) 249-0172.

View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 120 KB)

Landscape Erosion Control Project
To: Owners and Residents of Severn House

From: Tom White, Board member and Chair of Landscape Committee

Subject: Landscape Erosion Control Project

The Severn House Landscape Committee and the Severn House Board, Marlene Patmore Chair, approved a Landscape Erosion Control Project. This initiative which will begin sometime around the 20 of October is specially directed at the major slopes on the water front showing signs of increasing erosion.

This is not a beautification project although designed to be attractive. Rather this is to stabilize our slopes to protect our buildings and our promenade. Before asking for bids on the landscape work we consulted with a civil engineer who concluded that our steepest slope in front of building 6 is at a degree of slope that is maintainable.

The focus of the work is on the steepest parts of the slopes. The concept is that the beautification projects generated by the Garden Club and the work of Ann Brown in obtaining city grants for native plants would then focus on the flatter areas along the promenade as well as elsewhere in the community.

We know there is erosion in certain other locations in Severn House and we will deal with those as separate projects. Please let us know of other hot spots to be addressed. See below for my contact information.

Once the project is complete we will have a process and protocol with the landscape purveyor, Brickman, for the maintenance of these slopes. For example, the experts tell us there is no need to create open areas around the trees. We will have a maintenance contract to keep the Ivy off the trees and to periodically have mulch around the base. Plants will periodically fail as is natural, let the Landscape Committee know of any failures and we will take corrective action.

A corollary to the landscape project is further work to control erosion from the gutters overflowing in heavy rains. The Landscape Committee and the Building Committee, Dave Ewing Chair, have been in joint discussion on protecting the landscape from erosion from overflow, a problem not just on the major slopes. We are finalizing some protective landscaping for presentation to the board, and working with our contractor to improve the gutters.

We appreciate your calling to our attention problems in your area. The comments from the email blast on tree trimming were very helpful. Your participation in helping us identify and correct issues is vital to maintaining Severn House as a great place to reside.

Contact me at for comment or information

Asphalt Sealing at the Point
The other half of the asphalt will be sealed late Thursday afternoon, 10/8/15.

Hurricane Tips for Boat Owners

Depending on your location and situation, you may choose to:
1) Haul your vessel out of the water (normally the best option and most insurance policies will help with haul-out costs if a warning is issued in your area),
2) Move it to a safer harbor away from the storm, or
3) Secure it in its berth in the marina. If your best option available is to keep it in its berth, the following steps are advisable:

• Double all lines. Rig crossing spring lines fore and aft. Attach lines high on pilings to allow for tidal rise or surge. Make sure lines will not slip off pilings. Inspect pilings and choose those that appear the strongest and tallest and are installed properly. Cover all lines at rough points or where lines feed through chocks to prevent chafing. Wrap with tape, rags and rubber hoses or leather. Install fenders, fender boards or tires if necessary to protect the boat from rubbing against the pier, pilings and other boats.

• Remove all portable equipment such as canvas, sails, dinghies, electronics cushions, biminis and roller furling sails. Lash down everything you are unable to remove such as tillers, wheels and booms.

• Fully charge the batteries and check to ensure their capability to run automatic bilge pumps for the duration of the storm. Consider backup batteries. Shut off all devices consuming electricity except bilge pumps, and disconnect shore power cables.

• Do not stay aboard. Winds, during any hurricane, can exceed 100 mph and tornadoes are often associated with these storms. Above all safeguard human life.

A valuable source of valuable hurricane information is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). NOAA provides excellent updates on the path and strength of all major hurricanes, and you can track the storms' progress by clicking on their link at

Sept BOD Agenda
Tuesday, September 8, 2015
7pm at Pool

I. CALL TO ORDER - Thank you all for coming to the Severn House Board of Directors meeting. This meeting and all Board meetings are business meetings for the Board to conduct necessary Association business. Board meetings are transparent to all who attend and owners and residents are welcome to sit it on these meetings. The agenda includes those items that the Board intends to discuss and adherence to the agenda will be strictly enforced, that all items on the agenda can be completed. Audience participation is not required nor warranted. Owners/residents wishing to address the Board may do so at the end of the meeting under the agenda item “Homeowners Forum”. Thank you for your cooperation during this meeting.






• Infrastructure
• Landscape
• Pool
• Community Rep
• Buildings
• Slips



• Owner’s Correspondence (letters/emails) – 782E Jim Deuel


Please contact your Building Representative or visit or to obtain a copy of the current minutes.

Final Notice
ATTENTION Dinghy, Kayak, and Surf Board owners

If your small vessel is stored on the dinghy racks throughout the community and if you received a WARNING on 17 July to display a 2015 / 2016 registration sticker and if you have not complied, your vessel will be removed to the rear lot at SH, at owner expense, on Tuesday, 11 August 2015. If your vessel is removed, you will have to coordinate with Victory Management to reclaim it.


Public Meeting "A Forest Conservation Act" Thurs
Public Meeting, Thursday, June 25, Pip Moyer Rec Center, 6:45PM

This meeting will review plans by the Annapolis City Council to write epic new legislation -- A Forest Conservation Act -- to protect the environment during the development of residential and commercial properties.

Alderman Littman will be on hand to explain proposals. A public question and answer period will follow.

Please see attachment for more information.

Click here for Capital newspaper article.

View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 115 KB)

Boat Theft
ATTENTION Dinghy, Kayak, and Paddle Board owners:

Late last week it was reported to the Dockmaster that a Dinghy was stolen from the Marina Promenade Dinghy racks. Incident has been reported to our on site security. If you store a small vessel on the racks on the promenade or on the Cove side, it is recommended that you secure with a cable and lock.

The Dockmaster

Bill Watkins 1926-2015
Sad news... Bill Watkins, 1926 - 2015

"We extend our deepest sympathy to Barbara and family."

Concrete Work June 2015
Concrete work.
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 356 KB)

SHYC Happy Hours
Starting May 1st!

Thank you
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the following folks who volunteered their time and efforts towards making our “Spring Marina Cleanup and Bubbler Party” a complete success………Thank you all!

Jim Bounds
Dave Ewing
Denny Vito
Brian Hanks
Ben Fulton
Frank Pasenello
John Halstead
Jim Milsome
Rich Humbert
Rich Fraenkel
John Wickens
John Moran
Bill Schadt
Warren Brown
Joanna Matos

The combined efforts of our Fall and Spring Marina Cleanup and Bubbler Party events save our Severn House community about $4000 annually if we had to pay an outside contractor for this work. It’s also an excellent opportunity to bond with your neighbors while enjoying World Famous Bloody Mary's. Hope to see you at the Fall 15 event!

Frank Fox
SH Dockmaster

Online Voting, Annual Membership Meeting 4/14/15
Online Voting is available on the Victory Management Website.
Please go to for the online ballot.


The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday April 14th. A quorum must be present to hold the meeting. If you cannot attend the meeting, please:

1. Complete the attached proxy and ballot (attached) and return to Victory Management or

2. Cast your vote online 

If you have already voted, NO further action is needed.

View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 531 KB)

Additional Snow removal 2/19/15

Our snow contractor will be coming to Severn House in the morning - to move more of the snow - ie - parking spaces, etc., when more of the vehicles are out of the spaces.

Thank you

Marina Concerns
Due to the severe cold and freezing conditions, the bubblers are unable to keep all areas of the Marina ice free. As a result, if you keep a vessel in the Marina it would be wise to check for icing in and around your slip / vessel.
Please Note: Anyone checking their boat does so at their own risk.

Severe low tides have also caused some vessels to “bottom” out. SH does not have volunteer manpower to perform the function of checking on individual vessels. Latest weather anticipates severe weather to effect our area for the remainder of the week.

Frank Fox
SH Dockmaster

Thank you from the Dock Master

WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL THOSE WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE FALL "BUBBLER PARTY" (placing of the bubbler systems around the docks / slips / promenade for the purpose of preventing ice damage to the marina facilities).

This volunteer effort during the fall and spring (to remove and clean) saves our community about $4500 per year and helps keep our HOA fees steady.





Water turnoff Changed to Nov 17th!
Water to the bulkhead and slips will be shut off on Nov 17, 2014.

Bubbler Party, Nov 22, 9:30 AM

WHAT: "Bubbler Party" -- Winterizing the bulkhead and slips

WHEN: Saturday morning, November 22, 2014 at 9:30AM

WHERE: Assemble at the Pool Deck for work assignments (coffee & donuts available)

TASK AT HAND: Install "bubbler" systems at pre-designated spots along the bulkhead and A-E docks. Total of approx 40 systems.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Please contact Frank Fox via email at if you can pitch in for this event. Entire effort should be completed by 11:00AM after which Ann Brown's world famous Bloody Mary's will be served on the pool deck.

St. Luke's
You may have noticed all the woods chips and mulch at St. Luke’s. We’re engaged in a stormwater infiltration project as part of Dawn Moorehead’s certification as a Master Watershed Steward. The project will conclude this Saturday, Oct 25th, and on her behalf, I invite you and others from the Severn House to join in the fun. We will be planting native trees and shrubs and spreading wood chips and mulch in a strategic area that is sending lots of sediment into the storm drain in our backyards. Our efforts will mitigate that flow.

If anyone from Severn House would like to help us plant a native tree or shrub or even spread some wood chips, Dawn would be thrilled to have community involvement. The fun starts at 8 am and ends at Noon so if anyone is interested in joining us, please ask them to be in touch with Dawn Moorehead at

It’s all for the community in mitigating the sediment flow from and around the pedestrian cut through path at Bay Ridge and Monroe.

Cheers, Betsy

October 14 BOD Meeting St. Luke's
See attached agenda.
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 312 KB)

Eastport Safety Message from the Mayor
From Alderman Ross Arnett to Ward 8 and Friends

Below are messages from Mayor Pantelides and Chief Pristoop concerning safety in the Eastport area. While I am happy that this issue has gotten their attention, I am pressing that we get more concrete action from the City, but especially from the Housing Authority. Safety will be on the next City Council Work Session. I have asked that the HACA Board join us for that session.

Here are the messages from the Mayor and Chief.

Mayor Pantelides Addresses Concerns about Shots Fired at Housing Authority Property

Annapolis, MD (10-8-14) Annapolis Mayor Michael Pantelides met with Police Chief Michael Pristoop and City Manager Tom Andrews again yesterday afternoon to continue their discussion surrounding concerns raised about shots fired in the Housing Authority community of Eastport Terrace.

Mayor Pantelides asked the chief to outline public safety efforts in the area and to detail the application of efforts and improvements. The recommendations will be discussed at the Monday, October 13, City Council meeting.

Meanwhile, during yesterday’s open door meetings with the mayor, a number of residents voiced concern about shots fired and asked questions about overall crime in the Eastport area. “I am working with the chief to ensure that residents feel safe and that police deployment is efficient,” Mayor Pantelides said. “Other recommendations will be discussed with City Council next Monday and implemented at a later time.”

Chief Pristoop reports that this year, Eastport crime is the lowest in recent history. In Eastport, individuals called the police 15 times for shots fired this year which represents a significant reduction of such calls from previous years. “Irrespective of the number of calls, it’s a concern to the residents and I know the chief is making this a priority.”

Monday’s City Council meeting will be at 7 p.m. at 160 Duke of Gloucester Street, in Annapolis. The meeting will be televised on Comcast channel 99/100 and on Verizon channel 34. The meeting can also be viewed live on mobile devices by going to

NOTE to Alderpersons: The below report was completed by Chief Pristoop and sent to you as Council members before next Monday's meeting.

Police Department
City of Annapolis
October 7, 2014

To: Mayor; City Manager

From: Police Chief Michael Pristoop

Re: Public Safety in Eastport Terrace/Harbor House (EPT/HH)

As a starting point, it’s important to understand the actual crime numbers, calls for service and other statistics as indicators of community safety. Of course, no statistical measurement can completely offset community feelings and perception.

Overall Crime
One needs perspective to understand and appreciate public safety conditions in EPT and HH. In 2007, using year-to-date statistics, there were 22 violent crimes and 17 property crimes. In 2014 there are 12 violent crimes and 9 property crimes. So far this year there are only 21 crimes, a reduction of 47%.

Some agencies use a three year average to measure and compare crime. Using the three year average in EPT and HH violent crime is down 8%, property crime is down 27% and overall crime is down 17%.

Police Calls for Service
In EPT and HH combined, there were 802 calls for police service so far this year. That is 6% fewer than last year and a record low going back to 2007. In addition, drug calls are 40% less than last year and the lowest in recent history. There were 109 disorderly conduct calls this year which is 34% less than last year and also the lowest in recent history.

Shots Fired Calls
In 2007 APD received 29 calls for “shots fired” in the community. Today APD has received 7 calls for shots fired. This is down 30% from last year.

APD arrested 103 people in EPT/HH, which is 30% more than last year. By contrast, in 2009 we arrested 235 people of which 127 were for trespassing. At that time, there was a broad banning policy with more than 500 people subject to trespassing arrest.

Comparison of EPT/HH to the City overall
The City’s total crime is down 6% which is a record low. At the same time, the City’s violent crime has elevated 31% from last year, driven mostly by serious assaults and robbery to a lesser degree. There are 35 more violent crimes this year than last year. Most of those crimes are aggravated assaults in which the victim and suspect are known to one another. In addition, new reporting in domestic situations has been part of the increased numbers.

We are hopeful that our violent crime reduces proportionally throughout the year, but at the same time we are conscious of the fact that our violent crime is 56% less than it was in 2007. EPT/HH by most measures shows improvement over prior years but is disproportionate with the overall City’s crime. The City is -6% and EPT/HH has 6 more crimes than last year. Caution, however, that the amount of crime is a smaller sampling which often proves difficult to draw conclusions in side-by-side analysis.

Greater Eastport (15 post)
This year, Eastport crime is the lowest in recent history (See attached report comparing from 2007). Total calls for police service are also the lowest. In Eastport, people called the police 15 times for shots fired this year. This year represents the second fewest for such calls since 2007. Shots fired calls have declined 73% from 2007.

Police Deployment and public safety approach in EPT/HH
In January 2014, APD established the Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) and assigned this team of five officers to EPT/HH. This was an unprecedented commitment to the community. The Team, modeled after the Boston Safe Streets initiative, dedicates 100% of its time to help stabilize the community and improve public safety through traditional and non-traditional police approaches. We are currently evaluating our deployment hours.

In addition to NET, APD uses crime suppression overtime officers on evenings where staffing is minimal as well as deploying Flex teams. Foot patrol is emphasized. APD deployed five CCTV cameras in the community. We have communicated with the State’s Attorney’s Office (SAO) our intention to enforce no-trespassing signs that have been erected in the community despite the general consensus by the SAO that no-trespassing arrest initiatives are flawed for prosecution. We have taken a renewed approach to developing sources of information in the form of citizens and confidential informants.

In September, 2014, the Police Chief initiated conversations with our Capital City Safe Streets partners including but not only: AA County Department of Health, AA County State’s Attorney’s Office, AA County Sheriff, US Attorney’s Office, GOCCP, Department of Juvenile Services, Department of Parole and Probation, and HACA. The thrust of our conversations was that these outside agencies work with APD to augment public safety efforts in EPT/HH. Several ideas emerged and I will share them at the proper forum.

Recent community complaints
Several days ago, there were founded calls for “shots fired.” APD developed a suspect in this incident and we are pursuing an arrest. Less than a week ago there was a domestic shooting and suicide at 1150 Madison. That incident, as unfortunate as it was, was not linked to violent influences outside of the domestic relationship and, out of happenstance, occurred in this community.

APD should address the City Council and other forums as to public safety efforts and initiatives in public housing and Eastport in particular. This will help lend perspective and address questions and concerns. I also think there should be a serious discussion about public safety improvement that only HACA can control.

Michael Pristoop
Chief of Police

Paving work

Asphalt paving will begin on Monday 13 Oct 14 in a area from in front of the town-homes and Bldg 3. The first stage will be the scrapping off and grinding up of the old asphalt. During this stage we would anticipate a fair amount of dust / soot being stirred up. Recommend all boat owners with boats docked along the A-dock cove side take necessary steps to shut down hatches and button up coverings as much as possible.

Frank Fox
Dockmaster SH

Annapolis Environmental Commission AEC

AEC Welcome to our Newsletter!
AEC Web Site September 29, 2014
Attend the AEC's Next Meeting!

The Annapolis Environmental Commission's (AEC) meetings are open to the public. We hope you'll join our upcoming discussion about environmental issues facing our city on Wednesday, October 1, 2014 in the third floor conference room at 145 Gorman Street, Annapolis, MD 21401. AEC meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month.

Events Calendar

Waterkeepers Chesapeake’s Wild & Scenic Film Festival, October 2nd, 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.

An evening of 12 short films about environmental topics from fracking to rain forest restoration set in such far-off exotic locations as Iraq, South Africa, Patagonia and the Amazon River basin and as nearby as Cove Point on the Chesapeake Bay will be held to benefit the Waterkeepers Chesapeake organization, a coalition of 18 independent Waterkeeper programs operating throughout the Chesapeake and Delmarva Coastal Bays Watersheds. Meet waterkeepers from around the region and enjoy refreshments in addition to a raffle and silent auction. Tickets: $15 in advance/$20 at the door.

Brown Bag Seminar Series - “Understanding Stormwater Management,” October 8th

Each month a staff member from the City of Annapolis presents on a current topic in the Brown Bag Lunch Seminar Series. Seminars are targeted to the general public, local professionals, and City staff and everyone is welcome. The next brown bag seminar is scheduled for Wednesday, October 8, 2014.

Presented by Matthew Waters, PE, Stormwater Management Engineer for the City of Annapolis
This presentation will include a brief history of stormwater management (SWM) practices and an explanation of how structural solutions were designed in the past. The presentation will then discuss a new approach to stormwater management—Environmental Site Design (ESD) to the Maximum Extent Practicable (MEP) and give examples of how this new standard can be achieved.

Click here for more information or contact Sally Nash at 410.263.7961 or

Bacon Ridge Restoration Planting, Octover 9th, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
The US Fish & Wildlife Service and Scenic Rivers Land Trust need volunteers for a planting project in the Bacon Ridge Natural Area in the South River Greenway. The planting will complete an extensive stream stabilization project. The project used natural channel design methods to address 12 areas where an abrupt drop in the stream bed was causing an incised channel, resulting in eroding banks and disconnection from the floodplain. Twenty volunteers over the age of 16 are needed. They must be able to hike on steep terrain as well as carry and plant ferns, trees and shrubs. Bacon Ridge Natural Area in Crownsville. Click here for more information.

South River Federation Fall Celebration, October 14th, 6-8 p.m.

Historic London Town and Gardens - Edgewater. Click here for more information.

Maryland Clean Energy Center Annual Conference, October 14-15, 2014

Maryland Clean Energy Center (MCEC) annual two-day conference brings thought leaders from around the country. University of Maryland, College Park. Visit for more information.

Meet The Candidates - Environment Night - A River Watch Forum, October 17th, 7 p.m.

The candidates vying to become the next Anne Arundel County Executive are the featured guests at a special Meet The Candidates forum Oct. 17 at Woods Memorial Church in Severna Park.

On the dais: Republican Steve Schuh and Democrat George Johnson.

The topic: The environmental challenges and solutions to protect the county's rivers and creeks. Yes, the issue of the stormwater fee (aka the rain tax) will be addressed!

The event is co-sponsored by the Severn River Association (SRA) and the Magothy River Association (MRA). The public is invited to "Meet The Candidates" on Friday, October 17. Our hosts, SRA and MRA will start the discussion with four environmental questions. There will also be ample time for the candidates to field questions from the audience.

When: Friday, October 17. Forum starts at 7:00 p.m.

Where: Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church,
611 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., Severna Park, MD

Marine No Discharge Zone

At the September meeting of the AEC, the pros and cons of establishing a Marine No Discharge Zone (NDZ) in Annapolis waters were discussed and the AEC is seeking input from the public and the marine community regarding a measure that might improve badly deteriorated water quality.

Most discharges from vessels are already prohibited by federal and state laws and regulations. The question before the commission is whether to recommend that our city join a list of over 80 other places in the United States that have achieved the formal NDZ designation administered by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The nationwide program is described at

Development Updates

Here is a list of all projects currently under Forest Conservation Act Compliance Review by the Department of Neighborhood and Environmental Programs (DNEP). Citizens can use the Trakit numbers provided to get the information on all these projects on the City's eTrakit website. Visit DNEP's FCA site for more information. The Forest Conservation Act shall apply to any public or private subdivision plan, or application for a grading permit, or any application for a development project requiring site design review, on areas of forty thousand square feet or greater, except as provided in Annotated Code of Maryland, Natural Resources Article, Section 5-1602 (b) (or its successors). Where any provision of the Forest Conservation Act and a provision of the City Code both apply, the more restrictive requirements may be employed. Forty thousand square feet is less than an acre.
Crystal Spring – a/k/a Katherine Property - Developers of Crystal Spring forwarded for review a copy of their revised Preliminary Forest Conservation Plan to the Annapolis Department of the Environment (DNEP) on June 25, 2014. DNEP responded with extensive comments and questions in a letter to their attorney on August 8, 2014, requesting a complete overhaul of the current version of their Preliminary Forest Conservation Plan. The public comments submitted to the City on the Crystal Spring preliminary FCP were not made available to the public or to the Annapolis Environmental Commission (AEC). The AEC's comments on the Crystal Spring FCP to DNEP can be found here

The AEC has been consistent in its advice to the City and the Administration has been consistent in its message to the developers that the size and scale of the project is out of line with provisions of our current Comprehensive Plan including but not limited to increasing Annapolis’ tree canopy to 50 percent by 2036. The City has the discretion to protect its natural assets including but not limited to our Priority Forests, streams, and nontidal wetlands under the Forest Conservation Act, while allowing for development close to Forest Drive. Annapolis’ Comprehensive Plan also addresses traffic and other adequate public facility issues such as overcrowding schools, which is outside the scope of advice that the AEC provides to the City.

We believe that this approach strikes a good balance. A far better plan would be achieved if the developers leave (as well as strengthen) the forested buffer around Crab Creek intact and provide a 300 foot stream buffer to handle the 30 + acres of development that could be accommodated next to Forest Drive. The destruction of Priority Forest permitted in exchange for enhancing the forested buffer south of the intermittent stream conserving in a permanent conservation easement would result in far less damage to Crab Creek and the South River. The current plan outlined by the CS developers destroys virtually all of the Priority Forest north of the intermittent stream and populates areas below the stream which fragments important forest. The AEC believes that simple solutions to restoring the Bay include maintaining strong forested buffers around our creeks, streams and rivers before spending money to restore them after the damage has occurred.

In our response to an invitation from The Capital-Gazette, we published this OpEd Article giving a short summary of our comments and recommendations.
By way of background, this is a proposed 111 acre mixed use development to be located off of Forest Drive, and may include130 non age restricted townhomes, restaurants, retail and an assisted living facility. The majority of the property is forested with several non-tidal wetlands and other important natural features. Revisions to most recent Forest Stand Delineation (FSD) of March 5, 2013 was received March 18, 2013 and approved by DNEP March 21, 2013. This project has submitted eight versions of their FSD since August, 2011. The approval of the FSD was appealed and was heard by the Building Board of Appeals (BBOA). The BBOA granted the motion to dismiss the appeal on September. 10, 2013 indicating the BBOA did not have authority to rule on the matter as there had been no final determination made by DNEP to which the appeal could be taken up by the BBOA. Although the City review process calls for determinations from the Director of DNEP that are challenged are to be reviewed by the BBOA, that hearing body concluded that DNEP does not have the authority to “approve” a Forest Stand Delineation and indicated that challenges to the FSD would be heard by the Planning Commission at the same time as the Forest Conservation Plan and the rest of the site plan. On April 3, 2014 The Circuit Court ruled that DNEP’s determination of the FSD is not appealable to the Building Board of Appeals. Instead, once the Forest Conservation Plan is submitted an aggrieved party may seek a hearing at DNEP. If the party disagrees with DNEP’s decision, the party may appeal to the Board of Building of Appeals. It is at that time where objections to the Forest Stand Delineation may be heard.

As mentioned above, a revised Preliminary Forest Conservation Plan was received by the City on May 28, 2013. City staff sent review comments to the developer June 28, 2013. Another Revised Preliminary Forest Conservation Plan was filed by the Crystal Spring developers on June 25, 2014. The City responded August 8, 2014 and applicant has yet to respond. Developers have been meeting with City Staff but a formal response has not been filed. A Planning Commission work session is tentatively scheduled for either October or November. Trakit: FCP2013-001.

Hayes Annexation Property, aka Reserve at Annapolis Station, 7.65 acres, multi-family residential development located off of Old Solomon’s Island Rd. The part of the site proposed for development is flat, treeless and recently farmed. The remainder of the property is forested with steep slopes. Comments from developer and DNEP have been exchanged regarding FSD review first received Dec. 13, 2012, with most recent comments dated April 26, 2013. This project has submitted three versions of their FSD since June, 2012. Staff met with environmental consultant on site April 30, 2013 to confirm details of the most recent FSD submittal. The FSD was determined to be complete and correct May 6, 2013. There are new developers who have a revised site plan for 3 story townhouses. The original plan was for 4 and 5 story apartments. Revised Forest Conservation Plan received July 22, 2014; showing 50 townhouses (see , Dept. of Neighborhood and Environmental Programs, FCA Projects under review). City responded September 5, 2014.

Thomas Woods, 1.44 acres, 10 townhome residential use located on the northeast side of Forest Drive near Forest Hills Avenue. The property is forested and immediately adjacent to an apartment complex. The FSD was determined to be complete and correct Dec. 27, 2012. This project has submitted two versions of their FSD since July, 2012. Forest Conservation Plan submitted August 20, 2012 for review. Staff responded October 3, 2013. Developer response and revised plans received February 24, 2014. City response to revisions April 9, 2014. Developer has approval from AACO for Forest Drive Access permit. Developer will need to submit formal Planned Development/Subdivision application when FCP is approved. Developer response and revised FCP plans received May 30, 2014. City response to developer July 2, 2014. Developer response to City August 19, 2014. Currently under review. Trakit: FCP2014-001

Milkshake Lane, a/k/a Primrose Hill, Trackit: FCP2013-002. This is a proposed residential development on 4.35 (or 2) acres off of Milkshake Lane, the highest point in the City of Annapolis. The property currently has an historic 18th century Georgian mansion and old trees mostly at the perimeter after 79 trees were cut down without permit on March 6, 2008. The property was first submitted for site plan review for a proposed subdivision on June 29, 2006. More recently, a revised Preliminary Forest Stand Delineation (FSD) was received February 5, 2013, comments sent to developer March 4, 2013 with an approval of the FSD subject to minor corrections which were received March 6, 2013. The Forest Stand Delineation was approved by DNEP on March 19, 2013. This project has submitted four versions of its FSD since December, 2012. The approval of the Forest Stand Delineation was appealed to the Building Board of Appeals July 23, 2013. The BBOA granted the motion to dismiss the appeal Sept. 24, 2013 citing the reasoning and language used to deny the appeal of the FSD in the Crystal Spring matter finding that DNEP does not have the legal authority to approve a Forest Stand Delineation. The BBOA noted that there is a hearing process relating to the approval of a Forest Conservation Plan, which does not exist for a FSD. See COMAR, Section Thereafter, the developers filed a Preliminary Forest Conservation Plan on July 5, 2013. DNEP Responded to developer on September 16, 2013. A Revised Preliminary Forest Conservation Plan was submitted by the November 14, 2013. Staff responded December 27, 2013. Developer response and revised plans submitted February 11, 2014. DNEP staff responded on March 18, 2014. Developer response received April 21, 2014. Revised plan shows 22 townhomes and 6 single family dwellings, including the existing historic structure. Staff determination that FCP is complete and correct May 14, 2014. Developer working on site engineering plans to make a formal Planned Development/Subdivision application. Developer sent preliminary architecture to P&Z week of June 9 for review. Preliminary comments to be returned week of June 23. The Forest Conservation Plan has been appealed by neighbors to the proposed project. Trackit: FCP2013-002

Rocky Gorge - Aris Allen Blvd. - 31 townhome lots and 17 single family dwelling lots adjacent to Oxford Landing with an extension of Yawl Road for access. Steep slopes and ravine leading to the headwaters of the South River. Subdivision plat approved September 18, 2008 by the Planning Commission but permits never issued. Revised Forest Stand Delineation received February 19, 2014. Staff response on March 19, 2014. Staff response to Revised Preliminary Forest Conservation Plan on April 10, 2014. Applicant response April 28, 2014 and staff response May 23, 2014 to FSD, FCP and Grading Permit. Applicant response June 2, 2014 with staff response June 13, 2014. Developer response received June 19, 2014. FSD and FCP determined to be complete and correct June 23, 2014. Grading permit issued and work commenced. The Preliminary FCP and the Variance to cut down specimen trees was granted for removal of all the trees requested. The Preliminary FCP approval has been appealed by the South River Federation and nearby neighbors. Trakit: GRD14-0006, FSD2014-001.

Reserve at Quiet Waters. Approved by the Planning Commission with over 38 conditions and denied by the Planning Board of Appeals. Denial reversed by the Circuit Court and City removed as a party by the Circuit Court. Circuit Court decision is pending appeal by the Special Court of Appeals. Appeals do not stay the development process so the developers could start building at their own risk. The developer is working to establish an off-site sewer easement with Anne Arundel County and an easement for water connection with Hunt Meadow. Once easements are recorded, the record plat will go back before the Planning Commission as a business item for approval. Developer is also in discussion with Department of Public Works regarding a sewer pump station and design for increasing the water pressure for the development. The City has filed a brief (click here) in support of its actions and the vote by the Planning Board of Appeals’ rejecting the project.

Status of Critical Area Projects > 40,000 square feet:

The Enclave on Spa, Trakit PD2013-001
1023 Spa Road, 3.819 acres; zoning R2 (0.01 acres), R3 (3.809 acres) 2.997 acres within the Critical Area (IDA), .812 acres (34,559 sf) outside Critical Area Proposed, 36 townhomes. Impervious surface existing within Critical Area 82%, proposed reduction to 43%, steep slope to the rear of the property. Current Status: Approved at hearing held before the Planning Commission 03/06/14. Developer working on final engineering and architecture and definition of final easement location. Once complete, final record plat will go back before the Planning Commission for approval as a business item.

Rogers Property, a/k/a Chesapeake Grove at Bembe Beach, Trakit PD2012-003
Rogers Property, east of Bembe Beach Road between Chesapeake Harbor and Baywoods, fronting the Severn River, 4.997 acres entirely within the Critical Area (IDA); zoning R3. Proposed 45 townhomes. Current Status: City staff met with developer April 22, 2014 and discussed their responses to City comments of November 5, 2013. Revised plans received June 18, 2014 to be sent out for City (County?) and State agency review. Traffic impact study has not been approved pending traffic count updates. Staff met with developer and design team August 20, 2014 to discuss City comments. No new submittal at this time.
A Reminder about the Stormwater Fee Credit Program

City's residents and businesses can apply for a 50% reduction in their Stormwater Utility Fee by installing an on-site stormwater management facility (such as rain barrels or rain gardens). Please see the Department of Neighborhood and Evironmental Programs Stormwater page for more information.

Anne Arundel County Residents can also qualify for a county stormwater credit. Click here to find out how.

Water Reporter iPhone App

Download the Water Reporter app and you can help protect your local waterway. Take a picture or a video of dirt and debris flowing from a construction site, manure piled next to a stream, or a pipe discharging polluted, smelly water. The picture and information will be sent to your local Waterkeeper for them to take action. There are 18 Waterkeepers in the Chesapeake Bay on call to follow up on your pollution report.

The Water Reporter also allows you to share your experiences on the water, so that we can build a stronger community of people willing to fight to protect our rivers and streams.

August Downpour Results in Sewage Overflow of 12 Million Gallons

Baltimore city officials belatedly disclosed Friday that sewage overflows topped 12 million gallons during last [months] downpour, four times what had previously been acknowledged. It was the most untreated waste reported spilled in the city in a single day since 2006, according to state records.

Top managers of the city Department of Public Works just learned of three previously unreported overflows during the Aug. 12 rainstorm, according to department spokesman Jeffrey Raymond.

Officials now estimate that "more than 9 million gallons" of diluted but raw sewage bubbled up from rain-filled sewer lines on Eager Street at Durham Street in East Baltimore, in the 1700 block of E. Chase St. not far from the Johns Hopkins medical campus and in the 2100 block of Wicomico Street in Southwest Baltimore.

Raymond said that city officials notified the Maryland Department of the Environment of the additional overflows Friday. State regulations require prompt public reporting of sewage spills and overflows, and the city spokesman acknowledged that state regulators "will be looking" at the tardy report. - from an arcticle in the Baltimore Sun

Large Recycling Bins Still Available

Ther City Public Works Department still have a number of the 64 gallon wheeled, lidded recycling bins available for free for city residents. Visit the Public Works facility at 935 Spa Road between 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. Monday through Friday to get yours. Be sure to bring a current I.D. and a copy of your water bill for verification. To find out more about recylcing in the city, visit the Public Works website.

Fall is Here - Dispose of Your Leaves the Bay-Friendly Way

When autumn arrives, hikers and bikers go the extra mile to find fall foliage. But it can be hard for homeowners to love fall leaves when they drop off of tree limbs and onto green lawns. And in a number of communities, the once-accepted methods of getting rid of leaves—chucking them into the trash can or lighting large piles on fire—are no longer allowed, due to limits on landfill space and concerns over human health. So what is a watershed resident to do with autumn’s fallen leaves? Here are four tips to help you get rid of your leaves while reducing your impact on the Chesapeake Bay.

Mulch them - Leave the rake in the shed and the leaf-blower at the hardware store—mulching allows you to get rid of leaves without having to wrestle them into precarious piles first! Just run over fallen leaves with a lawn mower, mulching blade attached. The blade will cut the leaves into small pieces, which will settle undetected beneath the green canopy of your lawn. A long-term study of leaf-mulching confirmed the practice even benefits your backyard, as the leaves feed the underground microbes that benefit soil health.
Compost them - Fallen leaves are critical to composting. Leaves, twigs and other carbon-rich “brown” plant material can be added to existing compost piles to bring balance to nitrogen-rich lawn clippings, fruit and vegetable waste and other “green” plant material. Or, large piles of leaves can be composted on their own. If kept moist and periodically turned, the leaves will decompose and create a dark, crumbly compost that can enrich the soil in your garden.
Paper bag them - If putting fallen leaves to use in your lawn or garden just isn’t an option, then consider curbside collection. A number of local governments collect leaves each fall, whether they are raked in piles to the curb or placed in paper bags. Even garbage-collection services often offer yard waste pick-up, transporting leaves to municipal composting facilities to keep them out of landfills.
Don’t burn them - A lit match is a tempting solution to the leaf pile problem, but burning leaves can pollute the air and harm our health. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the open burning of leaves puts particulate matter and hydrocarbons into the air. The former can increase your chances of respiratory infection, while the latter contains toxic and cancer-causing compounds.
(from: Chesapeake Currents, August 2014)

Rain Gardens - Maximizing the Benefits To Your Home, Health and the Environment

A well maintained, attractively landscaped Rain Garden enhances the value of nearby homes, makes for a much more pleasant neighborhood, and is extremely effective in protecting the health of local waters. In contrast, a poorly maintained Rain Garden can become a mosquito-breeding ground full of trash and dead plants which lowers property value. This factsheet explains how you can ensure that a Rain Garden remains an asset to your home and the environment. Rain Gardens, also known as bioretention, are designed to treat runoff from homes and other buildings, driveways, sidewalks, streets, parking lots and other impervious surfaces. You’d be amazed by the amount of pollution settling from the atmosphere onto these surfaces. More pollution comes from other sources: vehicle exhaust and engine leakage, lawn equipment, pet waste, and lawn-care chemicals drifting onto the surfaces. The pollutant level in rainwater runoff from these surfaces can be so high that fish would die if it were used to fill an aquarium. Rain Gardens are among THE most effective measures for preventing runoff pollution. Click here for tips on how to a rain garden healthy. - from Community & Environmental Defense Services

Spa Creek Restoration

Spa Creek Conservancy (SCC) reports that it has mobilized a team of professionals for watershed projects supporting the SCC goals of restoring Spa Creek to a swimmable and fishable tributary of the Chesapeake Bay. SSC is pursuing a partnership with the communities in the cove subwatershed drainage area. In addition, the SSC is working on joining with the Partnership for Sustainable Communities, a recently formed collaboration of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).

The Severn River Association (SRA) Stormwater Action Fund (SAF) funding will support a watershed “hot spot” assessment, conceptual design, and implementation planning. One aspect of the partnership is examining stormwater runoff, water-quality impacts from land use changes, the benefits of green roofs and urban riparian tree coverage, and pollutant load reductions; to evaluate the performance of green infrastructure techniques; and to help quantify the costs and benefits of stormwater treatment devices and green infrastructure investments. The project will be a shared initiative with the City, State, EPA, HUD, DOT, and communities. The Implementation Plan will identify the resources required and potential sources of funding.

Hawkins Cove is a high priority for SCC as identified in the Spa Creek Master Restoration Plan developed by the Center for Watershed Protection. SCC hopes the SRA will consider multiple SAF grants to stakeholder communities to support this major endeavor to save an important cove in a major tributary to the river. This is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate a partnership with SRA to tackle major restoration programs, both landward and seaward.

Spa Creek Conservancy is fully committed to supporting the master plan and the priority projects such as Hawkins Cove. For additional information, e-mail Project Management questions can be directed to Mel Wilkins, EcoGardens, LLC,, who has been retained to execute the project at SCC’s direction.

Climate Stewards of Greater Annapolis

A new group called the Climate Stewards of Greater Annapolis (CSGA) has been formed to learn about climate science and various methods being used to fight global warming. In addition, the group hopes to engage in discussions with community members and leaders, and to inform policy makers and influence policies at the local, state, and national levels that affect global warming. Meeting are held on the 4th Thursday of every month at the Annapolis Friends Meeting House. 351 Dubois Road, Annapolis, MD 21401.

Get in Touch with the AEC!

Do you have any questions or suggestions for the AEC? We'd love to hear from you! Contact us at

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Attend the AEC's Next Meeting!

October 1, 2014 7:00 p.m.
Third floor conference Room
145 Gorman Street, Annapolis, MD 21401

The AEC is an independent board consisting of nine City residents who are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Aldermen to be concerned with the protection and improvement of the natural health and welfare of the environment.
The views portrayed by the AEC are not necessarily shared by the City of Annapolis, staff or elected officials.

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Net Atlantic

Judi MacDonald's Art, City Dock
Stop in to enjoy Judi's work at City Dock Coffee shop!

Concrete Work Phase 3 September 22nd
Please be advised that JMR Contracting will be repairing/replacing portions of concrete sidewalks, walkways etc. throughout the community between 7AM and 5 PM per the following schedule:

Phase 1 (Starting Sept. 8) - Buildings at 680-698 Fairview

Phase 2 (Starting Sept. 15) - Buildings at 776-784 Fairview and pool house area.

Phase 3 (Starting Sept. 22) - Buildings at 792-798 Fairview

 Parking areas near the above work areas (in front of the buildings etc.) must be vacated in order for the contractor to access with their equipment.

Please be sure that all vehicles have been removed from these areas while work is in progress.

All vehicles at 7am will be towed without any further notice to the residents. Vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense.

If you suspect your vehicle has been towed please contact North County Recovery at (410) 255-4494.

 Certain portions of sidewalk, parking areas and curbing will not be accessible while the work is being completed and will be staged with a temporary barricade. Work areas will be marked with paint and/or traffic cones and caution tape prior to commencement of repairs.

 Please do not drive, park, or walk on any marked areas until traffic cones, barricades, and caution tape are removed. Anyone who drives, parks, or walks on the replaced areas before permitted will be responsible for the cost of repairs.

 Schedule is dependent on weather. In the event of inclement weather, work will resume on the next business day.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.
Victory Management, Inc.
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 390 KB)

Shooting near Pip Moyer Center
Shooting – 201400004659 – 200 block of Hilltop La – 09/15 at 5:35pm: The victim, a 25 year old man from Annapolis, was at the outdoor basketball courts near the “Pip” Moyer Recreation Center when he became involved in an argument with a male subject known to him. The suspect left the area and returned with a gun. The suspect fired several times, striking the victim once in the arm. A round also struck the Recreation Center, penetrating a window in a room where patrons of the center were exercising. No one was struck by this round. The suspect ran off on foot and the victim also left the area. The victim was located in a vehicle near Smithville St and Russell St. He was transported to Baltimore Shock Trauma with non-life threatening injuries. Officers formed a perimeter around the area the suspect was last seen and checked the area with K-9 and helicopter, but the suspect was not located. If anyone has information about this shooting please contact Detective Jon-Paul Hipsky at 410-268-9000

St. Luke's Celebration on 10-4-14
All are invited to attend.
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 87 KB)

SHYC Pool party! Saturday, August 16th, 8-11
SHYC Pool Party featuring Hob's best video picks. Let me know if 
you have any requests! Beverages and pizza provided by the club. Bring an appetizer if you want.

Eastport Civic Center News
Community News

Watch Your Bike Program

City of Annapolis Police Department

The police will record your bike's serial number, manufacturer, and color in their database. Eastport residents can contact Cpl. Craig Medley at 410-288-9000, ext. 7225 or for more information. This program is set up to protect your property.

Neighborhood Watch Meeting - June 10th ​This meeting focused on the drug trade going on in select areas of the city and what the police is doing to decrease the influence of a few distributors. The police made one large bust last month.
​In the month of April, there were 22 thefts from cars, 16 of these were not locked. The total dollar value of these thefts were $7,175. In May, there were 32 thefts with 20 of these unlocked and total value of $14,361. Be sure to lock your car and hide your valuables if you have to leave them in your car.

ECA Meetings

& Events

Annual Picnic - August 28General Meeting - September 18Annual Meeting - November 20General Meeting - January 15

SAVE The Date: ECA Picnic, August 28

​Mears Marina, 6:30 PM

Join the ECA

AN EasTport Welcome

The ECA is a non-profit, member-based community association. We engage in activities that improve the quality of life in the Eastport Community and build relationships with our local officials.

Membership is open to homeowners and renters who reside in Eastport.

A Warm Welcome from ECA

ECA Meeting with Annapolis Police Chief Pristoop

Eastport Home & Garden Tour Volunteers

Annapolis Maritime Museum Summer Concert Series

Eastport Home

Eastport Home

Architecture & Zoning: Eric Pilka, ChairCommunications: Rita Ormasa, ChairEco-Action: Karen Jennings, ChairHome & Garden Tour: Marcia Marshall,ChairMembership: Vic Pascoe, ChairSafety: ​ Michael Schwartz, Chair​

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Public Comments Regarding Crystal Spring

Public Comment Requested on Crystal Spring Forest Conservation Plan Revisions

Annapolis, MD (7-15-14) Annapolis Mayor Michael Pantelides requests public input on the most recent revisions to the Crystal Spring Forest Conservation Plan.

To ensure public access to the most recent updates, the City is offering a copy of the plan and all documents associated with this project at

Individuals are encouraged to submit comments to through July 31.

June 10, 2014 Agenda
Tuesday, June 10, 2014
7pm at Pool House

Note – Pool cabana & upper deck areas will be closed to all owners and residents during meeting.




• Annual Meeting with BG&E Cleaning


• Secretary Report - Owner’s Correspondence (If Applicable)

• Security Report – Officer Brock Tapp
• Grounds
• Pool
• Community Rep
• Buildings
• Slips – Dock Master







Please contact your Building Representative or visit or to obtain a copy of the current minutes.

Current Registration Stickers (Bikes, Kayaks, and


All Dinghy's and Kayak's stored on Severn House grounds and all Bicycles on Severn House bicycle racks will require a valid 2014 registration sticker after 31 May 2014.

All found to be without the proper registration after 15 June 2014 will be removed, at owner expense ($100), and re-located to the storage area located behind the dumpsters.

To claim please contact Victory Management 410.553.9500 or 443.249.0172.  

May 13 th BOD Meeting
See attached agenda
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 352 KB)

City tree give away. May 10th

Here is the form that needs to be filled out in order to receive a tree from the city of Annapolis. If you do want a tree planted, you are responsible for watering and maintaining it.

New Photos
New photos added to the gallery. Click on photos to view.

Ballot for April 8, 2014 BOD Meeting
A quorum in needed to fill the vacancies for the BOD at the annual
meeting, April 8th, 2014. To cast an electronic ballot, please go to, under communities, click on the Severn House web page. Click on the red higlighted link that says ONLINE BALLOT- 2014 Annual Membership Meeting.
Please note, Jim Corder is a write-in candidate. If you want to print the ballot, click on the link below.
Any questions, please contact VMI.

View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 470 KB)

Bubbler Removal
Will you please post a notice on the Web that announces Bubbler clean-up and Marina De-Winterization Day to be held on 12 April 14 at 0930AM with initial meeting at the Point of the Cove and Back Creek. 
Refreshments will be served. Be prepared to collect up, power wash, add new zincs and put away for summer,  all our bubblers. Thank you! 

Spring Native Flower Planting Guide
Favorite herbaceous plants for mid-Atlantic butterflies and moths.
Common Name
Plant GenusButterfly/moth species supported
Goldenrod Solidago 115
Asters Aster 112
Sunflower Helianthus 73
Joe pye, Boneset Eupatorium 42
Morning glory Ipomoea 39
Sedges Carex 36
Honeysuckle Lonicera 36
Lupine Lupinus 33
Violets Viola 29
Geraniums Geranium 23
Black-eyed susan Rudbeckia 17
Iris Iris 17
Evening primrose Oenothera 16
Milkweed Asclepias 12
Verbena Verbena 11
Beardtongue Penstemon 8
Phlox Phlox 8
Bee balm Monarda 7
Veronica Veronica 6
Little bluestem Schizachyrium 6
Cardinal flower Lobelia 4



Pool roof replacement
As part of the pool improvement plan, the Severn House Board recognizes the importance of replacing the existing canvas upper deck roof that leaks and involves substantial maintenance each year. The proposed permanent structure roof should last approximately 30 years.
At the March 11, Board Meeting the Board will present the drawings, for the permanent roof structure, which has been posted in the pool deck area since last summer.
The proposed new structure will come out of reserve budget, not operating budget, and will not affect the condo fees. While this project was shown in the reserve budget, there has been no Board decision, so that the owners have an opportunity to present any comments to the Board.
The current drawing, drawn by Dave Ewing, professional architect, and reviewed and approved by a licensed structural engineer, as currently drawn, has a slight pitch, and a portion of the new structure will be approximately 5.5 feet higher than the existing canvas. The posts and yellow tape now shown on the existing canvas gives an idea of the height difference.
Any questions or concerns should be directed to Victory Management at prior to the March 11th meeting for review by the Board.

Environmental Meeting, Annapolis MD

The 2014 General Assembly is underway and we are working hard to make sure your environmental values are heard in Annapolis.  Join the environmental community in Annapolis for the 20th Annual Legislative Summit and learn about the environmental community's top priorities!  You will have a chance to hear from important legislative and environmental leaders and meet other folks from across the state who care about a clean and healthy environment. 

When: January 21st from 4:30pm-6pm

Where: Miller Conference Room, Miller Senate Building
                11 Bladen St.
                Annapolis, MD  21401

We'll be tweeting from the event, so follow the conversation on twitter with the hashtag #MDEnviroSummit.  

After the summit, everyone is invited to continue the conversation at Green Drinks Annapolis at the Historic Maryland Inn on Church Circle.  It is within walking distance of the Miller Building. Free -- no RSVP required. For information about Green Drinks, go here.

Hope to see you there!

December 10th BOD Meeting


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

                                                           BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING

7pm at St. Lukes Church



Note – Pool cabana & upper deck areas will be closed to all owners and residents during meeting.



       I.      CALL TO ORDER







Annual Meeting with CAU – Doug Henkins




Security Report
Secretary Report Owner’s Correspondence (If Applicable)



Community Rep
Slips – Dock Master




2014 Budget 




Snow Contract 








Please contact your Building Representative or visit or to obtain a copy of the current minutes.

Work on C Dock
NOTICE TO SH Mariners:

On Thursday, 21 November 13, a large barge w/crane will be moored in Back Creek near C Dock. This is a preliminary event for replacing a piling between C-19 and C-20. If all approvals are received when expected, work will commence on Friday, 22 Nov and the barge will move out upon completion. 

Frank Fox 
SH Acting Dockmaster

November 12, 2013 BOD Meeting
November BOD meeting, 7PM at St. Luke's church.
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 336 KB)

Storage Unit at Eastport Fire Station


Ross – No new permanent fence, and no new driveway (access is from the existing concrete pad at the fire station.  There will be two new infiltration trenches for storm water management.  

Morris Hall
Longtime Annapolis mail carrier dies at 82

Morris Hall didn't believe in sick days

Published  3:47 PM EDT Oct 14, 2013


BALTIMORE —A longtime mail carrier who walked his Annapolis route for decades has died.

For more than 50 years, Morris Hall walked the same mail route in the Annapolis community of Eastport, delivering mail in the pouring rain.

A couple years ago, the U.S. Postal Service honored Hall for 50 years of dedicated service. He had no intention of retiring and didn't believe in sick days.

Hall told his family that even though he wasn't feeling well, he still intended to deliver the mail this past Saturday.

He passed away that morning. He was 82.

Read more:


Memorial Service
Hardesty Funeral Home-Annapolis
12 Ridgely Avenue
Annapolis, MD     US     21401
 Map / Directions
 Saturday, October 19, 2013
3:00 PM

- See more at:


Please read before making improvements
Please read this document before making improvements to your condo.
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 146 KB)

11/18 water turned off at docks 11//23 Bubblers
The water to the docks will be turned off on 11/18/13. Bubbler placement scheduled for 11/23/13.

October 22, Fall Tree Work Begins
Starting on October 22, Brickman will be doing fall tree work. Please see attached document. Any questions, please contact VMI.
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 5 KB)

Service Animal Waiver
Click on link below.

Asphalt Schedule

Agenda for September 10, 2013 BOD Meeting

SEVERN HOUSE CONDOMINIUM Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Note Pool cabana & upper deck areas will be closed to all owners and residents during meeting.



Annual Meeting with Brickman Landscape V. TREASURER REPORT


  •   Security Report

  •   Owner’s Correspondence


    •   Ad Hock Cable/Fios

    •   Grounds

    •   Pool

    •   Community Rep

    •   Buildings

    •   Slips Dock Master


A. B.


A. B.


Please contact your Building Representative or visit or to obtain a copy of the current community newsletter. 

Judi MacDonald's Art Exhibit at City Dock Coffee
Judi has some new paintings on exhibit at City Dock Coffee, so go check them out! The exhibit will run through September!

City Dock Coffee, 18 Market Space, Annapolis, 21401

Unregistered Bikes Will Be Removed 8/21/2013
All unregistered bikes will be removed tomorrow 8/21/2013. Contact
VMI if you do not have a current bike sticker!

Picture of the NEW GREEN Recycling Dumpster

New GREEN dumpster for recycle only!

Autumn Pool Party
Click on the link below for the Autumn Pool Party Form.

Unregistered Vessels Will Be Removed
Beginning Aug 14, 2013, Kayak's and other small vessels that have not been properly registered with Victory Management, the agent for Severn House Condo's, will be removed to the storage lot near / behind the dumpster's on the back of the property. Vessels that are removed will be done so at owner expense. In order to claim your vessel after Aug 14, contact Victory Mangement for instructions. Warning notices were posted on unregistered vessels on July 14, 2013. 

Severn House

Abandoned Bicycles will be removed
In 15 days, all abandoned bikes in the storage areas will be disposed of, so if you think one might be yours, contact VMI.

Update on Crystal Springs

Friends of the Annapolis environment, roads and schools:

Thanks to your continuing involvement, we appear to be making real progress in our campaign to stop the complete destruction of the last surviving large forest in Annapolis, and the increased traffic problems and school overcrowding that over-the-top development on the site would bring.

Briefly, here's where things stand today, and what we need to do to continue the fight.


As you who participated already know, more than 300 people came out on a rainy night to learn more about the 111-acre Crystal Spring development and register their concerns about its impact on the area. The standing-room-only crowd overwhelmed the hosting church. The meeting was widely reported in the media: here are links to articles in the Annapolis Capital, Baltimore Sun and Annapolis patch in case you missed them.,0,449733.story


After more than two years of virtual silence, the city gave its first indication of serious concern about the developer's plans. The city told the developers they must resolve a broad range of environmental issues, and respond to a number of state concerns as well, before they can move forward. This action hardly stops the development, but it is a positive step, the first of any substance we've seen. Few would doubt that the steady drumbeat of citizen concerns expressed through the mass meeting, letters to the editor, demonstrations, testimony before the mayor and council, questions from community groups and others, contributed to the city's response.


Citizen contacts with city and county authorities, and independent experts, have documented that Forest Drive, the main road fronting the development, cannot handle the anticipated load the development would bring. The Annapolis Comprehensive Plan says the Crystal Spring development tract should generate no more than 140 additional living units and 160,000 sq. feet of commercial space. Crystal Spring wants 500-plus living units and more than 250,000 sq. ft. of commercial space. The county says it has NO plans to widen Forest Drive. The city says it has done a traffic study -- but won't release it.


The developers have very deep pockets and Crystal Spring is a huge investment that they will go to court to protect. We're preparing for that by building our own war chest. Our research has shown that a realistic minimum for our Crystal Spring Legal Defense Fund is $50,000. We and other environmental and community leaders and activists have put in and managed to raise from others nearly $30,000 thus far, many very generously contributing $1,000 each. But it's not enough and we need YOUR help. PLEASE help by sending what you can, in whatever amount. Tax-deductible contributions can be made on-line thanks to assistance from the Severn Riverkeeper. Just go to their website to donate (Be sure to note in the Comment field that it's for "CS Legal Defense Fund") 

Checks -- made out to the Severn Riverkeeper, with "CS Legal Defense Fund" in the memo field -- should be mailed to Severn Riverkeeper, 329 Riverview Trail, Annapolis MD 21401


We've raised awareness on Crystal Spring and brought pressure on both the developers and the city by our nonstop activities, and we have to keep it up! Please, today, send letters to the editors of the Capital and the Baltimore Sun, expressing your concerns. Talk to your neighbors and to your community association: we can provide a speaker for meetings, if you'd like. Get your community association or other appropriate organization to formally object to the Crystal Spring plan. Let our elected officials know of your concern: visit for a link to our petition. 

Remember, this is a community-wide, all-volunteer effort, so please get in touch with any ideas and offers of your own expertise. They've got the money but we've got the troops! 

We'll continue to update you as this important fight continues. Speaking on behalf of the dozens of groups and individuals who've been working tirelessly on this vitally important issue for the greater Annapolis community, our sincere thanks for your concern and ongoing involvement.

Armed Robbery at Royal Farm Store
Release Date: 7/16/13

The Annapolis Police Department is seeking the identity of three suspects who robbed the Royal Farms Store located in the 400 block of Sixth Street in the early morning hours of July 16, 2013. 
On 16 July 2013 at approximately 2:10 a.m. the first suspect walked into the Royal Farms Store and made sure there was no one but employees inside. The suspect then walked out and alerted two other suspects that the store was clear. The two suspects entered the store, one armed with a weapon, and proceeded to jump over the counter. The suspects removed cash from the register and cigarettes. The suspects fled the store on foot.
Detectives are also seeking information concerning a dark in color van, possibly a Dodge or Plymouth.
The suspect descriptions are:
Suspect #1:  African American male 5-07, 165, 20’s, corn rolls hair style, black tank top, dark cargo shorts, wire rimmed glasses, multicolored wrist band on right wrist.  He appeared to be the lookout.  
Suspect #2:  African American male 5-10, 200, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, brown belt, and possibly new balance tennis Shoes.  Suspect was armed with a semi-auto weapon.
Suspect #3: African American male 5-08, medium build, 20’s, wearing a black long sleeves hoodie, gray under shirt, black jeans with stripes on side of shoes, carrying a purple backpack..
Anyone with information is asked to call the Annapolis Police Department at 410-268-9000 or(410) 268-4141. Anonymous tips may be left at (410) 280-CLUE.

Current Registration for Dinghy and Kayaks

If you maintain a Dinghy or Kayak on the racks along the SH Promenade, make sure you have a current SH registration sticker displayed on your boat. Boats without a current registration sticker (expires 30 May 2014) will be moved off the racks and into the back lot during the week of 22 Julyat owner expense. Warning notices were affixed to boats on 16 June. Contact Victory Management to expedite the registration process. Thank you. 

Frank Fox 
SH Dockmaster

Message from Ross Arnnett regarding City Dock

Ward 8 and Friends

Eye On Annapolis has published a Factsheet produced by the City's Department of Planning and Zoning. I hope you find the information helpful as you think about the City Dock planning. The Council is scheduled to have a work secession this coming Thursday afternoon in council Chambers. We will receive information from the City Administration as a prelude to Council action on Ordinance 07-13 that deals with phase I of the City Dock planning. The meeting is open to the public, but we will not take public testimony at this point, that will come on 25 July during a special City council meeting 7 PM in Council Chambers.


Annapolis Lays Out Facts On 110 Compromise Street

EOA Staff | July 10, 2013


The City of Annapolis’ Planning and Zoning Department released the following fact sheet in an attempt to clarify the hyperbole that has surrounded the possible redevelopment of 110 Compromise Street.

In order to address the conflicting information being aired regarding the Master Plan and rezoning efforts for the Compromise Street properties, the Department of Planning and Zoning has compiled the following clarifications with respect to the City Dock Master Plan and Ordinance O-7-13 concerning rezoning of 110 Compromise Street and adjacent city-owned properties specifically, and City Dock in general.


Process and Timing

Since 1986 over 20 studies relating to some aspect of City Dock have been conducted.

Three years ago, the City Council—acting on behalf of the recommendations in the Annapolis Comprehensive Plan—authorized the establishment of a City Dock Advisory Committee (CDAC). The charge of this Committee was to analyze City Dock and make recommendations to the City Council. CDAC began its work in the fall of 2010. It was composed of 26 citizens, several of whom conduct businesses or own property in the City Dock area. The CDAC met 22 times; all meetings were open to the public; over 100 different members of the public, including business and property owners, attended these meetings. Two public workshops were held in the downtown recreation center. The workshop on June 28, 2012 was designed to elicit ideas for the redevelopment and enhancement; and the September 27, 2012 workshop graphically presented these ideas as a unified plan and took additional public comments on this plan. There were additional public presentations made to the City Council, the Planning Commission, and the Historic Preservation Commission. Letters were given to all business in the City Dock study area inviting them to involve themselves and to present to the CDAC. Several business owners and associations made presentations. In addition, the consultant to the Master Plan personally met with many business owners and other stakeholders. Finally, significant information was published in the The Capital .

The CDAC process took over two years.

The City Dock Master Plan is a comprehensive effort. It is a sector study similar to other sector and functional studies that have been undertaken for specific areas in the City—including, for example, the comprehensive analysis of the maritime zoning districts. In most instances, zoning ordinances designed to implement the plan were submitted in conjunction with the sector studies for concurrent review and approval. This is the same process now underway for the City Dock Master Plan—the plan and implementing ordinances tracking together for public hearing at the City Council. Three properties—110 Compromise Street and adjacent City properties on Compromise Street, and two areas on Dock Street—were identified for redevelopment in the plan. Moving to the City Council, it was decided to act on the Master Plan and implementing ordinances in two phases with the Compromise Street properties being Phase I.

Much of the confusion surrounding the current rezoning proposal stems from the specific development proposal presented for the Compromise Street properties and a tendency to conflate the planning process with the development process. These are two separate and distinct processes that will be reviewed and acted upon separately and by separate bodies. The City Council is responsible for review and action on the Master Plan and zoning; the Historic Preservation Commission and Planning Commission are responsible for the review and action on the development proposal.

Because the development proposal is contingent upon the zoning recommendation in the Master Plan, it has been alleged that the development proposal is driving the rezoning when; in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. The new zone (with its mixed use and open space subdistricts) that is being considered was written at the beginning of this year.

In short, the City has been working on the Compromise Street rezoning legislation since before the current specific development proposal arose. It is the norm for rezoning legislation to accompany comprehensive planning and sector studies.

The rezoning ordinance, O-7-13, currently before the City Council achieves two goals of the Master Plan. One, it provides for mixed use rather than only “maritime” use on Compromise Street as recommended in the City Dock Master Plan and the Comprehensive Plan. Two, it addresses only the 110 Compromise Street property with respect to height, viewsheds, and the like. The other potential redevelopment properties are unaffected by O-7-13.


Zoning Consequences for Other Maritime Zoned Properties

The rezoning contemplated with O-7-13 is comprehensive, not piecemeal. It is comprehensive because it results from the recommendations of a comprehensive analysis undertaken at the behest of the City Council based on a recommendation of the Annapolis Comprehensive Plan, and encompasses a number of parcels of land. (A piecemeal rezoning, or “spot zoning,” is based on a request by an individual property owner to rezone a specific parcel outside of such a comprehensive analysis. A piecemeal rezoning is subject to specific findings not required of a comprehensive rezoning—irrespective of the size or ownership of the parcels being considered.) This is key to understanding that there is no direct line between rezoning a parcel on Compromise Street and rezoning maritime properties on Spa or Back Creeks.

Ordinance O-7-13 will not allow Planned Developments in existing Maritime zoning districts.

The Maritime Zoning, which has protected our maritime industry, will not be affected by a rezoning of City Dock. The only precedent that adoption of O-7-13 will set is that if there are to be changes on other maritime zones they can only be accomplished through a comprehensive effort.

The City’s Maritime Advisory Board (MAB) has recognized the need to evaluate the Maritime Zones because they were implemented over 20 years ago (based on a comprehensive analysis) and have not been revisited since. The Planning Department has offered to lead or assist in this effort when resources are available.

City-owned Land:

The Compromise Street zoning ordinance contemplates a public-private partnership that would in all likelihood entail an exchange of land between the City and a private land-owner. The City Dock plan contemplates a future in which the City maintains control of the Donner lot and gains control of the waterfront using the Newman Street lot in an exchange. The resulting promenade will be over twice the size of the current boardwalk at Compromise Street and will be public space. (Currently the boardwalk is owned by the property owner(s) of 110 Compromise Street and they are not required to provide public access—similar to the Fleet Reserve Club next door. A City-owned public promenade would be constructed in accord with the goals of public access and flood protection recommendation as outlined in the Master Plan. The plan also recommends a wider sidewalk along Compromise Street to be obtained.

Any land exchange would have to be ratified by the City Council upon a determination that there is a compelling public benefit in such an exchange.


Historic Preservation Issues, Including Height:

Any building in the Historic District, which includes 110 Compromise Street, must be reviewed and approved by the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC). This does not change under O-7-13. In addition, this ordinance requires that all proposed buildings within the City Dock zone also must be reviewed by the Planning Commission. The authority of these commissions is broad, and public hearings are required before both Commissions.

Ordinance O-7-13 contains two provisions that will affect height: the provision related to how height is measured will be in effect district-wide; the provision to change the height district for the Compromise Street properties will affect only the Compromise Street properties.

How Height Is Measured

Under the current code height is measured at the front of the building at grade. Under O-7-13 building height will be measured either from the front of the building at grade or from the base flood elevation—whichever is higher.

First, base flood level height.

Federal law under FEMA and the City Building Code require that all construction within the flood plain must be elevated above a 100 year flood level. Most properties along Ego Alley and Dock Street are four to five feet below base flood elevation. Therefore, in a new or redeveloped building the first floor is required to be elevated approximately four feet above existing grade. All properties in the Historic District are governed by height districts. In the Ego Alley/Dock Street the height district sets a maximum of 22 feet to the cornice line and 32 feet to the top of the roof. This contemplates a two-story building up to the roof and a potential one-half story under the roof. If a proposed building must comply with both the flood protection level and with the height limit, the building will lose a floor because the first four/five feet of height is not useable under code. Therefore, the rezoning ordinance requires that all new buildings be measured from the flood protection level. This is common sense. To do otherwise would deprive a property owner of rights originally conferred under the height districts. Of course, if a building is not in the flood protection area, height will continue to be measured from grade.

Second, height limits.

The Historic District imposes three distinct height limitation zones. Each height district contains two height measurements—height to cornice which is the height of the front wall to the roof, and height to ridgeline which is the height to the top of the roof based on a roof line that slopes at a 45 degree angle from the front building wall. 110 Compromise Street is in Height District 1, the lowest of three, which allows 22 feet to the cornice and 32 feet to the ridgeline. Ordinance O-7-13 proposes moving this property into Height District 2 allowing a cornice height of 28 feet and a ridgeline height of 38 feet—six feet higher than now permitted. This would still allow only a 2-and-a-half story building.

In the current debate surrounding the Master Plan and O-7-13 the argument is made that this rezoning will permit a building that is ten feet higher than now permitted. But when broken down, this ten feet comes from:

–Four to five feet to raise the first floor out of the base flood elevation

–Six feet of new height from the change to Height District 2

Accepting that it is only reasonable to exempt the height above base flood elevation from the overall height, buildings in Height District 1 would have a net height of 26 feet to the cornice and 36 feet to the ridgeline and buildings in Height District 2 would have a cornice height of 32 and a ridgeline of 42—still a net difference of six feet.

It is important to note that through its review, the Historic Preservation Commission can impose a building height of less than that required under the Height District based on other considerations such as viewsheds and sight lines, impact on surrounding properties and impacts on the district’s cultural resources.

For comparison purposes, the Marriott Hotel is 61 feet to the cornice. The Museum Store building is approximately 32 feet to the ridge line. Historically, this parcel has had buildings of up to four stories.

The height limits of the parcels on Dock Street are unaffected unless they were to be redeveloped, in which case the new base flood elevation would kick in. The Master Plan is clear that any new construction there should not impinge negatively on the Prince Georges Street properties, must not negatively affect views or cultural resources, and must fit with the heights and rhythms of surrounding properties.

FawcettSitePlanOther Considerations

View corridors.

Ordinance O-7-13 requires that viewshed (or view corridor) analyses be conducted at the expense of the applicant. Any new buildings, unlike the current old Fawcett’s building, will be set back considerably more from the water and from the street than is required under existing zoning. It will open up views from Main Street, Compromise Street, and the water which have not been available for decades. The HPC is requiring a comprehensive view shed analysis for any development on this site.


The bulk, or size, of a building is determined by the zoning restrictions of height and setbacks. In the case of Compromise Street we have discussed the height but not other requirements specifically setbacks. Under the current WMC zoning there are no setbacks other than the requirement for a 15 foot waterside promenade. Under O-7-13 the key requirements are for a twenty-foot setback from the curb to the building and 45 feet from the water to the building.


There is an amendment to the sign code to eliminate billboards. O-7-13 would allow the owner of a billboard seven years to amortize the cost of the billboard at which time it would be required to be removed. This is fairly standard practice nationally as it gives the owner of the billboard time to recoup costs. O-7-13 allows an additional year upon finding that the seven-year period did not provide adequate time.


The zoning amendment contemplates the loss of the Newman Street parking lot but not necessarily the loss of the Donner lot. The Donner lot can become one of three things: Remain solely a parking lot; become solely a pedestrian plaza (as shown in the plan); or become a flexible use space designed to accommodate a variety of uses depending on the need. O-7-13 does contain the same parking requirement as the adjacent C2, Conservation Business zone. That is, buildings over 20,000 square feet must provide parking.

Upper Pool Deck closed for BOD meetings
The upper deck will be closed during all BOD meetings at the pool to all residents and owner's except those participating in the meeting.

July 9th, BOD Meeting at the Pool
Click below for agenda.

Update on Crystal Spring Meeting

Hundreds pack church to hear opponents' view of Crystal Spring proposal

 A standing room only crowd of hundreds of people came to hear information about the proposed Crystal Spring Annapolis development on Wednesday evening from those who oppose the project. 

The real Crystal Spring project proposed for Forest Drive in Annapolis is markedly different than the picture painted by the developers' public relations apparatus, said David Prosten, chairman of the Anne Arundel County Sierra Club. While the developers have tried to convince the public the project is only a retirement community, in actuality senior living makes up only a portion of the proposal. 

Crystal Spring would include 220,000-square-foot shopping center with a suupermarket, a 69,000-square-foot hotel and 126 three-story town houses that would have no age restrictions, Prosten said.  

And the senior living portion of the project which the developers had originally promised would be “farmettes” has morphed to include a six-story building built in the most environmentally sensitive portion of the property, Prosten said. 

“While the developer insists that Crystal Spring is a senior living community with some mixed uses, in reality it is much, much more - it is three different development projects with different ownership and management interests. The project has morphed into an intensive residential, retail, and commercial juggernaut,” according to a fact sheet provided to the audience. 

The event, billed as a chance for Annapolis residents to hear the truth about Crystal Spring, was held at Bay Ridge Christian Church on Bay Ridge Avenue. 

Prosten said attendance exceeded his expectations. The large church was packed, with people not only filling all seats but standing several rows deep around the outside of the hall. Parking spilled over into nearby athletic fields. 

The developer, Alan Hyatt and his out-of-town partners, have been saying for months to reporters, city council members and others that opposition to the project is isolated to a few vocal individuals. That view contrasted sharply with the scene at the church Wednesday, where the crowd applauded loudly to former state senator Gerald Winegrad who told the audience he was convinced a united citizenry could successfully oppose the Crystal Spring proposal. 

Winegrad said he has lived in the area since 1946 and watched as forests along Forest Drive were cut down to make room for housing and commercial development. He sketched out what he said were illegalities in the Crystal Spring project, saying the current proposal far exceeds the concept proposed in the city’s Comprehensive Plan, violates the state Forest Conservation Act, and the city’s own tree replanting ordinance. 

Winegrad said the coalition of organizations that oppose the project have formed a legal defense fund, and several top-flight legal, traffic and other experts have stepped forward to help. 

The audience was urged to contact Mayor Cohen, who has promised the project would exceed requirments of all environmental laws, and to write letters to local newspapers, among other actions. More information is available at

Other speakers from the coalition lamented that the city has yet to release a traffic study of the impacts from the proposal, a study paid for by the developers. They also said Crystal Spring will add about 23 new students to nearby schools which already are overcrowded. Hillsmere Elementary, for instance, is at 112 percent of capacity, with some learning done in two trailers on school grounds. 

Another speaker said Crystal Spring will further harm the downtown Annapolis business district, as have other major commercial projects on the outskirts of the city. And while the developers have promised the project will produce tax revenue for the city, the city has done no independent study of the cost of providing services, repairing environmental damage, etc., speakers said. 

Much of the evening was spent detailing the environmental impacts of the proposal. The city has determined that about 81 acres of the 111-acre property are “priority for preservation” forests as defined under state law, meaning the trees should not be cut down unless the developer can provide exhaustive justification that clearing is necessary. 

Yet Hyatt and his partners intend to cut down 49 acres of the 80 protected acres, according to their current proposal as understood by the opponents. They developers have provided no detailed justification.

Representatives of the city’s Department of Neighborhoods and Environmental Programs ultimately will determine how much of the forest the developers are justified in cutting. Staff from the department last year had asked a special mayor-appointed task force to help define what is reasonable tree clearance under such circumstances, but the task force declined to help the department. That leaves the department without clear guidance, but it also provides complete flexibility to reject virtually all of the tree clearance, speakers said Wednesday.  

The city presumably, for instance, could decide that the developers are only justified in cutting sufficient priority trees to make way for utilities, connecting roads, and to allow for other practical considerations. Or the city could require the developers spell out in more detail their reasons for cutting 49 acres, and if profit is a main justification, to demand a look into the finances of the project. The department also could also base its decision, presumably, on what has been deemed reasonable in other jurisdictions around the state. 

The developers have said for months that they have modified their proposal to include more open space and a smaller footprint. But opponents counter that the original proposal, like an opening bid in a negotiation process, would have paved over virtually the entire property, and cut down nearly all trees. The current proposal is an improvement only in a relative sense, opponents say. 

Yet the developers have convinced many influential people. The Capital newspaper previously editorialized in favor of the proposal. 

Opponents Wednesday evening said when the real information about Crystal Spring is known opinions change. 

From the Capital:

From the Baltimore Sun:,0,449733.story

Building 6 Tree removal July 2-3rd
Attention all residents and slip holders at Building 6. A large
tree will be removed between July 2nd and 3rd. Please contact
VMI if you have any questions.

Emergency Procedures from VMI

Information on the Crystal Spring Development

Crystal Spring Development Update

Despite your petition signature and letters to public officials -- yours and those of 2,500 other concerned citizens! -- developers in Annapolis are pushing ahead with a 110-acre development project – “Crystal Spring” -- that would destroy most of the city’s remaining large forest. The community has responded by calling a mass meeting for June 26 to protest the move and rally allies to the fight.

Located on Forest Drive, Crystal Spring would destroy nearly 50 of the site’s 80 acres of trees, replacing them with 250,000 square feet of commercial space, 130 non age-restricted townhouses and a continuing care facility. 
The site includes delicate wetlands: the development would put yet more pressure on the South River and the Chesapeake Bay. Already-congested Forest Drive would be overwhelmed by more volume; there would be even more pressure on the overloaded school system.

The community is rallying at 7 pm June 26 at Bay Ridge Christian Church, 1071 Bay Ridge Road, Annapolis 21403. There will be a presentation on the enormity of the project and its impact on the environment, traffic, schools and area businesses. Former Gov. Parris Glendenning -- an Annapolis resident, the father of Smart Growth, and an opponent of the project, will be speaking. 
Join us June 26. Let your presence be a signal to the developers and our city officials that enough is enough! 

When: 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 26 
Where: Bay Ridge Christian Church, 1071 Bay Ridge Rd., Annapolis

For more details on the project visit

June 11th BOD meeting at the pool
Click here for agenda.

Opening Pool Party, Sunday, June 2nd
Opening pool party, Sunday, June 2nd from 5-7PM. A catered affair, by Adams, including beer, wine and sodas. 
Please rsvp to or put the form in the box at 790 on or before May 30th.
If you RSVP and your plans change, please let VMI know on or before May 30th.

AC Service Reminder from VMI

Air Conditioning Condensate Leaks . . .

health hazard, mold risk and costly repairs.

Don't let it happen to you!

As we enter the summer "cooling season" don't forget to have your A/C system serviced by a qualified contractor. Make sure their service includes inspecting and cleaning the air conditioner condensation pan and drain line to keep it free of obstructions. If the condensate line becomes plugged, condensate will overflow and possibly damage your furnace and/or your home.

The most common condensate leak is caused by algae build up which clogs the condensate drain line causing the coil pan to overflow. Routine maintenance and cleaning can prevent most of these sorts of leaks.

It is up to each owner to ensure that their A/C system is functioning properly.

Questions ???

Contact your Victory representative at (443) 249-0172 or via the web at


Termite Inspection ground floor units and TH's

May 16, 2013

RE: Severn House Condominium, Inc.

Dear Homeowner:

It’s that time of the year again to have the ground floor units and townhouses inspected for termites. This year

E-Sentry will be inspecting your unit on:

Friday, June 7th from 9am – 3pm Saturday, June 8th from 9am – 5pm Monday, June 10th from 9am – 5pm

All ground floor units and townhouses must be inspected on one of the above dates. If you require a more precise time, please contact at Dan @ E Sentry (410) 703-9958 to request such.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. Sincerely,

Victoria Burnett Property Manager

page1image3788 page1image3872

Paca Gardens Plant Sale

No Parking in Firelanes

The three access points (ROADS) to the SH Marina located 1. adjacent to the Townhomes;  2.  alongside the Pool; and 3. at the far end of the property (formerly known as the Shell Rd), are FIRE LANES and they are clearly marked as such. Long term parking in these lanes and on the area known as the Point, in front of the Town Homes, is prohibited. Vehicles left unattended are subject to being towed at owner expense. The Annapolis Fire Marshal can / will enforce this rule within the existing Fire Code as appropriate. 

Resident's / boat owner's are permitted to park in these lanes for a period not to exceed 15 minutes for the purpose of loading / unloading. 

Request all be cognizant of this restriction and considerate of all who live in SH. 

Thank You! 


May BOD Meeting 5/14/13 7PM
 May BOD meeting is at 7PM at St. Luke's church.

Planting on May 4th-thank you very much

Planting on May 4th, 10AM, Building 6

Join your neighbors on Saturday morning in front of building 6.
We will be planting native grasses and flowers purchased with a grant of $1000 from Unity Gardens. Contact Ann Brown for more information. or 410-295-0377.

BOD Election Results

President                                 Marlene Patmore 


Vice-President                         Frank Fox


Secretary                                 Dennis Vito


Treasurer                                 Kathy Murphy                        


Grounds                                  Murray Blank


Buildings                                 Dave Ewing


Pool                                        Sarah Bounds


Dock                                       Frank Fox


Community Representative – Dennis Vito


Security –                              Dennis Vito


Thank you so much.



Marlene A. Patmore


Work at baby pool
Weather permitting, Anchor Aquatics will begin jack hammering out the old wading pool deck next Monday 22 April at 0800.  Work (the noisy stuff) should be finished by the end of the day.  Work will continue for about two weeks.  Your patience is appreciated.

Thanks,  John Doxeyj

Community clean up dumpster


Clean Up Dumpster

will be on-site 

May 3rd through May 13th.

This dumpster is for

Household items only.

Please do not deposit paint cans, vehicle batteries, tires, etc.

Thank you,

Ward 8 meeting
Ward 8 and Friends
I will be holding a town hall style meeting this Thursday 18 April at 7 PM in the Eastport Fire Station. I will make short presentations on the following items:
    o    FY 2014 Budget
    o    Public Safety
    o    City Dock Plans
    o    Crystal Springs development
    o    Report It
and of course any other topics you wish to explore.
I hope to see you there and please feel free to invite anyone else you may think would be interested in attending.
Hope to see you this Thursday at the fire station.
Ross Arnett, Alderman, Ward 8 

Rich Heckhaus Obituary

Sad News, Rich Heckhaus
Our friend Rich Heckhaus passed away. Our thoughts
are with Ginny and her family at this sad time.

A Memorial Service for Rich Heckhaus will be conducted as follows: 

Wednesday, April 17 at 9:00 am at
St John Neumann Catholic Church
Bestgate Rd
Annapolis, Maryland

Answers to new laundry System FAQ's
6 Laundry Questions to MacGray For additional information please contact MacGray Customer Service1.800.622.4729

Q. The new front load washer appears to have a smaller drum, if you did 2 loads now you're doing 5. Is this the case?

A. Perhaps the top loader had been filled above recommended capacity. This front load commercial washer has the same capacity as the top load one. It can be filled to about 80% capacity. Make sure there's enough space to be able to fit your hand on top of clothes.

Q. Washer dryer door hinge is on the right and blocks access to the dryer and sorting table. Can the door be adjusted so that hinge is on the left?

A. No, this washer is not designed for that option.

Q. There are only 4 water/spin choices; Hot/Normal, Warm/Normal, Warm/Permanent Press & Cold/Delicates. Is there an adjustment to have Normal/Cold? 

A. No.

Q. Is there a difference in Normal and Delicate cycles?

A. Yes, a Delicate Cycle has less agitation. And for warm water washes the Permanent Press cycle has less agitation than a Normal cycle.

Q. Cost of dryer now has a minimum of 50 cents instead of 25 cents, may this be changed back?

A. No. Severn House's financial contract requires this new minimum. 

Q. Can additional time be added to the dryer for increments of 25 cents? 
A. Yes 

Two write in candidates for the BOD, 2013
Sarah Bounds and Donna Brookes are both write-in candidates 
2013 BOD April 9th election.

Annual Meeting Voting Instructions
Click here for more information.

Annapolis Film Fest Needs Volunteers
Hi Everyone,<><>

We will be conducting two types of training over the next several days.  One session is for people interested in selling tickets.  These will be credit card sales through a laptop.  The training will be an hour on the phone and using WebEx (a live web-based demonstration).  If you are interested in this role – we need at least one person trained at each venue every shift - please contact Michael Landman, the Festival Ticketing Manager, at  Michael will be leading this training. 


The times are:

Friday 5:30-6:30

Saturday 1:00-2:00

Sunday 1:00-2:00

Monday 5:30-6:30

Tuesday 5:30-6:30

 The call can be accessed at:

>   Conference Dial-In number: 1-209-255-1000

>   Participant Access Code: 842526#


Software training: 30 minutes

Volunteer handbook review: 10 min

Q&A: 15 minute



Nomination form available for April meeting
Click on the link below for more information.

March 12th, BOD meeting Agenda
Here is the agenda for the March 12th bod meeting.
View attached documentAttachment (DOC: 53 KB)

Sad news Phyllis Donnaud


PHYLLIS ELAINE PFEIFER DONNAUD, 84, of Annapolis, Maryland passed away peacefully on February 22, 2013 in Pittsburgh, PA surrounding by her loving family.  She was born in Fairview, SD on October 19, 1928 to Myron and Minnie Mae Roti.  Phyllis attended Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD. She was united in marriage to Loren Robert Pfeifer in Sioux Falls.  They were blessed with four children, sons Craig and Michael, and daughters Jean and Julie.  Loren passed away on June 13, 1969.
In 1971, Phyllis moved to Annapolis, MD where she resided until her death.  She married John Shelburne Donnaud in January, 1974 in Annapolis.  Jack passed away in July, 1988.  Phyl was employed with the Annapolis Public Schools, the U.S. Department of the Army at the Pentagon and a Maryland State Representative.  She enjoyed spending time with all her grandchildren, caring for her son Mike, and playing cards with her dear and caring friends in Annapolis.  She was a 60 year member of P.E.O. and belonged to St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Annapolis.
Phyllis is survived by her children, sons Craig (Karen) Pfeifer of Worthington, MN, and Mike of Severna Park, MD, daughter Jean (Steve) Swanson of Pittsburgh, PA, and step-daughters Susan Hendricks of Baltimore, Sharon (Ted) Smith of Flagstaff, AZ, and Mary Margaret Dawson of Flagstaff, AZ ; by thirteen grandchildren, Erin (Brandon) Onnen, Kyle (Megan) Pfeifer, Erik Pfeifer, Thomas (Maureen) Swanson, Mark (Megan) Swanson, John Swanson,  Lauren Swanson, Rachel Wheet, Shaun Hendricks, Stephanie Burke, Shannon Williams, Kristen Dawson and Garrett Dawson; and by sixteen great-grandchildren.  She is also survived by six siblings, Doris Welsh, Betty (Stan) Sawina, Jackie (Floyd) Wold, Suzan (Arlin) Johnson, Jim (Donna) Roti and David (Carol) Roti.
 Phyllis was preceded in death by her husbands Loren Pfeifer and John Donnaud, daughter Julie Wheet, infant twins Lynn and Laura, brother Donny Roti, sister Judy Vortherms and her parents.
 A memorial service will be held on Tuesday, February 26 at Hardesty Funeral Home, 12 Ridgely Avenue, Annapolis at1:30 pm.  She will be interred at a later date in Sioux Falls, SD.  The family requests that in lieu of flowers, gifts be made to Bello Machre, which has provided care for her son, Mike, for over 30 years - 7765 Freetown Road, Glen Burnie, MD 21060 (  Cards or letters to the family may be sent care of Jean Swanson, 819 Achortown Road, Beaver Falls, PA 15010.

Mac Gray laundry card refill machine
The Mac Gray laundry card refill machine is located outside of the pool house. Any questions, please contact VMI.

Anchor Aquatics International Program
Dear Customer,

Currently, the swimming pool management industry's J-1 student visa programs are in distress. The Department of State has released new guidelines restricting placement of international lifeguards. Most affected by these guidelines are single guarded pools. The Department does not feel that these lifeguards are getting enough cultural interaction with co-workers and/or patrons. They are questioning their safety and are concerned with development of skills, teamwork, and cultivation of friendships and camaraderie. We feel that the pool industry is being unfairly targeted under these new guidelines.

We know you have had a pleasant experience with our international lifeguards and are looking for your help. Anchor Aquatics is asking for testimonials. Anything that you can offer that explains your experience with our international staff, proof of interaction with patrons and their families in and outside of work that highlights any of the words in bold above. Although we do not have a large international program we are looking to maintain the successful one we have cultivated.

Unfortunately this matter is very time sensitive. Although we need the information by 12pm Monday, February 11th all responses will be helpful. Please forward this to anyone who may be interested in supporting our J-1 visa program as we are welcoming multiple responses from communities.
Email response to

Thank you.

Stolen Mail

 Residents are advised that mail that is left outside of the mailboxes is being taken by someone.



 We have had complaints from Building 10 residents.

 Marlene A. Patmore
Please report any thefts to the Annapolis Police Department: 410-268-4141

Wanted: Volunteer to act as Dock Master

WANTED:  A Volunteer to assume the duties and responsibilities of SH Dockmaster.

Please contact Frank Fox at 410-507-4582 to discuss duties.




New Laundry Card Instructions
Click below for information regarding the new laundry card readers

Detergent Instructions for new machines
Click on the link below for more information.

No January BOD meeting
Nest meeting, February 12th at St. Luke's in the Sanctuary.

Important news about guard service at SH


Important News About Guard Services at Severn House

The purpose of this communication is to inform unit owners of recent actions regarding security services at Severn House.

As has been reported during Board meetings in the Fall of 2012, the Severn House Board of Directors, under the leadership of Board member and Security Task Force Chair Dennis Vito, has been considering short and long term strategies for approaching security needs within our community. At last month's Board of Directors meeting, an action plan was adopted which included terminating the contract with G4S at year-end, 2012. G4S is the security guard service with which we had contracted for several years. The Board took this action due to G4S's non-compliance with duties and responsibilities outlined in the post orders.

Due to continued concerns about crime trends in the Eastport area, the Security Task Force and the Board are taking a deliberative approach to exploring security guard services in order to restore the guard presence on a consistent nightly basis in the future. However, the Board also determined that it is essential that a strong security presence be maintained during this interim period while we are exploring the longer term plans. To that end, we are in the process of formalizing an arrangement with off-duty Annapolis police officers to provide security services on a nightly basis. They will be on the property each night although their hours will vary. They will be carrying out the post orders which include having a visible presence at the gate and in the community; stopping non-residents entering the property; doing nightly rounds to stay in tune to security concerns on the property and docks; reporting lights out and identifying improperly parked vehicles, and more. Please welcome these officers to our community when you see them.

Residents are urged to share in keeping our community safe by contacting Victory Management if a light in your stairwell or in the community is out and needs to be replaced.

Please contact VMI with any questions.

September 2012 BOD minutes
September minutes are available. Go to members only, click on documents.

Police Non Emergency # 410-268-4141

A car was broken in to at Building 9 last night. Please check your cars.
The non emergency Police # is 410-268-4141.

Volunteers Needed

Attention -- SLIP OWNERS -- Attention


We are looking for volunteers to deploy our "bubblers" throughout the Marina area the morning of

1 Dec 2012. Please contact Frank Fox at prior to 29 Nov so that we can organize the work effort and order appropriate refreshments. Estimate overall effort will take approx 2 hours.


When:  1 Dec 2012, 9:30AM


Where:  Meet in vicinity of Pool Deck


POC:  Frank Fox at


St. Lukes Labryinth dedication December 2nd
Click here for more information.

Police contacts
Annapolis Police non emergency phone number 410-268-4141 or email 

Water to the docks to be turned off 11/26/12

All Boaters and Slip Owners:

The water will be turned off at the docks on Monday,  Nov 26, 2012. Any questions, please contact VMI.

Agenda for the November 13th BOD Meeting

Tuesday, November 9, 2012


7pm at St Luke’s Church







Annual Meeting with Brickman Landscape

Annual Meeting with Victory Management














Community Rep


Slips – Dock Master






A. Pool Mgmt 2013

B. Snow Removal 2013

C. 2012 Audit and Tax Returns










Please contact your Building Representative or visit or to obtain a copy of the current community newsletter

How to contact VMI if the power is out
If power is out,the phone lines will continue to ring or sound busy. Nevertheless your property manager is available via email and ready to assist you. In case of emergency please contact our 24 hour emergency line at 410-288-7682 for immediate assistance. Your property managers email is available via our website at by clicking on "Our Communities" and selecting your community association. Your manager is listed below the "About your Community" heading. Thank you for your attention. Victoria Burnett President Victory Managemet, Inc.

Early Voting resumes tomorrow, 10/31
Early voting resumes early tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. and we need you to get out and vote.

We are extending early voting by one full day and extending the hours for every remaining day.

  • Wednesday, October 31st - 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m
  • Thursday, November 1st - 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Friday, November 2nd - 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Anyone standing in line at an early voting location by 9:00 p.m. will be guaranteed the right to cast a ballot. To find your polling location visit:

Emergency Notice Regarding the Marina











Hurricane Sandy


OCTOBER 28, 2012






Hello Sandy
Hurricane Sandy is expected Sun,Mon,Tues.

It is recommended decks be cleaned off as high winds and rain are forecast.

Also check the website for weather related Dock guidelines.

New Email for Vicki Burnett
Vicki's new email is

GREEN curb painting 9/25 throughout SH
The green curbs will be painted on 9/25. Please move your cars by 8am on the 25th.

Revised painting schedule
Click here for more information

Revised- Building 6 Painting of Decks
Click here for more information.

Painting of Building 2&3, 9/17
Click here for more information.

Building 6 Powerwashing 9/17
Click here for more information.

Time changed-7PM Meeting with Annap. Police Dpt.

All residents are encouraged to attend the meeting on Tuesday, September 11, 7:00PM at the pool to discuss recent car break ins.

New Dock Master needed, October 1, 2012
If you are interested in the position, please contact Frank Fox

Walking Tour Murray Hill Gardens

New Annapolis Walking Tour Offered to View Wildlife Habitats

Annapolis, MD (8-29-12) Annapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen announces a special walking tour in the Murray Hill neighborhood that will showcase Annapolis' beauty while educating residents on the need to be a Certified Wildlife Community.

The City's Department of Neighborhood & Environmental Programs and the Recreation & Parks Department are leading the effort to certify Annapolis as a Wildlife Community. As part of this effort, the City has partnered with the National Wildlife Federation to host a Certified Wildlife Habitat walking garden tour.

Residents of the Murray Hill neighborhood have agreed to invite wildlife enthusiasts to tour their gardens for this inaugural event. Each garden will feature a water source, a food source, a place to raise young, and shelter for wildlife such as birds, bees, and butterflies.

The self-guided tour will take place in the Murray Hill neighborhood on Saturday, September 22, from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Those interested should go to Knighton Garage, at the corner of West Street and Colonial Avenue, to pick up a map indicating the homes with Certified Wildlife Habitat gardens. The maps will be available at 8:30 a.m.

Pre-registration is recommended. Please contact Jeanna Beard at or Marisa Wittlinger at for more information.

To learn more about the backyard habitat certification program with the National Wildlife Federation, please go to


Marisa D. Wittlinger
Environmental Programs Coordinator
Recreation and Parks
City of Annapolis


Car break in Friday night August 10th
Another car was broken in to in front of building 4. Please lock your card doors and report any thefts to the Annapolis police department and VMI.

Concert at Calvary Methodist Church
Dave and Janet Ewing will be singing with 85 other singers accompanied by a 20 piece orchestra on August 26 at 7 PM at the Calvary United Methodist Church on Rowe Blvd. Tickets for this incredible concert are only $10 which you can buy at the door or order early from Dave and Janet. The choir and orchestra will be performing Mendelssohn’s Elijah as well as the rarely heard work of Coleridge-Taylor, The Atonement. We promise you a truly amazing musical experience!
See you there!
Dave and Janet Ewing
Tel: 443-994-8131

Irrigation Update
Irrigation update. Click here for details.

Another Car Break In
Please keep your car and unit doors locked. Another car was broken in to and ransacked last night.

July 10th BOD 7PM
July BOD meeting, 7PM at the pool. Click here for the agenda.

msg from the Annapolis Emergency Operations Ctr
The recent storms were responsible for a power outage at the Annapolis Water Treatment Plant. The plant is working on generator power, but is not at full capacity.
We are asking residents to limit all non-essential water use until July 2.It is imperative that residents help in this matter as firefighters and other emergency operations need the water for critical use.

The City will notify residents as soon as power is restored and the essential -only water use order is lifted.

If you have questions regarding non-emergency issues relating to this event, call 410-260-2211

June 10th Severn House Pool Party
Pool party June 10th from 5-7PM. Please rsvp to Victory Management or drop off your form at 790 Fairview Avenue no later than June 7th!

Judi MacDonald's Artwork at BB Bistro
Our own Judi MacDonald will be showing her artwork at BB Bistro 112A Annapolis Street at the corner of Melvin Street in West Annapolis. A great place for breakfast and lunch with wonderful coffee. Cards, prints and originals will be available for purchase.

EYC Spring Cotillion June 7th, 5-10PM
Click here for more information regarding the 2012 EYC Cotillion.

Navigator May 2012

The latest copy of the Navigator is now available.

Click HERE to view the document.

Help needed this Saturday, May 12th

 Volunteers Needed! This Saturday, 12 May 2012, starting at 0930AM we will be meeting between C & D Docks to retrieve, clean & store the remainder of the de-Icers still left in the marina from winter. Doughnuts will be available. The work should take 2 or 3 hours. Thank You!

SH Dockmaster

Car wash is open
The water is on at the carwash and outside all of the buildings. Please remember to conserve water usage.

Master Breakers for Condo Units

A document detailing how to identify the master circuit breaker to your unit has been posted on the website. 

Click Here to view the document.

Upcoming Meeting Regarding Annapolis City Budget

A meeting is scheduled for February 29.

click Here for details of the meeting.

Agenda for January 31st, BOD meeting
Click here for details.

Driver charged with 2011 hit and run
The hit and run driver that hit Petar and Manual this summer was charged today. Click here for the full story.

Instructions for VMI website available
Click here for more information regarding the Victory Mgt. Web site.

December 13th, BOD Meeting
Click here for the agenda for the upcoming meeting.

New Sidewalk between Building 3 and TH's
Work on the new sidewalk between building 3 and the TH's will start on December 7th. Click here for more information.  

Holiday safety tips from the Annapolis Police
Here are some safety tips from the Annapolis Police Department. Click here for more information.

Marina Construction Notice

Work will commence 11/17 in front of the pool. Click here for more information.

2012 Budget

The 2012 budget is available on the website.

Login to the website.  Click on this news Item.

then Click Here 

tip: the budget will be displayed in your browser.   Use the File->save as option on the browser and save file as PDF.   then bring up the saved file in Adobe Reader and use the view options to rotate the pages for readability.

Winterization tips from VMI
Click here for more information.

EYC Fishing event in Memory of Norm Baldwin
Click here for more information.

November 8, 2011 BOD Meeting, 7PM

BOD meeting, November 8th at 7PM at St. Luke's. Click here for agenda.

Revised Landscape plans available for review
Please click here for more information regarding the revised landscape plans. Please contact VMI for any questions regarding

Painting of Storm Doors
If you are interested, click here for more information.

Punch list for Bulkhead and Marina Project

Bulkhead and Marina Project punch list. Click here for more information.

October 11th, BOD meeting 7PM at St. Luke's
Click here for meeting agenda.

Judi MacDonald Featured Artist at City Dock

Judi MacDonald will be featuring her artwork at City Dock Cafe. Click here for more information.

Bulkhead and Marina Construction Update:
This update concerns the construction of the remaining D-Dock promenade slips, the E-Dock pier slips and the E-Dock promenade slips.

Earlier estimates were that this portion of the project would have been completed by 1 October 2011.  Revised estimates are now for this portion of the work to be completed by 15 October 2011.

We have experienced delays in the following order:
     1. Hurricane Irene,  followed by,
     2. 10 days of rainy weather which hampers / slows the pile driving effort and is in fact a safety issue, and the pile driving equipment cannot be used in rain due to slippage, and
     3. excessive high tides and continued threat of rain / thunderstorms.

Total project completion is now anticipated for 30 Oct 2011. The working group apologizes for the inconvenience and the lack of communications relative to this delay.

Frank Fox
Bulkhead / Marina Lead

Building 4 Only, Deck,powerwashing begins 9/20
For Building 4 only, deck powerwashing, sealing. Click here for more information.

BOD meeting 9/13, 7PM at the pool.
September BOD meeting at the pool. Click here for more information.

Building 10 Only, Powerwashing/Sealing Decks

For residents of Building 10, click here.

St Luke's Storm Damage

Our neighbor, St. Luke's church had several very large trees downed in the storm. Click here for more infrormation.

Fall Closing Pool Party, Sept. 11th
Fall pool closing party. Click here for more information.

Hurricane Update

For Marina update, click here.

Water to Docks and Marina

The water to the docks has been turned on as of noon on Sunday.  It is recommended you let the water run to clear the lines prior to using it for drinking purposes.

Andy Kerhulas, Dockmaster

Pool Closed Until MondayAugust 29th
Pool closed until Monday due to the hurricane. Click here for more information.

Mayor Josh Cohen declares state of Emergency
Click here for more information.

Emergency Hurricane Rules for the SH Marina
Please see attached for updated Hurricane Rules for SH. Click here for more information. Please contact VMI with any questions.

Annual Raccoon Oral Rabies Vaccination Project

We have requested the Annual Raccoon Oral Rabies Vaccination Project to be served on our property by the AA County Health Dept.

Vaccine baits will be placed in AA Co by hand and helicopter.  The bait smells like fish.  Some baits look like small brown blocks and other look like waxy brown ketchup packets.   It is safe for raccoons and other animals!

Joanna E. Matos, Grounds Chairman Severn House

2nd Notice for July 28th Meeting

Please click Here to review additional information regarding the July 28th meeting.


Letter Regarding Loan Increase
Please see attached letter from VMI regarding the loan increase. Click here for more information.

Special Meeting

There will be a special meeting to discuss an increase in the loan. Please click here for more information.

Board of Director's mtg Tues July 12 at Pool
Click here for agenda

Severn House Recycles!

The middle dumpster with YELLOW signs is now in place for single stream recycling.

The YELLOW signs state the guidelines for single stream recycling.

Annapolis residents can expect to see a higher water and sewer bill this summer.
The City Council passed legislation Tuesday to raise the city’s water and sewer rates beginning July 1. Residents will see the change on their quarterly bill in September.
Our annual budget will therefore see a much increased appropriation for the water and sewer usage which of course we pay through our condo fees.
The water and sewer bills for Severn House will nearly double - beginning July1 - for the bills to be received in September.
Annapolis users currently are charged for water - based on consumption, and for sewer use - which is based on the water usage.  We do not pay for sewer use for the pool, as this water is not processed through the sewage system.
Residents are urged to make every effort to conserve water, in an effort to help reduce this expense.

June 14th BOD meeting agenda
Click here to see the agenda for June 14th, BOD meeting.  (more…)

Marina Update
Here is a message from the BOD regarding the Marina. Click here for main text.  (more…)

Free patio table

Free patio table has just been listed in the Classfieds ads

You must login to the site to view Classified ads

Garden Club seeking volunteers - May 14th
Hi Everybody,

I'm in the process of finalizing the order for the plants from Bru-Mar. Delivery is planned for Friday, May
13th [eeks!].

I'd like to start at 10am, Sat, May 14th. This should be a nice stand-up session. NO kneeling required.
Bring hand tools and a broom. Perhaps a scoop or bucket to help distribute soil around.

 I'll need a couple of strong backs to volunteer to come around 9:30 am, to meet at the 769 stairwell, and pick up a hibiscus and bring it down to the pool area.

Andy: thanks for making the wheelbarrow available to us..

 Rain Date: Sunday, May 15th..


 410-268-4685 or




May 10th BOD Meeting
Board meeting at St. Luke's 7PM on Tuesday. See attached agenda.

Notice to those with boat in slip on "E" pier

 Being that this is a travel season,  if you have a boat in a slip on "E" Pier, please make sure that you designate a person who can arrange for alternative storage and moving of your boat before you depart on a vacation.  These names & phone numbers should be provided to Frank Fox, John Doxey or Andy Kerhulas.  At this time 40' slips are at a premium, but it is up to each owner/renters responsibility to come up with an alternative slip so that when the 10 day letter comes out you will be ready to move.          

The association does not want to be forced to tow anyone as we get into our final phase of rebuilding.
Thank You
Bulkhead/Marina Rebuild Committee

Bulkhead/Marina project - Notice of off-limit area
The contractor has asked that the area immediately behind the pool, from the driveway to the stairwell at Slip C-20 be put off-limits to all residents until the work on the bulkhead and "C" Pier can be completed.  The area is very compact and large beams will be moving overhead for at least the next two weeks, as he is on an accelerated schedule to complete this Phase of the Marina rebuild before the pool opens on 28 May 2011.  This request includes the deck at the back of pool.  Any questions can be addressed to Andy Kerhulas, at 410-212-2323.

More Info on city budget and tax meeting- May 16

Additional Information regarding the special meeting regarding city budget and taxes has been added to the website.

Click HERE to view the additional information.

Special Mtg Regarding City Taxes and Budget-May 16
Click here to view the details of this important meeting

Meeting 7PM regarding EPA boating rules

There will be a meeting April 29th regarding EPA boating rules. See attached.

View attached documentAttachment (DOCX: 11 KB)

Website Login - Keep me logged in forever

There is a checkbox on the Login display

__ Keep me logged in forever. 

If you are accessing the website from your personal computer check this box and you may not ever need to enter your userid and password again. .


Parkwood Assoc. Application for living shoreline
There will be a hearing to approve a living shoreline for the community of Parkwood. See attached.
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 15 KB)

January 2011 Navigator

The January 2010 Navigator is now available.

You must be logged in to the website to view the document.

Click Here to view the document.

Marina Reconstruction - B dock
All B dock slip owners are advised that commencing 10 Jan 2011, boats can be moved back into B dock. Electric power is currently available to all slips except B-13 and B-15 (electric box breaker panel).
Remember, the entire length of the promenade area from B dock down to E dock is still a construction area. Please exercise caution when entering and exiting the Marina area. 
Thank you!
Frank Fox

2011 Bulkhead and Marina Replacement Payments

Estimated Interest only payments on the Loan for the period January 2011 to September 2011 have been documented.

You must be logged into the website to view the document.

Click Here to view the document.

2011 Condo Fees and Coupon Book

A memo from Victory Management explains how the costs associated with the Bulkhead/Marina Construction Loan have been applied to the coupon book.

You must be logged in to the website to view the message.

Click Here  to view the document.

A Dock
Boats have returned to A dock. Please be cautious as the sidewalk is not completed yet.

Bulkhead and Marina Construction Project
Bulkhead and Marina Construction Project
NOTICE:  A-dock slip holders on BACK CREEK (area currently under construction) can move boats into assigned slips commencing AFTER 3:00PM on Friday 22 OCT 2010.
At this time, we anticipate that water and electric will be fully functional and ready for use. Dock boxes will be re-installed when the paver work is complete (approx 10 days). We would caution all that the area is still considered a "construction site" as the promenade will remain under construction in that area for at least 10 more days.
Additionally, the point area will continue to serve as our construction base and will contain building material and heavy equipment. Please be careful when entering and exiting the dock/slip area.
NOTICE:  B-dock slip holders for slips 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,17,18,19 will be required to vacate those slips by CLOSE OF BUSINESS 24 OCT 2010.
Any boat remaining in a B-dock slip on the morning of 25 OCT 2010 will be towed at owner expense.
Thanks everyone for you understanding, cooperation, and patience during this most recent phase of construction. Enjoy your new slip!  
The SH Board of Directors
Please direct any questions to Victory MGT

Gas Appliance Inspection Due 12/31/2010
This is the first notice regarding gas appliance inspections, which will need to be completed by Dec. 31, 2010 - with certification notices sent to Victory MGT.
If you have a maintenance contract currently in effect, this contract is sufficient for the furnace inspection. However, the gas stoves must also be inspected.
Please note that the company for which the prices are shown is not the only one that can be used - this is a bulk price given to Vicki if residents wish to use this firm.
Please contact Victory Management with any questions regarding this notice.

View attached documentAttachment (DOC: 46 KB)

Reminder-Schedule water shut off with Victory Mgmt


There was a recent incident where an owner had arranged for water turn off for some plumbing work, and when the plumber tried to turn the water back on, another resident had also shut off the water, without any notification or authorization from Victory, thereby the resident could not turn the water back on, and she also had to wait several hours for the other resident to complete the work, thereby costing her additional plumber's fees.
Victory tries to co-ordinate these as best as they can, understanding that sometimes there is an emergency - but at least if they had known, both residents would have been aware of the time frames.

Marlene A. Patmore

Schedule for Water Turn Offs
Marlene A Patmore

A dock move postponed until October 23, 2010
NOTICE:  A-Dock slip holders: Last evening at the community meeting, it was stated that boats would be able to move back into A-dock slips commencing Friday, 15 Oct, 2010. As of this morning, 13 Oct, a significant drainage problem was discovered on the hill bordering A and B dock. As a result, Heilder plumbing has requested a week to finish the job. Part of the solution requires that the barges be kept in the vicinity of A and B dock in order to move aggregate etc. For safety reasons, the following decision was made.
BOATS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED ON THE BACK CREEK SIDE OF A-DOCK   starting on 15 Oct 2010.  Anticipate at this time that boats will be able to move into A-dock on 23 Oct.
 NOTICE: B-Dock slip holders:
Only B-dock slips 1,3,5,7,9,11,13 will need to vacant slips by the close of this weekend. B-dock slips 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,17,18,19 will remain in place until 24 Oct and they will be used to secure the boats currently in B-dock slips 1, 9, 13,15.
 Sorry for the inconvenience totally unanticipated! 

Please keep out of construction zone!

Please keep out of the contruction zone at alll times. The area is fenced off for your safety.

What do you do if there is a leak in your home?

Instructions for turning off the water in the building are posted in the laundry rooms.  Residents should become familiar with these instructions and be prepared to turn off the water if necessary.

Please click HERE to view Association Emergency Procedures.

Web site approval
The BOD has approved the website. We will being going live soon!


The Bulkhead and Marina Construction effort originally scheduled to start on May 15, 2010 has been slipped to JUNE 1, 2010. Additional info will be provided at the May 11  Community Meeting.
Slip holders at A 1 - 4 and A 50 - 71 WILL NOT have to move boats prior to May 15. All concerned should now plan to be out of their slips by May 31. Formal notification (10 days prior) will occur on 21 May.
Regret the inconvenience.
Severn House BOD

Special Meeting for Slip Holders

When:   April 16, 2010 at 7:00PM

Where:  Severn House Pool Deck

Purpose:  Review Letter to Slip Holders (April 15)

  • Start of work
  • Slip Holder Notification Process - 30 day/ 10 day
  • Relocation Options
  • Slip Holder Responsibility
  • Consequences of Non-Compliance
  • Question / Answer period

Eastport Shopping Center

Dear Neighbors,

I know that you have seen Marlene’s posts about the development at the Eastport shopping center, and have been invited to attend the presentations, town hall meetings and other events. I am writing now to provide you some details so that you might get more involved in submitting your opinions on this to effect the outcome. At present, the proposal calls for 127 units to be added to the far end of the plaza, removing Adam’s Ribs and the cinema, and taking the entire remainder of the property at that end. The proposal calls for some sort of a market house with vendors on the first floor, thought now vendors have yet been contracted, and a restaurant space. There will also be a lobby where there will supposedly be room for art displays and events, and there will also be resident parking. The second floor will have a swimming pool and rental units, and then two more floors of rental units above. Four stories in all, 5 on the back side I believe. The net increase of commercial space will be 1000 SF from what currently exists. Of the 127 units, 70 will be efficiencies and one bedrooms, starting at $1300 per month. The developers claim that only 50 cars a day will be added to commuter times…and the traffic study that was completed did not take into account bridge opening on the half hour in season, or the St. Mary’s school traffic in morning and afternoon, nor any other development currently in plan or under consideration. This includes a potential for 600 more units at Watergate. I will tell you that I personally am not against the development in general, but am against the large scale of the project and how it will look and change the character of our neighborhood, not to mention TRAFFIC. When asked if they could build less units the developers said the 127 is the minimum, so there is no room here for negotiation. I am attaching several photos to give you a better perspective of the scale, these are the real elevations on file with city Planning and Zoning, not those shown on the developer’s web site.

The next event is yet to be scheduled and will be a citizens meeting with Planning and Zoning in the near future, where we will be able to comment. Planning and Zoning and the Planning Commission have final say on whether this project proceeds as planned, and that can happen quite soon as this has already been in the works for 3 or 4 years. I know you are all busy, but if you agree that this should not go through as designed, at least send your concerns to our Mayor and Alderman. and Will send details on the upcoming P & Z meeting when we have them.

And if you have questions or care to discuss, feel free to call me at 443-926-1915.

Donna Brookes, Severn House Resident for over 15 years.

Check Documents > Miscellaneous > Eastport Shopping Center for Elevation & Plot information


Eastport Shopping Center aka Eastport Landing Developer's info:

What is the status of the project?

"The project is currently under review by Planning and Zoning in advance of a Planning Commission Hearing. The design and community benefits for the project have been greatly enhanced by incorporating many of the Eastport Community’s ideas received to date. The developer continues to engage with the Community in an ongoing effort to include additional suggestions from residents. We have been actively engaged with multiple community groups, politicians, and local businesses for over 4 years. The development team has attended and / or provided presentations in 37 different community meetings and will continue to reach out to work with interested residents...."

For more info from the developer...
View attached documentAttachment (PDF: 107 KB)

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